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Shout out to my friend,seniors,Vince and GREG MAT !!! : How a non-native speaker cracked GRE with V164 Q169 AWA 4.5

2020.09.19 16:12 somw99 Shout out to my friend,seniors,Vince and GREG MAT !!! : How a non-native speaker cracked GRE with V164 Q169 AWA 4.5

Hi all! I’m just officially done with GRE last week (i.e. got AWA result). My score might not be that wonderful (esp AWA),but I think it’s quite satisfying for a non-native speaker like me. So I’d like to share my prep experience, hopefully it could help any of you even if only a little :) the content is too long,so IF YOU’RE INTERESTED,PLEASE SEE THE FULL TEXT BELOW(you can JUST SKIP TO PART 3 AND 5-7!!! and please ignore some grammatical errors because my English is not perfect :P)
Here are some takeaways :
1.Materials : ETS IS THE BEST, Manhattan 5 lb. is a good complement(for quant) and GREG MAT IS INDISPENSABLE
2.Vocab list : Greg Mat 840 / Barron's GRE essential words/ Manhattan 1000 words
3.Study plan :
5.Correct each mistake seriously
I took GRE once last year (then I never revised it until this summer), what I’m sharing here is my preparation for this year’s.
1.My background : just want to give you an idea of where I stand among the test takers.
I’m a Thai,born and studied in Thailand until I finished grade 10. After that, I’ve been studying in China until now (all classes taught in Chinese). Thus, GRE is very tough for me as I have never received training in academic writing. My only strength is quant because math in China’s high schools is freaking difficult.
2.My GRE records : this is my 2nd attempt because my AWA was terrible last year :(
September 2019 My first GRE: V 159 Q 167 AWA 3.0
Early Aug 2020 Manhattan 5lbs. Diagnostic test : V 9/20 (=149-151) Q 20/20 (=169-170)
18 Aug ETS Power Prep 1 : V 161 Q 170 AWA 4.5 (Issue 5 Argument 4)
*I purchased Scoreitnow! so I could get this result
23 Aug ETS Power Prep 2 : V 161 Q 167 AWA 4 (Both4) *same as above
25 Aug ETS Power Prep Plus 1 : V 165 Q 165 AWA 4 (Both 4)
27 Aug ETS Power Prep Plus 2 : V 163 Q 165 AWA 4 (Both 4)
29 Aug ETS Power Prep Plus 3 : V 170 Q 168 AWA 4.5 (Issue 5 Argument 4)
1 Sep the actual test : V 164 Q 169 AWA 4.5 This result is beyond my expectation esp AWA (cries),I felt that the actual Quant was much more difficult than PPP!!!maybe I was lucky that day LOL.
3.Materials : ETS IS THE BEST, Manhattan 5 lb. is a good complement and GREG MAT IS INDISPENSABLE
(Last time I totally used Chinese materials…not too bad but If any international students studying in China happen to see this post,I would advise you to treat them as extras.)
5. MANHATTAN 5 LB. : skipped its verbal and finished all quant!
7. GREG MAT’S VIDEOS : I watched some of his videos in the last week ,and HIS AWA GUIDES RESCUED MY AWA!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GREG MAT <3
8. ELEVATE APP : THIS APP IS TRULY AMAZING !!! It would help you holistically (e.g.the”context”game in reading is a good practice for Text Completion). Check it out and it won’t fail you :D
9. Manhattan GRE Prep APP : most of its content is overlapping with 5 lb. though.
10. The Princeton Review Cracking the new GRE (ONLY Part IV How to crack the critical thinking and analytical writing section)
11. Barron’s new GRE (ONLY Part 3 Analytical Writing : tactics, strategies, and practice)
12. ETS GRE Big Book : I didn’t go through it ,but I’ve heard that it’s old but gold(FOR READING COMPREHENSION)
VOCAB LISTS: actually Greg Mat or Vince’s list is undoubtedly good ,but I found it too late. Anw the vocab lists below are equally helpful!!
  1. BARRON’S ESSENTIAL GRE WORDS : I downloaded the app.It contains 3 lists : 300 High-Frequency words,800 Essential words and 300 High-Frequency Word Roots. I THINK THIS IS A MUST bc there are many exercises to help you memorize vocabs more retentively.
  2. MANHATTAN’S 1000 WORDS LIST : don’t confuse with the appendix in 5 lb.
-Looking up in MERRIAM-WEBSTER bc it has example sentence and synonyms-antonyms
-Personally,I don’t recommend memorizing vocabs in our mother languages. Instead,we should study its SYNONYMS such as Fledgling = novice, newcomer. This would help us to avoid being repetitive in AWA.
4.My prep plan : It took me about 1.5 month to nail it.
I basically dedicated the whole summer (July and August) to crack GRE. However, TOEFL was my main task in July,so I didn’t study systematically for GRE. Here’s my timeline :
July : 25-50 vocabs per day some math,text completion and sentence equivalence on Manhattan App
August : to be very honest,I didn’t study everyday haha
Daily : continue July’s routine + cramming 5 lb quant
1st week : browsing through GRE blogs (including Reddit!!)
selecting study materials later decided to follow Vince’s advice (do not use third prep company’s book except 5 lb.)
doing 5 lb. diagnostic tests
studying ETS’ Math Review
2nd week : mugging up ETS OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE GRE
3rd week : doing Power Prep 1
4th week : doing mock tests (+correcting in the following day)
watching Greg Mat’s videos(I should have watched them earlier...)
Last day before the test date : believe me, all you have to do is JUST CHILLIN~
Overall,my plan was quite haphazard…I strongly recommend you to :
  1. leave enough time for studying vocabs. I don’t think it’s a good idea to cram them within a few days :/
  2. ARRANGE MOCK TESTS IN THE SAME TIME SLOT AS ACTUAL TEST’S so that you can familiarize yourself with the real condition
  3. If you are looking for a systemic STUDY PLAN, go for VINCEKOTCHIAN.COM
5.Tips for Verbal
IMPORTANT : first of all, please keep in mind that “QUALITY OVER QUANTITY”. You have to CORRECT EACH MISTAKE SERIOUSLY. After knowing that you got that question wrong no matter quant or verbal,you should try to FIGURE OUT WHY IT IS THE CORRECT ANSWER BY YOURSELF before reading the explanation.
You may FIND MORE INFO IN GREG MAT’S VIDEOS, here are some takeaways.
My principles :
1.THE CORRECT ANSWER MUST HAVE ITS EVIDENCE IN THE GIVEN CONTEXT(Its meaning must be stated in the text such as in reading comprehension,the correct answer will have its corresponding sentences in the passage,but it won’t be as explicit as in TOEFL’s reading. Do not choose “plausible”choice if you couldn’t find its evidence!!!)
3.DON’T GET PANIC,TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND READ CAREFULLY don’t read to fast but grasp nothing. Last year,I always tried to skim as fast as possible ,but I ended up reading it again…
For each type of questions :
1.Text Completion : spot transitions/shifts (however,for all,even if etc.)
2.Sentence Equivalence : “PAIRING STRATEGY” (see Greg Mat’s video)
3.Reading Comprehension : I think ,unlike TOEFL,we should READ THE WHOLE PASSAGE FIRST, paying special attention to the FIRST AND LAST PARAGRAPH and each paragraph’s TOPIC SENTENCES. We can skim through the examples but make sure you understand what the author tried to demonstrate.
My additional tips :
3.1 RC Logical Reading
-point out the fact(premises) and conclusion (normally the last sentence)
-WEAKEN = provide another possible explanation/cause
STRENGTHEN = rule out other possible explanation/cause
-the correct choice is usually MOST RELEVANT TO THE ARGUMENT e.g. if the passage discusses about a contagion in country A then the choice talking about the same contagion in other countries is not likely to be the answer.
3.2 RC “select all that apply” : I hate this type most =_=
-find corresponding sentence
-BUT sometimes you have to “look at big picture” as in the correct choice could also convey the main theme of the passage,not specific sentence (see Power Prep 2 Q19-20)
OVERALL : GRE Verbal’s passages often present contrasting ideas or the new findings. So after reading,we must be able to point out what are old and new ideas talking about.
6.Tips for Quant
I didn’t watch Greg Mat’s videos,but I’m sure they will be useful.
My principles :
1.DO NOT LINGER ON TOUGH QUESTIONS esp questions 12-14(approx.)
2.BE CAREFUL WHEN THE PROBLEM IS SEEMINGLY EASY. There might be a trap…such as you have to consider different situations like when -1 Sorry,I don’t have any special strategies for quant. Just want to add that I often found geometry most difficult (and it often appears before data interpretation which is much easier) so just skip and return to it when you already finished the rest.
7.Tips for AWA
My principles :
1.STICK TO GREG MAT’S TEMPLATES (see the videos)!!! THEY REALLY HELP !!! last year I wrote without templates so the result was like that…just follow Greg Mat and you’ll be fine.
2.WRITE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN if I didn’t get it wrong,AWA is graded by human and e-rater? for the latter,word count is an important indicator. I think for non-native speakers like us, at we should manage to hit 500 words. I think it’s okay to write only 4 paragraphs,but we must elaborate our ideas thoroughly.
3.THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU START WRITING I know it’s rush,but we must give ourselves around 3 mins(up to person) to organize our thoughts and create an outline.
4.WRITE A COMPLETE ESSAY I noticed that the Scoreitnow!(e-rater) could determine each component(introduction,thesis statements,conclusion etc.).Therefore, I infer that we will get a low score if our essays don’t include all elements that e-rater is looking for.
5.KEEP IT SIMPLE it’s good to come up with a profound and novel idea BUT if you find it difficult to articulate,you’d better write about something simpler that apparently can buttress your thesis statement and you can control well.
About Scoreitnow! : some of you might hesitate if you should purchase it. My verdict is : YES. You can see from my records that it’s quite accurate. You can expect +-1.0 from its grading. These are some details about Scoreitnow! :
-you can submit two essays (any combination(issue/argument) and you can select topics ,but I vaguely remember that actually there are limited choices, not the whole questions pool) Also you can choose to write in practice(can write online or offline(write in word then paste there)) or test experience mode
-after that, you can write 6 more essays(3 arguments and 3issues). This will appear in test experience mode (limited time+random topics)
-It’s just a rough guide as it couldn’t assess the coherence of your essays.
8.Last messages : The GRE is daunting especially for non-native speakers,but our hard work will pay off!
Thank you for reading until here. I have 3 more things to say about the GRE :)
-GRE and self-improvement
My friend once told me that actually GRE is more about familiarizing oneself with its format rather than anything to do with one’s ability. I think he was true. Yet, I think GRE prep also did improve my skill a lot. It urged me to study more “esoteric” vocabs and get to know more about how to analyze an argument which is not emphasized in my secondary education. So while you are worrying about GRE,I hope you think positively that this is a good opportunity to “upgrade” yourself as well.
-GRE and language competency
We all know that GRE is not a language test. However, if your English is too bad,you would find it increasingly difficult. But just as mentioned above,GRE is basically about the format. Thus,DON’T BE HOPELESS. If you could comprehend the GRE’s pattern, you still have a chance to ace it!
Last year, I enrolled for a private GRE course in China (it’s very popular there). The price was exorbitantly high and later I didn’t like that it was too commercialized. Consequently,I left the course (fortunately could refund the rest haha) and started preparing by myself. This year,I’m so happy that by studying completely at my own pace,I could get much better result. I received much help from my friend and seniors who kindly shared their prep books and encouraged me :”) Also shout out to Vince and Greg Mat that provide us with many helpful sources !! you two have got a fan from Thailand!!! Long way to go for grad school application, but now I couldn’t be more thankful for you guys :)
Hang in there my friends,All the best for your GRE!!
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2020.09.19 14:46 81297m Mystery bag event!!!!

[FT] MYSTERY BAG EVENT, [LF] 1NMT per bag/wishlist diys
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2020.09.19 14:38 81297m [FT] MYSTERY BAG EVENT! [LF] details in post!

[FT] MYSTERY BAG EVENT, [LF] 1NMT per bag/wishlist diys
Welcome to my mystery event! It costs 1NMT per bag, or a special deal of 4NMT for 5 bags. If you have a diy from my diy wishlist (, I am happy to discuss how many bags you would like.
I have a whole selection of perfectly wrapped bags for you today (although I’m willing to unwrap for you if you are concerned about the mystery bag glitch).
There are multiple types of bag, as listed below;
PRETTY IN PINK: Furniture bags. These bags contain some new and used furniture, including nook miles items, imperial sets, wedding items, fish and bus tourney items, diner items, and more!
GLIMMERING GREEN: Wallpaper, flooring and rugs! These bags contain wallpaper of all variety including Saharah exclusive! Will one lucky winner get the sought after cloud floor? You’ll only know if you try!
SUNSHINE YELLOW: Clothing and tools! There are limited numbers of the clothing bags, so get them whilst they’re fresh! Also includes a selection of Wands, tools and surprises!
MINTY FRESH: DIYS! Within this category will be a selection of DIYs including bamboo, flower and seasonal, but also including such classic items as a clackercart.
I will be delivering so please have a dodo ready, the only rule is you get what you get, sorry if it’s not what you hoped for! To ensure that you have read the post, please tell me how many of each colour bags you would like, then tell me your favourite animal - mine is a sting ray!
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2020.09.18 19:56 81297m [FT] MYSTERY BAG EVENT, [LF] 1NMT per bag/wishlist diys

Welcome to my mystery event! It costs 1NMT per bag, or a special deal of 4NMT for 5 bags. If you have a diy from my diy wishlist (, I am happy to discuss how many bags you would like.
I have a whole selection of perfectly wrapped bags for you today (although I’m willing to unwrap for you if you are concerned about the mystery bag glitch).
There are multiple types of bag, as listed below;
PRETTY IN PINK: Furniture bags. These bags contain some new and used furniture, including nook miles items, imperial sets, wedding items, fish and bus tourney items, diner items, and more!
GLIMMERING GREEN: Wallpaper, flooring and rugs! These bags contain wallpaper of all variety including Saharah exclusive! Will one lucky winner get the sought after cloud floor? You’ll only know if you try!
SUNSHINE YELLOW: Clothing and tools! There are limited numbers of the clothing bags, so get them whilst they’re fresh! Also includes a selection of Wands, tools and surprises!
MINTY FRESH: DIYS! Within this category will be a selection of DIYs including bamboo, flower and seasonal, but also including such classic items as a clackercart.
I will be delivering so please have a dodo ready, the only rule is you get what you get, sorry if it’s not what you hoped for! To ensure that you have read the post, please tell me how many of each colour bags you would like, then tell me your favourite animal - mine is a sting ray!
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2020.09.17 09:56 Kurou_savior I know everything has an end but...

Hello, sorry in advance if my english is not good. I am from México and speak spanish.
This would be my first post since i joined princess connect re dive reddit group.
I have been thinking about it lately but why is it the fate of all online mobile games to just end?, you know: Someday the company that owns the rights of the mobile game you play is not doing business out of it anymore and it has to shut down the servers and just say good bye.
Everyone is aware of that, not only priconne players but FGO, azur lane, kancolle, etc you name it. Like pretty much in life everything has an end but its kinda - i dont want to sound sensitive or something - depressing: The characters you love, the time (and money) you spent or even the good memories with your favorite character, all that is gonna come to an end. But, would not be nice if things were different?.
Lost in my own thoughts i was just thinking "what if it would be possible to, pfff you know?, being able to play your beloved mobile game even after the server shuts down?". I assume someone already had this sort of thought, maybe illegal/unofficial servers, etc i am aware that they exist for games that used to be very popular in the past but servers got shut down - For example: Ragnarok online - that has several private unnoficial servers.
In my case, i was thinking something like: "why dont companies allow you or give you the option to actually buy the game to play it offline before/after they terminate the service for the game?, i dont know much about apps/games but if it only were possible to modify the data so the features which are strictly online could be functional offline?, like programming the seasonals events to still happen and giving the option to get the stuff you normaly get by paying throught minigames (in priconne case, like getting a small amount of jewels by playing minigames or maybe still paying for them), i know...i know people might say "who would pay for the currency of a game which is not online or provide the players with more new content?", and its an acceptable way of thinking but just nostalgia...just for being able to still see and play with all your characters you paid for or worked hard to get whenever you feel like.
Even for priconne i would not mind paying like 30~50 dlls to buy the data and still play offline a digital and original version of it with all the content that it might be released until the day it the server shuts down.
I dont know about you guys, but i just get kinda attached to my digital, inanimate, fictional waifus/mascots. Maybe this woud be a dumb example but...maybe just like pokemon, that you have that 5~10 + year old cardtridge with your old forgotten pokemon but from time to time you say "hell, i want to play my old pokemon version again". Just like that, being given the option to buy and keep all your data you either paid for or was lucky enough to get for free.
Maybe this is a lot of whinning since - welcome back to reality - it wont be happening but "it would be nice" if you were given the chance, you know?.
Anyhow, this was a lot of ranting but if you have ever thought the same or not, it will always be nice to read your long as we keep things chill and respect each other.
Have a nice day.
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2020.09.17 02:00 MarkLCM Maintenance Magazine #23: PES2020 IMs and Legends Round-up

Hello again my dear readers, it's been a while! Hope all of you are well and safe!
PES2020 had been a downward slope for me overall, with the lack of offline event variety and legend releases being the real deal-breakers that almost prompted me to quit the game outright. Thankfully KONAMI fixed the latter half of the problem at the end of the season, sparked a wave of excitement for me and I got my hands on a few good legend players. To give credit where it's due, IMs were a touch of genius from KONAMI, as I believe they bring a nice balance between the dynamics of F2P and P2P. Moreover, permanently setting the conditions of legends and IMs to B is simply fantastic. Some of you in the sub believe legends have hidden stats; well, that's your hidden stats right there.
With PES2020 coming to a close, I think it's the time again to re-re-review every legend in my collection (I really hope you guys don't find these boring tbh, but I do really enjoy reviewing my legends) and give proper recognition to the new legends/IMs I gained. The departing Inter / Milan legends also deserve a proper send-off.
To those unfamiliar with my work, my review is purely subjective and your mileage may vary. The effectiveness of a player depends highly on the playstyle, formation and his teammates. Nevertheless, I rate players using a tier system (S > A > B > C etc.). I've also included reference ratings of popular base players for comparison and calibration. Anyone can compare stats on PESDB; in contrast, I try to focus less on the stats and convey how the player feels in actual gameplay.
For my regular followers, I'll avoid repeating myself as much as possible, keeping it short for old players unless I have new opinions about them. Some of you might find my reviews and ratings of certain players to have changed quite significantly this time, mostly due to difference in gameplay of PES2020 vs. previous iterations (e.g. nerfed skill moves, rise of finesse dribbling, nerfed passes etc). Here's a tiny tease to treat the fans: previously exclusive to Cruyff and Vieira, the S+ tier club now tentatively has 5 members! What are their identities? What's with the "tentativeness"? Read on to find out!
An important caveat is that I am a largely F2P & offline player. This means I have very limited access to coins and thus I do not own many IMs / coin-exclusive new legends. Needless to say I have not been lucky in the European legends free pulls, but I've emptied the latest box draws to get the most out of them. Sorry for the incomplete list but that's just the way I roll.
Just to be clear on my stance, I am all for the P2P exclusivity of IMs. In fact, let P2P have coin-exclusive box draws to make sure people get what they want without having to spend a mortgage. I just wish KONAMI can allow the use of GP in legend agents (non-guaranteed draws), so the F2P population has limited but farmable access to any future new legends released.
And without further ado, let the reviews begin!
Unless stated otherwise, all players reviewed below are legends and the reference players are base players. IMs will be explicitly stated. All players are rated by their performances at max level.
GK (reference - - Alisson: A)
I used to think of him quite poorly, and quite honestly he still sucked for me earlier this year. Not until recently when I played him again for this review when he finally started to play quite well, using his towering height to his full advantage. As if a last hurrah before getting removed.
Despite all that, I'm not unhappy to see him go, especially since I've got three copies of him waiting to Digivolve into Casillasmon. By the way, KONAMI, I have 3 Toldos and 4 Kahns in my squad. Can I have other non-dupe outfield players instead?
CECH: S- (tentative)
I got Cech, along with several others on this list, very recently in the current box draw. Due to my limited experience of these players, I felt uneasy assigning a definitive rating to them. On the other hand, I didn't want to leave them out as I wanted to help players make their decision on whether to go for them or not. Hence I settled on the tentative rating and review, which should be treated more appropriately as my first impressions.
Cech has been stopping all kinds of shots for me. Powerful long rangers, point-blank first-timers, crosses, he's got them all covered. He's not the best when it comes to rushing out in one-on-ones, he manages to react in about half of those instances. Also he's dreadful against free kicks. His Low Punt skill, quite rare among legend GKs, come in handy quite often.
Der Titan has considerably improved compared to PES19, thanks to the buff to defensive GK playstyle. He has been my starting GK for almost all-year. From experience he makes around two-thirds of shots on target against Superstar COM by my estimation, which is not bad at all! Kahn's strength lies in the fact that he's equally good staying on the line and rushing out (he charges at an astonishing pace too!), but the player has to consciously make the right decision. The more I use him, the better I get at noticing the subtle differences between shots that require rushing and shots that don't.
CB (reference - - Koulibaly: A; VVD: S-)
In this day and age, where you find featured Mbappes, Ronaldos and Rashfords in more teams than they are not, ol' Samuel is simply too slow to keep up. Pairing him with a defensively minded (non build-up) & fast CB might help slightly, or he might work with triple/quadruple CB formations, but that just goes to show how independently unreliable he is.
Adieu, Samuel. Unfortunately you will not be missed.
This ex-GB may be upgraded to BB, but his in-game performance seems slightly worse than PES19, when he used to be nigh unstoppable in the air. Again, this may be due to the opponents he's against (looking at you featured Ronaldo/Lewa). That said, with his decent speed and tackling, he's still one of the better defenders in the game.
Got this underrated gem in the European legends draw and has grown quite attached. His skillset is frankly quite extraordinary. He is one of the fastest CBs out there, which makes him excellent in tracking back and covering for the defence. It also makes him an excellent full back as well. His defensive ability is solid, with strong positioning and physicality. He scores additional points for breathtaking long-rangers, even netting several match-winners for me which I'd never forget. Tackles are not first-rate, which is his major setback.
Despite my short time with him, he is one of the three players whose departure greatly saddens me. And the saddest part? I already own all the possible replacements that we know of so far.
Still remember getting him in PES18 and he single-handedly revolutionized my defence. The most all-rounded and versatile out of all my defenders, he always finds a place in any defensive line-up. You can literally pair him with any other CB and he'll play well. I was scared af by the thought of losing him but thankfully he survives the snap.
This is the second (and final) player I managed to get from the free European legends agents. He's the only player I hoped to get and I was lucky to get him for free. Growing up watching invincible Barca made me respect him as a player. He's also the closest I can get to legendary Chelsea captain Terry, both in terms of playing style and aura of captaincy.
Digressions aside, Puyol is magnificent in the game. He has one of the highest accelerations among CBs, and together with his positioning he is rarely off his mark. His tackles, particularly his standing tackles, are absolutely the best, even ahead of Maldini. Practically steals the ball anywhere near him. He is also majestic in the air and a constant corner threat. Could not have been more happy with him.
BECKENBAUER: S+ (tentative)
Before I go on, I should really stress that I only obtained him for a week, but what I've seen so far has already convinced me to place him in the S+ tier.
In defence, he is performing at the same level as Maldini. Clean tackles, majestic headers and plenty of interceptions due to his masterful ability to read the game. His speed is top-notch among CBs, and he's been showcasing his ability to track back and defend. He's also surprisingly good in the air.
What makes him unique is his offensive capabilities. Even when playing as CB, he charges forward aggressively, with a frequency unmatched by any other so-called offensive CBs like Pique or Ramos. The CB closest to him in offence is perhaps Bergomi, in terms of their finishing and speed, but that's where the similarities end. He has an acute positional sense, pinpoint passing and reliable goalscoring. To put it simply, Beckenbauer has the complete skill set of an AMF.
His 85-rated stamina is often drained around the 80-minute mark, but that is just a testament to the amount of ground he covers. Like his German compatriot Matthaus, his Fighting Spirit skill also helps keeping his performance consistent until the final whistle. I suppose the only problem with Der Kaiser is that playing him in CB is putting his attacking talent to waste, and when he joins the attack there's no guarantee he can make it back in time to defend every threat. For these reasons, he is exceptional at DMF/CMF. I've yet to experiment playing him in other positions like RB/AMF, but I'm pretty sure he excels in whatever position he's being deployed.
LB/RB (reference - - TAA: A)
LIZARAZU: A (tentative)
So far he has been fairly consistent in defence, despite his unimpressive defensive stats; his pace and stamina makes up for his lack of tackling and interception abilities. Nothing to complain about his offensive game either. A solid alternative to Carlos given the limited choice of legendary full-backs.
The Brazillian full-back has been solid for me. His work-rate has been excellent, but lately he's been the sort of silent contributor that's hard to notice or appreciate. A tackle here, a run there, but he's not really doing a lot in terms of attacking and crosses. His presence is noticeable but not dazzling. He is also a quality LMF. As for free kick takers, I have better choices.
He is a rock-solid defender who actively charges forward when there's space available, but also knows when to fall back and cover defensive gaps. His endless stamina befits his nickname of El Tractor. His crossing is also impeccable.
I'll likely be getting Cafu as a replacement, but Zanetti's imminent departure from the franchise leaves a gaping hole in my squad and in my heart.
DMF (reference - - Busquets: B+)
An average player for all intents and purposes. Interestingly, he positions himself like an Anchor Man despite his playstyle, meaning he stays at the back more often, which suits me just fine. His tackling is merely average; it's sometimes frustrating with him as I find him in good positions more often than most DMFs on this list, but he does so little when given the chance.
Pirlo, Pirlo, why do you pains me so? I really, really liked Pirlo irl. So much so that I've written a long piece about him (and if you haven't done so already, I recommend giving it a read, as it is the piece of work I'm most proud of).
Months have passed and my review of him is largely the same. His defense sucks just as his stats suggest, and his passes and dribbles are not as perfect as his stats seem to suggest. On the other hand, he charges forward quite often and his runs are great. As a result, he's been scoring consistently in open play in addition to his deadly free kicks. His long range curlers from the edge of the box has also been a regular source of goals.
The Italian Maestro is an enigma. He is not your typical DMF. He contributes more offensively than defensively, so bear that in mind when you balance your squad. I would say he functions like a CMF/AMF in terms of offence vs defence.
Apparently KONAMI must have read my article of base Pirlo and rewards me with an IM, coz that's the only IM I've got from the recent free draws so far.
Stats-wise, his IM version is nearly identical to his regular version when maxed. In play, IM Pirlo is visibly better at his defensive duties, although still way behind the usual standards of a typical DMF. Offensively, his long range power shots now find the target more often than they did before. Overall the way he plays feel the same, and the IM is just a minor upgrade. You're not missing out if you have the legend version.
A very defensive-minded player who arguably plays better as a CB. He's simply great at defending, very all-rounded in most defensive aspects. The problem with him lies in his lack of contributions to the build up play. He's usually unwilling to move, and that makes me feel I'm missing a midfielder to link up my play, consistently missing one passing option. Also when he decides to involve himself, his low passes (especially through balls) are nowhere as accurate as his stats would make you believe. Similar to Pirlo, he nails one half of the prerequisites for a great DMF, only to absolutely flop the other half.
As solid as he his, there are better DMFs out there so I'm not too sad to say goodbye to the Argentine.
I was initially skeptical when KONAMI gifted me a GB legend; when I tried him out, I only regretted not having done so sooner. He's got a very balanced skill set that enables him to contribute in both defending and attacking. He's got good marking and tackling, can pass the ball well, and can score bangers from range. One of the main duties of my DMFs is to scoop up the loose ball after the opponent defence heads the ball clear in corners, and I notice Inamoto does this extremely reliably. His main drawback is his unimposing stature, meaning he gets outmuscled quite often and concedes possession.
If you have been in this sub for a while, you would have seen everyone sing praises about him, myself included. This legend deserves every bit of praise he gets, and he simply cannot be better. An absolute monster in defence, with an often overlooked eye for long rangers. The man once scored a hat trick during the first half of a campaign game. This truly extraordinary player proudly retains his position in the S+ tier club.
CMF (reference - - S.M.Savic / Kante: A)
In stark contrast to the next player on the list, Scholesy is often nowhere to be seen. Sometimes I even forget he's on the pitch. You read his stats and you think, I could do with a complete player like him, and then he turns out to be a complete....disaster. With his playstyle he hangs in the back, but he's terrible at tackling, man marking and headers. Passing play with him is a nightmare, he's either too slow or unwilling to move when he's on the receiving end of a pass. Even his trademark cannonballs are gone; I tried three shots with him just at the edge of the box and none of them ended up on target, and that was during an exhibition match at Regular difficulty. I was thrilled to see him in a GP box draw, and could not be more disappointed.
Despite my one-sided rants above, I'm perhaps in the minority among the sub when it comes to opinions on Scholes. u/big_rom9 once commented he also had problems playing IM Scholes at CMF, but eventually playing him well as SS. Personally yet to try this out, and if anyone has done so please share your experience in the comments! I've also read there's a rather large disparity between his IM and legend versions.
The German has always been one of my top players, but his performance this year slightly dipped compared to previous years. His positioning seems a bit off, and his inability to withhold the ball under pressure has never been more apparent. Despite all that, he's still covering miles like the Kante meme, and his interceptions, passes and assists are still top-notch.
LMF/RMF (reference - - Asensio: A)
The Frenchman makes good runs, but does very little with it. His finishing is good but not great, and he can't really cross with his weaker left foot. He took a big hit when skill moves were nerfed, and he lost the means of cutting into the middle and score, like a reverse Robben in the left wing.
The IM stat boost here really shows! His runs are much more effective thanks to the hefty boost in offensive awareness, and his finishing is considerably improved by his swerve and kicking power. Unlike his legend counterpart, Pires has become a real goalscoring threat, and defenders will be punished for leaving him alone.
I've always held Nedved in very high regard but lately his renowned long rangers have been lacking in accuracy. It is funny how most of his contribution is tied to his goalscoring; take that away and I'm still left with a versatile midfielder with an incredible workrate, but he's just not the same. He's an omnipresent passing option when your team has the ball, but he does little to help win possession back, so basically he's Matthaus halved.
BECHKAM (aged 27): A
Becks is a textbook example of a classic winger: he runs into wide spaces and crosses with pinpoint accuracy. Conversely, play him as a left CMF or left AMF (not many formations have those though), and be amazed by the accuracy of his curlers from range. I still get mad when I see him at DMF just for his OVR though. I toy around him when I see him at DMF in campaign matches. Not even Superstar COM can make him good there, and you know something's gone wrong.
The South Korean legend is undoubtedly the best Asian player in the game! He has so much in common with Nedved in PES18: endless stamina (I'm almost convinced his stamina is around 150, judging from his stamina bar at the end of a match), quick on his feet, close ball control, strong passing game, and incredible versatility. Don't let his measly finishing stats fool you too. I've been shooting with him from 20 - 25 yards from goal and getting used to see them fly in untouched. It really goes to show how unreliable stats are; or to look at it another way, how the performance of legends can really catch you by surprise!
AMF (reference - - Mount: B; featured Messi (no.10 campaign): S) (sorry I haven't been using a lot of base players as AMF)
Dude's slow. Like, REEEEALLY SLOWWWW. His terrible attacking positioning also does not help at all. Despite his decent passing and goalscoring ability, Van der Vaart is a beaming symbol of a old-fashioned playstyle that has been rendered powerless by the current, physical footballing climate.
DECO: C+ (tentative)
Another AMF with terrible offensive positioning that I did not enjoy using. Deco's slowness is less prominent as he can dribble past defenders, yet that same defender will rapidly catch up and force Deco to pass the ball away. His passing and finishing is slightly worse than Van der Vaart. Notably, he is a rare AMF with the Creative Playmaker style rather than CN10. If you are a fan of that style you might want to check him out, but he's a hard no for me.
I was surprised to see KONAMI releasing a 94-rated legend for free, but his stats wildly overestimates his ability on the pitch. He's just a normal midfielder that has above average dribbling, passes decently and nothing really impressive up his sleeve.
I used to think highly of him due to his excellent dribbling, but that aspect of him has been nerfed to the ground. Marseille Turn is like an open invitation for tackles, and finess dribbling without physicality to back it up is often disastrous. He remaining strength lies in his surprisingly clinical finishing.
You can probably guess I'm perfectly fine with him getting replaced. The problem is I already own every single legend AMF (I believe), so hopefully KONAMI releases somebody new straight at launch!
If Gullit was just an AMF, I would rate him a B at most. Gullit's biggest strength is his versatility. He's a strong CF with a powerful right foot and great in the air. He's a good CMF/DMF with a strong tackling and intercepting game, coupled with highly effective finesse dribbling thanks to his physical strength. His performance is surprisingly consistent at CB, making tackles ably and great in the air. Did I mention he's great in the air?
Nakata is a surprisingly effective attacker. For me, he plays his best games on either wing. If you have access to one of those rare triple AMF formations, play him on either side; otherwise, he's decent at LMF/RMF, but not as great in central AMF. The timing of his runs are excellent, and he can finish from range. His stamina also keeps him effective for the entire game.
I recall seeing him in a box draw, and with mountains of GP to spare I decided to go all-in, only to get him in my second try. The renowned free-kick specialist is just as deadly in the game; not quite as godly as Becks or Pirlo, but still comparable with Messi in that regard. His finishing is quite strong in open play, and he's a technically gifted playmaker.
RONALDINHO (GB, aged 39): A
I originally thought of including him as a bit of a joke, and spent the cash to get him fully expecting him to be quite useless (look at what I'll do for you guys!). Turns out, Grandpa Dinho with the Nike headband is not to be messed with. In a world where Busquets can outrun Messi (a.k.a. campaigns), Ronaldinho still manages to outpace defenders with his speed bursts at a ripe old age of thirty-nine and sporting a rather large belly (irl). His long rangers are absolutely lethal. Unsurprisingly, his main drawback is his stamina not lasting the entire match, which is very understandable, to say the least. During the limited time he's on the pitch, his impact is quite remarkable.
I notoriously criticized Zico in one of my earlier entries, and since then the White Pele has been consistently improving. Like Nakata, he is most effective on the wing (wide AMF or SS), where his devastating runs and finesse shots are in full effect, and he avoids the amount of pressure he faces when he is deployed in the center.
If Ronaldinho way past his prime is that good, surely he should be great in his prime? Indeed he is unstoppable, being one of the best finesse dribblers in the game and a deadly eye for goal. He plays as well on the wings as he does in the middle, and when it comes to beating defenders, he has a vast array of options to choose from, be it dazzling dribbles or sudden bursts of speed. In terms of offensive skills, he is the complete package.
If I have one reservation about him, it is his inability to transform the players around him. He shines brightly on his own, but there's only so much a single player can do. He's not a gamechanger, if that makes any sense.
As someone once said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get". And in the Brazillian's case, what I got was a perfect offensive player comparable to Cruyff, which are words I never thought I would attribute to a CN10.
Rivaldo is another example that demonstrates the inadequacy of stats in measuring player quality. Contrary to all common stereotypes of CN10s, Rivaldo charges forward all the time, whenever he gets the chance, and always with impeccable timing. His long rangers find the back of the net nine times out of ten. His amazing first touch is reminiscent of Cruyff, where he switches from the receiving end of a pass to a playmaking position in one swift, fluid motion. For those who are complaining about Cruyff being absent in the recent draws, Rivaldo was the next best thing.
Compared to the Dutch grandmaster, Rivaldo is definitely slower, but he makes it up with superior powerful shots. Either way, both S+ tier players have the transformative property that revitalizes the entire offence, bringing out the best in every attacker.
LWF/RWF (reference - - Sterling / Sancho: A; Messi / Ronaldo: S)
GIULY: B- (tentative)
In the short time since I've got him, he has yet to impress me. His picture shares an uncanny resemblance with the ex-Chelsea player Pedro, and the same can be said for his play. He's just a fairly average winger with decent speed and crossing, but he doesn't make intelligent runs as often as I would expect from a Hole Player.
He's another player to be replaced that I probably won't miss. Since the only eligible replacement so far is Figo, I'd say it's worth it to go for Guily if you haven't got Figo yet.
Now that I've established how players like Nedved and Scholes, experts of their craft, can mess up their long range shooting all the time, the ability to reliably score from outside the box suddenly seem all the more valuable, and Figo does that masterfully with either foot. His long rangers (both power and finesse) are a joy, and his dribbling is elegant and effective. His versatility among the offensive ranks is remarkable. His movement off the ball and accurate passing also allows solid buildup play. He's a breath of fresh air in contrast to speedsters like Sane and Sancho, but this also means I had to adjust my play style to get the best out of him. Overall the Portuguese is a phenomenal winger.
SS (reference - - Dybala: A; Joao Felix: A+)
A striker with a deadly left foot and incredible curl. Unfortunately, his passing is below average for an SS, and he has to be subbed after an hour or so.
I've had a decent time with him, but I'm not at all unhappy to see him get replaced. Several top-tier SSs are still missing in my squad and I'd be thrilled to get my hands on any one of them.
The Italian genius plays unlike any other SS on the list. He is considerably stronger than the rest, while his speed and dribbling is sub-par. To use him well, I had to rely on my passing game, which hasn't been the most reliable in PES2020.
Bebeto wrecks havoc in dangerous areas with his runs, sensational dribbles and low centre of gravity. His ambidexterity makes him highly effective on either wing. He is also a great assister thanks to his One-touch Pass ability. His celebration never gets old.
I feel like I don't have to elaborate on the strengths of Diego Maradona. The reason he's not S+ is similar to Ronaldinho: the brilliance is in himself and himself only.
Maradona's free IM version is the most generous guaranteed player KONAMI has ever gifted for free. Despite inferior stats, his ranged shots curl right into the net reliably like his older counterpart. The increased pace and stamina of IM Maradona also balances out his weaker dribbling and passing. Overall the two players are similarly effective in my opinion.
Again, it feels silly to explain why the Dutch legend is S+ tier. He is simply the most complete attacker in the game with no apparent weaknesses. The kind of player to build a squad around and can turn the tide of a game.
CF (reference - - Auba: A-, Jovic/Kane: A; Haaland: A+; Aguero: S-; Mbappe: S)
The Man Utd twins play so similarly I've decided to group them together. "Adequate" is the word that describes them most adequately, pun intended. Both players are moderately strong, mildly clinical, somewhat quick and position themselves quite well. They have a bit of everything in a typical CF's skillset, but nothing stands out at all.
At least some clear strengths on this one. The Dutchman is splendid in the air. He's also one of the better dribblers among CFs. On the flip side, he seldom makes useful runs so he's almost restricted to the crossing playstyle.
An often overlooked CF due to his low OVR of 89. His finishing is clinical, positioning is surprisingly solid and he has the strength to withhold the ball. He plays like an ambidextrous Giroud, though weaker in the air.
Since I've got most of the GB CFs, I'm not sure how I feel to see him go. It would be great if I get Inzaghi in exchange, but I believe I've already got all the other good ones.
KOLLER: B+ (tentative)
Aerially dominant just as one would expect of a 2-metre forward. He reminds me of playing PES on the console back in the old days in 2004-05, when crossing was basically OP with Chelsea/Inter. Any cross that reaches Koller basically guarantees a header on target, although the Superstar GKs nowadays tend to save most of those. His right-footed finish isn't half bad either. The best thing about him is his Super-Sub skill, which makes him a great player on the bench and nearly always in top form when subbed in.
Salas resembles a SS more than a CF. He's a great retainer and passer of the ball, and his finishing is exceptional; yet, he falls back to support the build up quite often, and he's usually not the one who makes the mazing runs that tear across defences. He mostly scores from one-twos or back passes from a holding forward, someone like his devastating Chilean partner irl. He excels in double CF formations, but don't expect him to perform well on his own.
Zamorano is an exemplary predator. There's nothing flashy about him, he just gets into the right position and scores. His finishing is top-notch with either power or finesse, despite his stats heavily leaning into the former. The reason he's not higher up on the tier list is occasionally he can be completely contained by a top-tier defender (e.g. Featured Koulibaly).
You don't have to look hard to notice his uncanny similarity with Aguero. Both men are deadly strikers with low centres of gravity, devastating runs and clinical finishes. Owen's blinding speed looks good on paper, but in reality often does not work when he's being marked by a quick CB. He is often outmuscled during his runs and dispossessed by the slightest of tackles, so he desparately needs another CF / hole player / dummy runner to draw away pressure from him. However, with his top-notch finishing, he converts reliably when he's free from his mark. He is also a surprisingly strong assister.
The archetypal power forward with beastly strength, speed and shot power. Sadly, Adriano will never be S tier material when he consistently runs out of steam near the hour mark.
He's probably the closest to Ronaldo Nazario we'll ever get, and he will be sorely missed alongside Zanetti and Bergomi. I do hope I get a nice non-duplicate as replacement though.
Among all the forwards on the list, Batigol is the most complete player and my go-to choice in single CF formations. He's like the Swiss army knife of CFs, he can do everything extremely well: he can score with power or finesse with either feet, he is a threat in the air, he has strength to retain the ball under pressure, he makes great runs and has enough stamina to last an entire match.
Law is OP in very specific areas: spatial awareness, runs and finishing. Basically like an ambidextrous Zamorano on steroids. What he does have is a very particular set of skills. Skills that make him a nightmare for all defenders alike. If there's a space in the defence or a loose ball around, he will look for it, he will find it, and he will score a goal out of it.
Like Zamorano, his playstyle is atypical and there's a bit of a learning curve. But when you eventually get past it, boy you are in for a ride.
Annoyingly, the AI often auto-subs him off for no apparent reason during half time despite he's still full of stamina. This only happens to Law and I'm still yet to figure out why.
A lot of people on the sub have recently got hold of Romario in the box draw, and have finally recognized the beauty of this endgame striker. He is simply the best at putting the ball into the net. His incredible speed, unyielding strength and remarkable finishing makes him the most consistent goalscoring threat in my entire legends squad. The more CFs I got, the more I appreciated how rare his remarkable goalscoring ability is. It's unfair but true that goalscoring is the first and foremost way a player can impact the results of a match, so I felt the best player in this department deserves a place in the prestigious S+ club.
And that is the end of my lengthy review! Hopefully this gives an idea of whether to go all-in for a box draw or not. Thanks for sticking with me to the very end! Cheers everyone!
...........Sad to see this end? Well let's keep it going with a bonus feature! The top 5 released legends on my wishlist!
  1. Del Piero
A potentially endgame attacker who's just as good at creating goals as scoring them. Looking forward to his amazing curved shots!
  1. Van Basten
Probably the best CF alongside Romario according to this sub, Van Basten's stats certainly live up to his hype, but we all know how dangerously unreliable stats are...
  1. Inzaghi
Surprised to see him ahead of MVB? Inzaghi is one of the rare legends, alongside Koller, to have the Super-Sub skill, and together with his permanent B condition he'll be constantly in top-form. His 99 attacking awareness and finishing also sounds like pure gold.
  1. Rummenigge
Hailed by the sub as the next Cruyff, I certainly had a hard time defending against him. He seems to be another true all-round attacker which can strengthen any squad.
  1. Lampard
Can you blame me as a Chelsea fan? He will always be a true legend close to my heart, and I am dying to experience his incredible goalscoring ability (please don't mess this up KONAMI, although from what I've heard on this sub he seems to be fineeeeeee). I once predicted him to be worse than Matthaus, but upon release Lampard seems even better! His Hole Player playing style and complete stats looks like my dream come true.
Having said all that, KONAMI wil likely stick to their trend of releasing new legends in 2021. There's already a plethora of attackers in the pool, so I desperately hope to see more representation among CBs (e.g. Terry, Cannavaro, Nesta, Ferdinand, Vidic), keepers (Yashin, Zoff, Banks, Schmeichel), full-backs (Lahm, Thuram, Neville, Cole) and CMFs (Charlton, Keane, Gerrard, Seedorf). It's also sad to notice not a single African have joined the ranks of Legends, even though there's a literal gold mine out there (Weah, Drogba, Essien, Eto'o, Toure).
And this really is the end of this piece, everyone. Not gonna lie, feeling a bit nervous as this is my first full post in months, but it's been fun writing once again. To new members of the sub, if you liked my content, there are more entries of the Maintenance Magazine just one search away. For now, my friends, stay safe, be well, and have a lovely maintenance day.
EDIT: if the data miners are right, looks like I'm getting no. 2 and 5 on my wishlist!
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2020.09.16 23:02 cwcoleman A Full Gear List of Recommendations

I like gear. I buy a lot of it and am lucky enough to use it often. Here is a quick list of the gear I own/recommend. Focused on 3-season (aka non-winter, above freezing) backpacking. Mostly high-end stuff, this is not a “budget” shopping list. However there are plenty of cheap items after getting past the big-4 stuff. I lean towards light gear, but am rarely in the ‘ultralight’ category. I’m a 37 y/o dude in Seattle, been hiking+camping for about 25 years. I hike for fun, almost always with my girlfriend and our dog.
My gear in pictures:
Ask me questions about the specific items in the list. Like why I chose it compared to similar alternatives. I’m always learning too – so this is in no way a definitive list of what every hiker must carry.
Post up items you’d recommend for these same categories.

Tent – I choose a 3-person shelter for 2 adults, 1 60 pound dog, and our gear. Generally I recommend a shelter designed for 1 person more than what you plan to use it for. We use a free-standing shelter that does not require trekking poles. I do hike with poles – but appreciate the simplicity of setup in a variety of terrain that a free-standing tent provides. 2 doors/vestibules and plenty of pockets/storage inside are nice features. $500
Sleeping Bag/Quilt – I have 1 quilt and 1 mummy bag. The quilt is used for 3-season trips where the temps are always above freezing. It's rated for 20F and wide. The mummy bag is for winter trips down to 10F nighttime lows, rated for 0F. This creates a versatile system. I could even combine the mummy and quilt if I needed to go out on really cold trips. $300 for the quilt
Sleeping Pad – I have 1 inflatable and 1 closed cell foam pad. Necessary for both comfort and insulation/warmth. The inflatable is my main option and I use it for every trip. It’s an older version of the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir. It’s held up to hundreds of nights of camping in a wide range of conditions. A bit loud/crunch at the beginning – but overall it’s totally fine. The ccf pad is indestructible. I use it in combination with my inflatable for winter trips – doubling up for extra warmth. $175 for the inflatable.
Backpack – The hardest item to recommend, so make sure you go to a local shop and try on options before making a final decision (or at least make sure the online shop has a solid return policy).
I currently use an Osprey Exos pack. It carries a ~30 pound load well. The back panel and hipbelt are both comfortable over long distances. Overall it works well for me (5’9’’ fat dude).
I also have a HMG pack, but I rarely use it because I take too much stuff often. $200 for the Osprey.

Those ‘big-4’ items are most important for price/weight/comfort. Focus your money + research on those and it will pay off.

Next are the ‘accessories’ – stuff that isn’t relatively expensive/heavy but important for a comfortable trip. Tons of variability and options in this category!
Water Filter: Sawyer Squeeze, no question. It’s durable, simple, light, and relatively cheap. I use it in combination with a ‘dirty’ bladder. $35
Water Bladder: Used to scoop up water from the source. The sawyer filter screws onto this bag, out comes clean water. $20
Water Bottle: All the cool kids carry a SmartWater bottle, as do I. They are cheap, durable, cheap, and slip into pack pockets well. Plus the Sawyer filter can screw onto it as a bonus (which I don’t really do, I prefer to keep my bottles clean). 1 liter size + sport cap top. $5
Stove: MSR is my favorite stove brand, for both winter and summer. I use the PocketRocket Deluxe for summer and the Whisperlite or WindBurner for winter. The PocketRocket is easy to use and packs small. I really only boil water, not real cooking, so this is all I need. $70
Pot: Snow Peak Trek 700 is my go-to titanium option for many years. The lid work well and it nests with my stove + fuel easily. $45
Utensil: Toaks makes a perfect long handle titanium spoon. Long handle because I eat pre-packaged dehydrated meals often and it allows me to get to the bottom without getting my knuckles all dirty. No spork required. $10
Food Bag: Ursack + Opsak combination for bearodent protection. The Opsak is odor proof and the Ursack is animal proof. I found that I suck at hanging a bear bag, plus I’m lazy. This setup works well for any place that doesn’t require a hard sided canister. $150
Power Bank: Anker PowerCore 10,000 is enough to charge my phone 2-3 times. Not always necessary, but multi-day trips where I’m taking a lot of photos or using my phone for navigation it’s a nice-to-have. $20
Knife: Swiss Army Classic SD is small. I don’t need much in terms of knife. The scissors and nail file I use the most. $20
Rope: I carry very little cordage while backpacking. Maybe 25 feet of 2mm, 50 of 3mm if I’m feeling like some bushcraft. $10
Pillow: Sea to Summit knockoff. I wrap my buff around it as a pillow case. Better than sleeping on a pile of clothes that changes shape all night. Worth the weight/space/cost for the comfort it provides. $20
Headlamp: Black Diamond Spot (new lite version) is my all-time favorite. It’s not the smallest/brightest/cheapest option but it’s durable and works well. $30
Poop Kit: spade for digging a hole, hand sanitizer, tp, wipes, and a bag to pack out wipes. $45
Random Stuff: mini bic lighter, chapstick, sunblock, bug spray, batteries, towel, fuel, bug head net, … $50
Luxuries: chair, fancy camera, umbrella, camp shoes, booze, book, frisbee, or whatever. $?
First Aid Kit: DIY, Ziploc or fancy cuben fiber bag with a few important things. $40
Poles: I use trekking poles on most all hikes. Especially ones with significant downhill sections. It really helps my old/fat man knees. I’ve had the same pair of Leki poles for over 12 years. The lower section broke twice but were quickly replaced by their awesome warranty. My GF doesn’t use poles – so it’s really a personal choice. $150
Maps: I print from Put into a Ziploc for each hiker in the group. $0 (+ ink & paper)
GPS / Communicator: Garmin inReach 66i. Overkill for most, but I really really like it. The inReach Mini is good if you want to save some money/weight. I carried the non-communicator of this for 10 years prior to this upgrade. The maps are fantastic and route tracking is generally on-point. I enjoy knowing how far I’ve gone and statistics about elevation gain/loss. The ability to call in Search and Rescue with a button press, or simply send a text to my mom, is a huge bonus. Highly recommended! $600
Phone: Apple something. I use this in airplane mode for pictures mainly. Rarely need it for navigation – but it is capable with apps like CalTopo, Gaia, and AllTrails. $toomuch

Clothing is a whole category of it’s own. Too much to include here. I try to dress/pack in layers, without many duplicates other than socks and underwear. I prefer wool fabrics for base/mid, down for insulation, and gore-tex pro for shells. Plus all the accessories like hat, beanie, gloves, buff, gaiters, sunglasses, face mask etc. Obviously the weather forecast will dictate what I weapack for each trip. I prefer these brands: Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Icebreaker, Darn Tough, and Outdoor Research.

Food has 2 whole subreddits dedicated to discussion – check out /trailmeals and /hikertrashmeals.

~Roughly $2500 for the items I priced above. Not crazy expensive for a camping setup, but far from a budget list. Most people aren't starting from scratch - so this amount of money would be spent over many years. Starting out with renting/borrowing is a fine method. Upgrade over time. Buying the best right off the bat works out sometimes - and I do favor the 'buy once / cry once' methodology.
If you want an ultralight + ultracheap list - check this post out:

Note – I end up customizing most all my gear in one way or another. Adding a pocket to the shoulder strap of my pack, adding/removing items from my first aid kit, removing tags, ditching extra bags, cutting the handle off my toothbrush, or fully making items myself. Check out /myog for ideas!

* Obligatory Warning – every hiker is unique. What works for me may be different than what works for you. Take this information with a gain of salt. Do your own research. Try on gear, watch YouTube videos, and generally think for yourself before making any big purchase. In the end – you are the one carrying this gear over mountains and using it for survival. Hike Your Own Hike.

**I am not paid in any way for this post. Zero.

If you are looking for some gear reviews outside this post – check out these great sources:

TLDR: I like nice stuff. I made a list of it. Go outside!
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2020.09.16 02:20 atra129 FIU Law Questions

First of all, I’m new to Reddit and this page has been SO helpful throughout my experience of applying for law schools. My #1 is FIU Law because I’m doing a 3+3 program with my undergrad university. Do you think they would give somewhat of a priority to 3+3 students? My GPA is 4.0 but my LSAT score was just alright. They sent out an email to have a zoom meeting with the Dean and I was one of the lucky 10 prospective students that snagged a spot before it filled up. What questions should I ask if I’ve already applied? I’m getting nervous because I sent out my app RIGHT when it opened. Like literally completed it within an hour of it opening at 12 am 9/1 but it has been “under review.” I don’t want to come off as a desperate student wanting to hear back (even though I am) so how could I use this meeting to maybe improve my chances of getting admitted? Thank you for any info in advance :))
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2020.09.13 23:48 sequelae123 100K Giveaway - Autumn in Scotland, but like, make it ~f a s h i o n~

MOOD BOARD: Autumn in Scotland, but make it fashion
It’s ya girl sequelae123 and I’m back once again to throw my hat into the ring and win me some shiiiiiit. Y’all, I LOVE a mood board/look book/any excuse to collate shite. Hell, any time at university we had to make up a PowerPoint presentation, it was like Christmas to me. So when I saw this competition, my creative, slightly OCD side whispered, "yas fuck me up beetch, I was born fo this”.
Now, I’m happy to say I’m a loud and proud Scot, and thus my mood board is inspired by what my ~autumnal vibes~ are here at Costa Del Scotland. Well, what they would be if I wasn’t broke as fuck loool, but there ya go.
So go feast ya eyes on the neutrals, the dark jewel tones and the occasional pop of grey. And channel your inner Braveheart and scream FREEEEEDOM if ya fancy, too.
Rather than a review, I’ll be doing a follow-up, year-later review of my BELOVED 187 Chanel black goatskin chevron le boy. Also, heads up, 11.11 is approaching faster than and 187 has confirmed they’re taking 300 yuan off EVERY BAG. So save ya pennies up gorl.
o Item: 187 Le Boy (High Tier)
o Seller: Her Holiness, TS Redden
o Price: 2470 yuan in total (including Redden’s commish)
o Day delivered
o Literally 20 minutes ago lelz
As much as I cuddle my ‘cheap’ 187 cf from FY factory to sleep, this is HANDS DOWN my favourite rep I’ve ever been lucky to get my grubby hands on. The leather has held up impeccably, and it still has that delicious leathery scent. Despite this bag being battered about on the reg, the hardware has zero scratches and still has that gorgeous sheen. HOWEVER. Over time, like the schmuck I am, I’ve ended up getting some foundation smudges and nail scratches on the inside of the bag. And no matter how hard I try to buff them out, they ain’t budgin’. So I dunno… don’t wear fake nails and try and get your car keys out ya bag, with gusto.
Overall, 187 really, really, REALLY makes high quality reps. I’d pass this down to my kids if I do (cept they won’t be allowed to touch it until they pry it out my cold dead hands loool, I’m getting buried with this rep bitches). So yes, 100% recommend this bag to y’all.
Here's the references to all the bags/coats/shoes/accessories used in the mood board:
Bags Shoes Accessories Jackets/Coats
1. Chanel Grey Classic Flap 1. LV Laureate Platform Desert Boots 1. Dior 'CD' Belt in Black 1. Burberry Trench
2. Chanel Chevron Le Boy 2. LV Star Trail Ankle Boots 2. Hermes Buckle Belt 2. Max Mara 101801
3. LV Pochette Metis in Scarlet 3. Jeffrey Campbell Helter Boots 3. VCA Vintage Alhambra necklace 3.Max Mara Teddy
4. Chanel Trendy in Oxblood 4.Jimmy Choo Britney 115 Ankle Boots 4. Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet 4. Balmain Double Breasted Coat
5. Hermes Birkin B30 5. Gucci Chelsea Boots 5. Cartier Love ring 5. Dior Shearling Jacket
6. Gucci Green Velvet Small Marmont 6. Chloe Susannah Boots 6. Dior J'adior Choker 6. Acne Studios Merlyn Biker Jacket
7. Dior Tartan Lady Dior 7. Hunter Wellies 7. Chanel Coco Crush ring
8. Celine Dark Green Micro Luggage 8. Red Dr. Martens 8. Burberry scarf
9. Chanel 19 in Houndstooth 9. Acne Studios Cashmere scarf
10. Mulberry Bayswater
11. Celine Mini Belt in Taupe
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2020.09.12 11:51 Magnar0 CHERNOBYLITE Giveaway!

Hello everyone!
I am a fan of this game and following it since its early Steam days. Mainly because they are going Chernobyl themselves and 3D scanning real places to add into the game. When i see some details that i know they are real and still there, it gives me great pleasure that I can't explain with words.
Anyway, a while ago they had some community contest and I was the lucky winner to receive some physical goodies, which was the first time for me. Devs kindly give me a Steam code as well, so i am here you share it with you.
Here is the link if you don't know the game --> STEAM LINK
By the way, if you read reviews you can see the game has some performance issues here and there which is expected because it is an Early Access game, and devs still making Huge changes according to the feedback (honestly, it is one of the rare games that made some dramatic changes while i was playing). But when you follow them for a while, you will be able to see the passion and love of the devs for the game and you will know those performance issues won't reach the release. (It is already a lot better than before)
Aaaanyway, about the giveaway. I don't want to give this game to a bot (or hoarder) so instead of just "thanks" or a random number, i want you to tell me some interesting fact about the Chernobyl Disaster or relevant things (for example Stalker game or recent Chernobyl tv-series) or any other post-apocalyptic thing you like.
I will use RedditRaffler for the draw, so there is no need to include a number etc. The draw will be at September.
Good luck!
ps. After reading the post again to find any mistakes etc. i realized that it looks like a sponsored post. But believe me, it is not. I just love the game and devs.
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2020.09.10 19:14 Shalidar13 Puppies from Hell, Part 4: A Brief Respite

Continued from Here
I sat down, and typed my first question into Google. Nearest Vet to me. Looking at the selection, and going by reviews, I chose one about 15 minutes away by car. I clicked into their website, to confirm the number to call. As I did so, I felt the sofa shift, as something climbed up. I looked over to see the 3 of them clambering up.
For the first time since I saw them, they actually looked tired, each of them yawning wide. They made their way to me and flopped down, Cer and Ber on the bottom, and Rus on top. They all closed their eyes, and I watched them drift off to sleep, in a soft, furry pile. I quietly turned to my computer, and made sufe it was muted, so not to disturb them.
I changed my mind, and filled out the appointment request form, rather than calling. I hit submit, and watched the screen load into the thank you for contacting page. Hopefully they would get back soon, so I could book it in. I got up carefully, doing my best not to disturb the mass of sleeping puppies. Rus yawned, looking at me, before laying his head back down, returning to the land of nod.
I opened the bag, pulling out the dog beds. One of the toys fell out, a bone shaped toy, and hit the ground, letting out a small squeak. I winced, slowly turning my head to see the puppies. To my relief, they were still happily asleep. I slowly placed it back in the bag, holding it lightly to stop any more spinds escaping. I breathed a sigh of relief upon replacing it, and again once I had retrieved all 3 beds.
I looked them over, judging the best place to put them. From the size, I reckoned they would fit along the wall in my bedroom, so I would be close to them in case of emergency and so they knew where I was. I was determined not to let anything happen to them. I went to my room, and laid them out. It was a tight squeeze, but they all managed to fit.
I returned to my lounge, and stood there, staring at them. They looked so cute, lying there, fast asleep. I felt incredibly lucky to have them, even though I had only been with them for a day so far. I moved away, back to the kitchen, to see the mess they had made. Water was splattered everywhere, and their bowls were a bit more spread out then I had left them. I moved them to the side, and partially filled the water bowls, so they at least had something in there. I then spent a few minutes mopping up the spillage, and making sure nothing had been damaged by it. Luckily, it was mostly puddles on the floor, and some splash marks of the walls.
I made my way around my flat, moving anything I considered valuable out of their reach. My shoes went in a cupboard, my coat hung up high, paperwork filed and locked away, clothes put away and a certain shreddedloo roll replaced. I even emptied the bins, mindful of the stories I had heard and the videos seen of the messes made by boisterous dogs.
It was the tidiest I think my place had ever been. The only other thing I had left that I could think of to tidy was to whip around a hoover. But I decided that wouldnt be a smart idea, as I could imagine them breaking it after being disturbed by it. They had cost me enough already that I didnt really want to add another bill to it.
I returned to the lounge, just in time to watch Cer wake up. He looked around bleary-eyed, and seeing me, pulled his way out from under Rus. He walked over, and reared up, putting his paws on my leg. I reached down, and gave him some head rubs. He licked my hand in return, before dropping back down. He walked to the toy bag and sniffed at it, his tail starting to wag.
Ber awakened next, yawning and stretching. She padded over,and sniffed my ankles. I bent down, and gave her some head rubs as well, to keep things even. She playfully nipped at my hand, before following Cer's example and heading for the toy bag.
Rus finally woke last. He got up, and ran to me, trying to clamber up me. I picked him up, holding him close with one arm and rubbing his head with another. He snuggled into me, and i could feel his tail wagging hard.
It appeared my brief respite had come to an end.
(Authors Note: I am planning on adding a new part every week, either Thursday or Friday.)
Part 5
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2020.09.09 20:00 CollegeWithMattie Mattie's handwriting-analysis Shitpost Wednesday spectacular! (Vol 2)

Previously: On Shitpost Wednesday Spectacular
"I'll try to do two and take some handwriting posted in the comments here for next time. I watch my upvote counts, so smash that like button if you want more of this content. A 500 upvote shitpost spectacular gets a sequel a lot faster than a 72 upvote shitpost spectacular."
*Looks at upvote total*
If you would like me to analyze your handwriting for volume 3, please add it to the end of a real-ass comment. Preferably a comment that then can lead to some productive discussion. It can be college stuff, about me, or whatever else you want. This is as close to an AMA as I tend to do, so go nuts.
I will pick the next round of handwriting to do based on who...comments the best. I think you get what I'm trying to do.
But first:
Are you a teen digital photographer in the Bay Area applying to school right now? Specifically, a photographer who can take pictures of people in clothing? If so, please DM me.
1) u/CasusBellum
- This one's interesting. My first take was to see that it was small and the lines were evenly spaced and pin you down as some bookish perfectionist type.
But then I looked a bit closer and realized I couldn't read half the words you' de written. As far as I can tell, line seven reads as "Sneeds - pre-emptre - use fore on tomorrowland" And unless you were trying to combine memes from The Simpsons and 2000s as-seen-on-tv products, I don't think I got it.
- Your lines also aren't as neat as they first appear. You have nice, even upward angled notes in blue, but then see how you use a pencil line to extend the third note into another set of notes I couldn't read? My guess is you wanted to extend it straight to the right, but there was already a pencil note there, so you went "shit" and just dragged it downward.
- My official diagnosis is that you have "Doctor's handwriting." It's the writing I tend to see when someone knows a shitton about what they're writing about, but lack the forethought to express it neatly. Instead, it all tends to come out at once. Kind of like a shotgun instead of a rifle.
I recommend you either work on your legibility or make sure you're typing things out if you want people to read them. People are weirdly shy about being like, "hey, I can't read this," and it seems like your notes involve lots of big words and concepts I wouldn't understand even if I could read them. Your writing reminds me of my math teacher in 11th grade who spoke with a thick Russian accent. No one could understand him normally, so it was a nightmare then having to follow him explain Calculus.
- I feel like you're super into whatever you were taking notes on. Every single line accelerates upwards as you write it. That's an energy thing, and that, combined with the overall sloppiness, indicates that you want to get this content written down as fast and thoroughly as possible.
- You're probably introverted.
Conclusion: Keep doing you. You seem to be into it. But maybe look into a laptop.
I'm launching a lead magnet soon. Basically a free article that you can access if you sign up for my mailing list, which I am also having made. The title is "Mattie's guide to the 'why college' school supplemental." It's at least 8.5 fire emojis out of 10. Will update once it's up.
2) u/yuzucchan
- Now these are notes!
OK, let's break down all the hot note-taking tips we got firing here.
  2. Numbered bullet-point lists
  4. Indented sub-listings to clarify their value
  5. You just bust out a purple pen to flex on the haters
  6. For the few haters still alive, you make that purple pen IN CURSIVE. My keyboard is melting
  7. You actually use that actions box to list actions
- OK... OK. Now I know how Vince McMahon felt after falling out of his chair. I'm woozy.
I imagine you're pretty good at school and stuff. Or at least organized AF. Your writing is smallish, so I doubt you're a huge personality, but if you were, I feel like you might be the person who moans how he/she failed a test after taking it. Then you get a 96. Maybe you do internally.
- The lined paper makes this worse, but besides the incredible neatness and consistency, I'm taken back by how...nuetral? it is? Letters stick straight up, and lines evenly glide flat as well. One thing I do notice is that your letters are quite hard. The n in "info" on the line under "Bloomberg terminal" looks like a circus tent. You can also see it in the w in "what" a few words later. Even typically, soft letters like p and b have tight flattened circles attached.
Hard letters tend to correlate with a speed in which one judges other people, places, or things. It's not that those judgments are always negative, just that you make them quickly. This combined with your notes and I feel like you're in it to win it. The term I throw around a lot is "gunner," and it tends to mean someone who is going to get what they want in life, and it is up to everyone else to not get in the way of that fact. You'll find gunners everywhere if you enter medicine, law, business, college consulting, or any other profession where motivated yet neurotic people tend to gather.
Conclusion: Either I'm wrong, or I doubt you'll be bothered by what I said. I like gunners. Gunners get shit done. Keep getting shit done but also take some time to remember you're human and that there is value in having some fun. The highlighters will be there when you get back.
My head hurts and also Zoom is solid
The Bay Area is on fire again. Sucks, bro. I planned to write more here, but I want to get this out and also I have a horrible headache from the smoke. So you get like three sentences.
People talk a lot about luck in succeeding in business. I tend to downplay luck because I'm arrogant. In the moment, it feels like everything I've done this past year has been by design and the results have matched the effort level I placed in.
But there is one way I've gotten so lucky. Six months ago, the world stopped and everyone went home. Schools and companies, in a panic to stay relevant, moved everything to Zoom. What happened is millions of students and parents were forced onto the ecosystem. And most people found it was solid.
Then I show up. What's cool about my job is I sign a client and then have 25 weeks to learn everything I can about them. It makes it easy to sneak in some market research. The overarching theme I've found from my students is that it came down to me vs the local guy. Every community has a local guy. The usual way to build in this industry is to claim territory like a 90s gangster and daisy-chain student after student from the same one or two schools. Parents come to trust the local guy, so he keeps his spot on the throne.
But this year was different. That local guy was also on Zoom. His fancy office and ability to not be in Palo Alto didn't matter so much. I don't think it will matter that much in the following years, either. Students (and their paying parents) trust Zoom. And they trust the idea that it's ok to pay market rates for an all-digital service.
That's where I think the internet is headed. About ten years ago, everyone tried to make "the internet version" of every job. There was an internet lawyer, and internet therapist, and an internet college essay reviewer. Usually, these worked through a dumb app with little to no human interaction. Instead, you'd upload material into it, pay like $27, and then some guy you never met did the work. Almost always that guy was from a foreign country with a low minimum wage. And then the results were terrible.
I see a new, brighter future for online work. All it is is the exact same person-to-person service as you used to get, only over video. That's what I do and it totally works. This process then can cost less (or the same :D) as in-person work. Then the product is still good and everyone's happy.
Corona made this possible. It's callous to say, but that's why Zoom is worth $386 a share right now. People trust the infrastructure, and that's sticking around.
So that's my big bet going forward. The continued expansion of teleconferencing revolutionizing countless industries. The one I'm most interested in is online education. I predict that within 10 years, there will come an accredited, online-only institution that cracks the T100. It will be the first one to get it right. Currently, online education sucks. It's mostly reading texts and writing on a message board. Someone is going to figure out how to replicate actual college and make it at least 80% as good. They will then charge 20k a year instead of 75 because they can profit on scale. Then a lot of people are going to do it.
A lot.
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2020.09.04 20:04 pH_101 Quality of Life #3: Room editing, hotkeys and more

Quality of Life #3: Room editing, hotkeys and more
Hi all,
Over on the beta branch I have been working to make Overcrowd a little easier to use in some key areas. This update brings those nice quality of life (QoL) updates, as well as some commuter behaviour tweaks, balancing and a bunch of bug fixes, over to the stable branch. Let's take a closer look.
Room editing
Since Early Access launch 16 months ago, I have been working hard to address some of the quality of life requests you have made. This update brings in another big QoL update: room editing. When in a room build mode, you can now right click on room walls to delete the room cells.
Hot keys
Another popular QoL request has been hotkeys. You can now instantly access the build, sell and report menus using hotkeys. By default these are mapped to "ZXCVBNM" and "UIOP". Like any controls you can remap them to anything you want in the options.
Staff action labels
Another QoL update you have requested is staff action labels. This means when staff are doing something - like walking off to pick up a tool, or walking to do a job, they are clearly labelled so you know what they are doing.
A fair amount of balancing has taken place too. Rat breeding, commuter response to adverts, tool speed and success rates, lift capacity and lift speed have all been tweaked for a better experience. These aren't major changes, just small adjustments. Check the change log for full details.
Commuter vandal behaviour and breakdowns
Commuter vandals will now attack a variety of targets including ATMs, phoneboxes, air conditioners and vending machines. These targets can now be repaired like other objects.
Commuter queue behaviour has also been refined so as to be more realistic, placing nearby commuters at the front of the queue more effectively.
Thanks for your reviews!
Eight years ago, on a hot sweaty train on the Piccadilly line in London, I had the idea for Overcrowd. I didn't know then I would become so obsessed with the idea that I, a medical writer with no game dev experience and barely any coding skills, would later quit my job and devote my life to making it. And I didn't know I would meet my perfect partner who would help me achieve my dreams by training herself to draw it entirely on her own.
To say these years have had their ups and downs would be selling it short! But I'm super glad we took the plunge, and I know I'm very lucky to have had this opportunity.
I just wanted to thank those of you have helped us along the way. I'm especially thankful if you have left us a positive review on Steam. Like I mentioned in a prior update, we did take a big hit in scores after I was sold some poor translations, especially a bad Chinese translation, but these have since been replaced.
The steam review score is so important for a tiny dev like us to get traction in the Steam algorithm, and a single review can make all the difference because Steam collates the most recent ones. Last update I said I hoped to get the game to 90%. Well, thanks to your help we have actually moved up a point to 87%. Nearly there! If you like the game, do please consider leaving a review :)
Next stop - full release?
So, that all said I think that maybe, just maybe we are finally getting close to our final destination: version 1.0!
I'm really happy with where we are, and we've hit all the goals I had when entering early access 16 months back. I really hope you agree. Let me know in the steam forum, discord or reddit. And keep an eye out for more announcements soon!
Build 390:
-Update all language CSVs
-Cancel ad movement process is corrected
-fix crash the game if you deployed staff to inaccessible areas.
-further improve mouse over hitbox for clock and power icon placement
-Train tracks do not loss condition unless the train breaks down. Prevents XP harvesting.
-Correct clock detection box
-Correct detection of train when hovering over track repair manually
-do no create "no ornate clock" rep loss until available in final zone tech gate.
-fully prevent any menu interactions when still in a lift build
-show lvl 2 turnstiles in power report
-ATM will be repaired autonomously by staff
-hotkeys do not function mid build mode to prevent issues
-cannot save, autosave, cancel or enter menu when mid lift building to prevent hard crash saves
-Campaign max tech gate is correctly reverted to pre-map level if you fail or cancel a level, preventing a falsely high tech level if you then go to an earlier zone station, allowing to unlock and spend all bonds in a lower level station, blocking progression when you return to a higher tech station as you would not be able to unlock all the platforms to complete it.
-fixed typo causing crash on hovering on bookshop ad
-slight increase to check aesthetic time
-fix long standing (pun intended?) bug where commuters would never sit down after using a bench
-update cursor doing bad things when building in rooms,
-prevent track money extend exploit
-toggling hotkeys opens and closes reports
-toggling hotkeys correctly deselects anything you are hovering on
-Editing rooms does not affect other rooms aside from that being edited
-Correctly infer if deleting a cell in a room will result in a situation causing a solid in the room to be deleted and disallow it
-fix rare possible crash on load when a 4 cell shop saves in impossible position for unknown reasons
-fix sell to report toggles
-If can't afford ticket, commuters can leave up stairs
-incremental optimisation on save commuter process
-Do not show repair and break down on benches, lights, shops and machines that don't require it
-Add hotkeys for main ribbon menu! Press "ZXCVBNM," - for blue menu build buttons and "UIOP" for orange sell/reports. Quite nice actually. Like all controls you can remap them in Options.
-Vandals can now attack many more targets: crisps vending machine, drinks vending machine, ATM, phone booth, fan 1, fan 2, aircon 1
-can now repair all of the above, with AI or manually
-correct commuters being given free ticket if not ticket machine
-fixed issue where 5 most recent products (burgers etc) were not added as needs in top zone stations
-fixed issue where red staff need tool text would flash
-optimised commuter needs generation
-fixed grammar in hand sanitizer
-increase distance of fans 1 and 2
-reduce cost and bonds for fans
-increase lift capacity to 24 (from 16)
-lifts are a bit faster
-nerfed some tool specs
-Adverts of one type can be active for a commuter up to 5 times (rather than 1)
-But adverts pay out half (£5) vs usual
-Positive rep action for prestige objects restored to prior frequency checks.
-Negative rep for "no prestige" remains at lower frequency.
-Staff XP earning is now back to earlier test versions (+120% of 'standard' xp rate pre assist-tablet-nerf)
-Fix crash when building rooms, update single room cell purge
-cannot build plants in rooms anymore
-remove objects in impossible places post room edit
-fixed room edit further
-improved room editing cursor notifications
-check for immediate object access when editing rooms
-fix issue when editing rooms around a former door that was removed during room extension
-remove isolated single cell room orphans
-added ability to build 3x2 rooms
-QOL: implemented room editing system. Reduce room size by right clicking on room walls, when in specific build mode for that room, to sell cell by cell.
-pressing f12 to taking a steam screenshot now disables the HUD for the shot.
-QOL: implemented room editing system. Reduce room size by right clicking on room walls, when in specific build mode for that room, to sell cell by cell.
-pressing f12 to taking a steam screenshot now disables the HUD for the shot.
-Fix load commuter bug from 365
-Adjacent rooms of the same type but on different levels will not connect/form same room index. Prevent issue when you cannot sell rooms of same type next to each other on different floors if one is empty but the other is not.
-Cannot build multi-celled objects on staff flags, thereby causing them to freeze.
-Added staff action labels. By default, staff will be labelled with there current action so you know what they are up to.
-Added toggle staff action label to Options > Display so you can turn it off if you don't like that
-Slightly reduced rate of prestige rep checks
-Fix generating networks with no zone 5
-Corrected defib from behind sprite mismatch
-scaled prestige needs so not at start of level
-moderated shop needs moderator in favour of sooner
-scaled rat reproduction rate to difficulty
-scaled scenario length to difficulty, with chance longer scenarios in hard
-Add power stats to new shops
-Smooth scroll on reports
-No prestige penalty - only lose rep if no single instance of item exists.
-Middle justify side alert text.
-Correct lvl 1 air con text.
-Any given commuter can now only be affected by 1 ad type once. Spamming ads may be less effective now.
-removed "Seen ad before" alert as visible everywhere
-Bench nerf scaled by difficulty, scenario rates scaled by difficulty
-Marginal nerf to rat breed rate
-Nerf bench rep and journey complete rep on hard
-Added new assist text
-Need more prestige negative rep
-A commuter will not be affected by an ad if they already saw the same ad within 8 cells, creates seen ad before warning
-rename station button does not activate station behind
-improve queue removal for behaviour triggers to prevent queue time out frequency
-Commuters leave by any door (included entrance only) when can't afford ticket, opening the door (pun intended?) to better one-way set up options
-Update air con 1 to use power correctly
-Use true current distance to sort queue positions when joining a queue, should result in beter queue behaviour with closer people going to the from to queue correctly (commuter walk speed is not included in this calculation)
-remove from queue on fade out in more situations to limit queue timeout issues
-no rep loss if a commuter de-spawns due to lack of floor under foot
-Update clock sprite to hang higher up and not impact bridges
-Update ATM sprite on SW view so correct origin
-Prevent selling wall objects until concourse edit is complete if zoning over walls
-Updated substation icon to match other power generator theme
-Update side alert to be taller
-Add random commuter speed variation to increase mean speed and limit z fighting further
-fixed commuter punch process at double speed (was causing them to freeze at end of punch)
-Update map sprite to be same height as ads
-Update chicken and kiosk walls to match width of station walls for consistency.
-Minor correction on German CSV.
-Heat sim added to amenities
-Empty right click menu removed from amenity
-Update tool tip backgrounds for air con 1,2 and arcade machine
-added price tag to wheelie 3 tip
-Corrected possible issues with punch logic to prevent rare commuter rage freeze
-Wiring for signal relay and automater correctly charged on purchase
-Staff do not freeze if on way to revive cardiac arrest patient who dies en route.
-Changing difficulty on single station sandbox, the reputation will now start at correct level
-Lvl 1 light available at start
-Min width of train passenger GUI is increased
-Staff XP is scaled -10%
-Correct missing prices on Ads and vending
-Increase commerce report field title length
-New German translation!
-Fix bug where optional goals were not correctly recounted following first level compolete and then continuing to play on same station
-Fix sell price of ticket machine 1 on both cells
submitted by pH_101 to Overcrowd [link] [comments]

2020.09.04 04:35 CoinExcom RING & KTON Launched: Deposit to Share RING & KTON Worth 10,000 USDT

RING & KTON Launched: Deposit to Share RING & KTON Worth 10,000 USDT
Dear CoinEx users,
To provide you with more options in crypto trading, after rigorous reviews, CoinEx is planning to list RING, KTON and support their deposit on September 4, 2020 (UTC). And trading pairs RING/BTC, RING/USDT, RING/ETH, KTON/BTC, KTON/USDT, KTON/ETH will be available from the same day. For the celebration of RING and KTON launch, CoinEx will hold the following events.
About RING
Website Explorer
Darwinia Network is a decentralized heterogeneous cross-chain bridge protocol built on Substrate, focusing on decentralized cross-chain token swap, exchange, and market. Darwinia also serves as critical infrastructure for single-chain application upgrade to cross-chain version, including Defi, Game, DEX, NFT market, etc. Its vision is to build the future Internet of Tokens.
About KTON
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In essence, KTON is a derivative token of RING which encourages long-term commitment. RING staking participants can lock RING for 3–36 months and get KTON as rewards, compensating for the liquidity loss.
RING & KTON Services
  1. Deposit: 2:00 September 4 (UTC)
  2. Withdrawal: 2:00 September 16 (UTC)
  4. Opening method: Call Auctiona. Call Auction 8:00-8:50 September 4, 2020 (UTC) Orders can be placed and cancelled 8:50-9:00 September 4, 2020 (UTC) Orders can be placed but cannot be cancelled b. Trading 9:00 September 4, 2020 (UTC)
Event 1: Deposit to share RING & KTON worth 8,000 USDT Duration: 2:00 September 4 - 16:00 September 8, 2020 (UTC)Rules:
  1. During the event, CoinEx users with a deposit of every 100 RING can get 1 RING as a reward for each (max. 100 RING/ user). CoinEx will give away 25,000 RING in total on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. During the event, CoinEx users with a deposit of every 100 KTON can get 1 KTON as a reward for each (max. 0.05 KTON/ user). CoinEx will give away 12 KTON in total on a first-come-first-served basis.
Event 2: Trade to share RING & KTON worth 2,000 USDT
  1. Duration: 16:00 September 3 - 16:00 September 8, 2020 (UTC)
  2. Qualified participants: CET holders who conduct trading related to RING or KTON during the event will be regarded as qualified participants and have chance to join the lucky draw.
  3. Drawing time: 4:00 September 7, 2020 (UTC) & 4:00 September 8, 2020 (UTC)
  4. Rules: Rewards will be divided into two levels. Firstly, CoinEx will allocate RING worth 50 USDT and KTON worth 50 USDT to 10 winners each day. Secondly, RING worth 1,000 USDT and KTON worth 1,000 USDT will be given to 20 super winners.
How to draw winners and airdrop reward?(1) Take the hash value of last ETH block before 4:00 (UTC) on the draw day (including 4:00) as the winning sequence of that day.(2) Filter the letters from the end of the hash value, and take the last 20 digits to get the winning sequence of that day.(3) During the event, the user’s net buying volume of RING or KTON will be converted into USDT for ranking.(4) Match the transaction ranking with the winning sequence. Take a single non-zero number in the first three digits as the winning number (if the selected number is 0, then skip to the next one digit), and the subsequent seven two-digit numbers are taken as the winning number. Participants who matched the ranking will be winners and get relevant reward through airdrop.(5) For example:a. Assume that the hash value of the last specified block before 4:00:00, September 7, 2020 (UTC)is:0x95519f40a75c3f46d0426d5db908458b3d056b929d02b536c1c6d431ec94f093b. Filter the letters from the end of the value to get a string of numbers:09551940753f46042659084583056929025361643194093c. Keep the last 20 digits to get the winning sequence of the day: 56929025361643194093The winning numbers are: 5, 6, 9, 29, 02, 53, 61, 64, 31, 94, then user whose ranking is 5, 6, 9, 29, 02, 53, 61, 64, 31, 94 will be selected as winners and get RING worth 50 USDT and KTON worth 50USDT per person through airdrop.
  1. Net Deposit= Deposit - Withdrawal; Net Buying= Buying - Selling - Withdrawal. During the event, any operation related to Red Packet feature will be deemed as withdrawal.
  2. During the event, should any cheating behavior be found, the user will be disqualified.
  3. Market making account is not included in this event.
  4. The sub-account is not allowed to participate as an independent account, and the deposit amount of sub-account and leveraged account is also calculated into the main account.
  5. Inter-user transfer is not included in the deposit amount.
  6. Withdrawal will be suspended during the event and resumed after its end.
  7. Reward distribution: Event rewards will be issued within 2 weeks after the event.
  8. CoinEx reserves the right of final interpretation of these events.
CoinEx TeamSeptember 3, 2020
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2020.09.04 03:47 bsteavy [OFFER] Get $10, 5 from CashApp and 5 from me when signing up for CASHAPP using my referral code

[OFFER] Get $10, 5 from CashApp and 5 from me when signing up for CASHAPP using my referral code
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please review the instructions and information below before bidding
Instructions 1. Type $bid in the comments below 2. Message me for the link. You can message me by clicking my Reddit username and choosing Start Chat to send me a direct message. 3. Download the app and open it. 4. Sign up with accurate information. 5. Link your debit card to Cash App. you can use your bank account instead but you will have to wait 3 to 5 business for a withdrawal to complete 6. Put in the referral code if it's not automatically applied when you use the link. 7. Send $5 to anyone you want. You can load $5 to Cash App with the debit card you linked or I can assist you if necessary. 8. Please confirm paid status, after receiving your $10 by commenting $confirm below where I comment $paid. Thanks i’m doing this to pay for my hotel and my gfs diabetic supplies i got very lucky getting the $15 refferal code if you need it my cashapp is $hbrozooki Thanks guys
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2020.09.03 19:21 Sikerr Test Results (Partial Thanks to PrepScholar): 170V/166Q/5.0AW

Prep Work: Native speaker, been out of school for a year. I'd done well on standardized tests in high school (35 ACT) which made me overconfident with pushing off studying. It ended up taking me a while to clean out all the mental cobwebs when I first began studying. I began prep in late June, but this was very sporadic (like 4 hours per week) until late July (increased to ~10 hours per week) and then some vocab cram work in the 5 days leading up to my exam (~15 hours). I wasn't sure of an exact score goal for MS/PhD apps in my field (Earth Science). I somewhat arbitrarily chose 165/165/4.0 as my I-definitely-won't-retake cutoff. Took the exam August 22nd.
Resources used:
Exam Day: Went over my ~130 word Quizlet on the ride to the test center. Test center was about an hour away. I wasn't aware of the exact testing format; turns out you can start a little earlier than your scheduled time and don't have to wait for other test takers. They enforced social distancing and gave us noise-cancelling headphones, which was a pleasant surprise. The Issue topic happened to be one I had brainstormed. I had VQVQV. I had about 10 minutes leftover in each of the V sections. The latter two V sections were pretty comparable in difficulty. I found the second Q section to be more challenging than what I had experienced in PP1 and 2. I was pressed for time and had to guess on at least two questions, which I definitely didn't experience in PP1 (taken a week before my real exam).
My unofficial scores were the same as my official scores. Interesting note: my girlfriend and I took the test at the same location in the same time slot, but her official scores took 8 days while mine took 11.
What I would have done differently:
Hope this helps someone, particularly the breakdown of PrepScholar's plan which I noticed doesn't really have any reviews here.
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2020.09.03 02:12 bsteavy [OFFER] Get $10, 5 from CashApp and 5 from me when signing up for CASHAPP using my referral code

[Offer] $10 in 10 minutes, $5 from Cash App and $5 from m

Sign up for Cashapp and get $10 in 10 minutes.

All you need to do is sign up, link your debit card (no prepaid/gift/business cards), and send $5 to whoever you want. It only takes10 minutes and Cash App will send you the bonus immediately and I will send you $5. You can then withdraw the $10 immediately to the debit card you linked, for $.25.
Usually the sign up bonus is $5, but for a few people they've upped my signup bonus to $15. Please bid below and message me for the link.
please review the instructions and information below before bidding
Instructions 1. Type $bid in the comments below 2. Message me for the link. You can message me by clicking my Reddit username and choosing Start Chat to send me a direct message. 3. Download the app and open it. 4. Sign up with accurate information. 5. Link your debit card to Cash App. you can use your bank account instead but you will have to wait 3 to 5 business for a withdrawal to complete 6. Put in the referral code if it's not automatically applied when you use the link. 7. Send $5 to anyone you want. You can load $5 to Cash App with the debit card you linked or I can assist you if necessary. 8. Please confirm paid status, after receiving your $10 by commenting $confirm below where I comment $paid. Thanks i’m doing this to pay for my hotel and my gfs diabetic supplies i got very lucky getting the $15 refferal code if you need it my cashapp is $hbrozooki Thanks guys
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2020.09.01 12:32 mapacible Sales Info 1 Week after Ruinarch's Steam Early Access Launch

Sales Info 1 Week after Ruinarch's Steam Early Access Launch
I shared this a few weeks ago prior to launching our game Ruinarch and promised to come back with the results about a week after. And that's today!
By launch, we breached 30k Wishlists. We got thousands per day on the last few days preceding launch likely from being visible in the front page's Popular Upcoming. The main thing we learned from the last few weeks prior to launch is that Streamers and Youtubers can do wonders for your game's visibility, and it can continue to just snowball from one initial good push.
For a few hours on our first day, we got into Steam's Top Sellers frontpage! That was a huge accomplishment even though we subsequently left the spot quite quickly. As far as I know, no major gaming news reported about us save for an article from Rock Paper Shotgun a few days later. I suspect this has something to do with our game having such a dark theme. I think we would have gotten a more sustained result if there were some significant off-Steam activity.
Our Steam reviews are overall quite positive:
Here's our Wishlists conversion so far:
And this is our first week sales graph:
Our total sales as a ratio of our pre-launch wishlists is 0.44x. That went much better than we anticipated as we were expecting around 0.2 - 0.3x because it's Early Access. For a small indie team of 3 from the Philippines, this is a very good launch that most likely ensures we can proceed with development until our 1.0 release around 1 to 2 years from now.
We seem to have a relatively high refund rate at 11.1%. I'd love to get some data from other Early Access releases to compare. I'm hoping for this to go down a little soon once we are done with the Save System, fixed some major bugs and introduced some initial QoL improvements but I suspect significant gains here would only happen after several months of updates.
Now we'll just have to keep on improving the game at a steady pace to keep player's trust. I hope to keep laying the groundwork for an even better 1.0 launch.
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2020.09.01 04:04 blazingkrystal 200831 State of r/EXO: Census Summary, Changes to the Sub, Feedback & Helpful Reminders

Hello all you BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!
So many things have happened this year. Granted, not all of it has been good, but we all look for happiness where we can find it! For me personally, this sub is one of those places and we hope it's that for you all as well. In an effort to ensure that everyone loves coming here for all their EXO needs, we have some changes and updates that we want to go over with all of you based on the feedback we've been given!
BIG, HUUUUUUGE SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE MODS of EXO who helped me create and edit this post for all of our beautiful subbies!!!! You guys are amazing and I am happy to be a part of this team!!!

Important Changes

Over the past few months the subreddit has had a larger number of subbies than normal posting & asking about Voting for EXO on particular apps, music shows, award shows etc. Because of this, we asked you in the census how you wanted us to handle posts about voting for EXO on our subreddit in the future. Due to the results being evenly split 50/50, we would like to ask you all to take 1 minute of your time to fill out a small anonymous survey to help us better understand what the community would like to do.
The mods have discussed and decided that if the majority of the community would like voting posts to be allowed outside of a master thread and under its own flair, each post must include clear instructions (and even some photos if you can!) on how to vote for the award you are posting about or we will be removing it. For example, posting only the words "VOTE FOR EXO ON CHOEAEDOL APP" with no links or instructions on how to go actually vote for EXO on Choeadol App will be removed.
Please note, the mods will not be participating in posting about voting information as of right now. This content is something we cannot currently undertake, but if we do see a large interest in this area over time on our subreddit from the effort made by our sub members we will consider adding on a new moderator role to overlook all voting content.
In the past year there has been a huge increase in twitter accounts being suspended for copyright issues or people going on private. Because of this, we would like to start utilizing some of the wonderful new tools that reddit has given us such as being able to post multiple photos directly to the subreddit. Going forward the mods will be making a much bigger effort to ensure that most photos (and videos from social media accounts only ie. Instagram Posts / Weibo Posts) are directly posted to the subreddit with a pinned comment linking to the Original Post. We will not be making this a mandatory rule, so if you are more comfortable sharing the original link or a link to fanbase post that is totally ok - just make sure the user has an open account so it is viewable by everyone.

Community Engagement

We have continued to see a number of comments & votes from people stating they wished the sub was more interactive. Let me start off by saying, we LOVE discussions and we love getting to interact with all of you. If you are hoping for some changes in your community experience on EXO, we suggest participating in some (or all!) of the following:
The mods try our best to post at a minimum 1 discussion a week in addition to our weekly themed games. We actively encourage all of you to post your own discussions as well, but we totally understand that they can be a bit scary to post. Our community is extremely nice and is always willing to chat about their fave EXO anything! If you are unsure on what you could possibly post a discussion about, here are some ideas & guidelines:
Make your title an open-ended question or invite people to discuss a topic. Some examples are:
If you are still super shy & nervous about posting, consider dropping a few ideas off on our Discussion Idea Submission Form. HOWEVER, DON'T BE SHY!!! We L-O-V-E to see discussions from all our subbies, even if the topic has been discussed a million times. I promise you that I am always willing to talk about ANYTHING EXO!
Last year we introduced our Monthly Introduction Thread and we think its been a huge success so far! This thread is generally pinned to the top of our subreddit and is designed for our new and old subbies to get to know each other. We try to think of new questions that you can answer every month, so even if you have introduced yourself before I am sure there are definitely some new questions that you can stop by and answer.
We also highly encourage those who are regulars on this subreddit to visit the introduction thread a few times throughout the month to meet and interact with any newcomers we have had join who are brave enough to post a comment~ We all know how it felt the first few times we started commenting - it's nerve-wracking, so definitely show your support to our new EXO-L.
Looking to chat about things outside of EXO? Maybe share some new music from another group or a story about what you did on the weekend? Our Casual Conversation thread is posted & pinned to the top of the thread every single week and is designed for exactly that. This is the place for you to talk about A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G your heart desires (that is SFW and not offensive of course).
The added bonus of this thread is that if you are mainly a lurker who doesn't visit the sub everyday to check up on EXO news - the wonderful u/dino_chen puts a weekly highlight section of any major news happening with EXO members in this thread. So this is a great place to catch up & chat about any missed news.
We asked if you all would like us to create a chatroom using reddit's new chatroom feature and surprisingly the majority of you said no to this idea! For those who were interested - While we will not be implementing this feature here on the subreddit, we invite you to check out our affiliated discord channel where you will be able to chat with EXO-Ls around the world. It is a super fun space that is very welcoming and celebrates OT12!

Friendly Reminders

We understand there are some of you that do not wish to see SuperM content, but please be respectful as the majority of our subreddit would like to continue to support Baekhyun & Kai's activities in SuperM. We have done possibly all we can by only allowing posts with Baekhyun & Kai to be posted, as well as giving them their own flair so that sub members who wish to ignore the posts can. Please remember this was a community decision and we plan to keep allowing these posts. We ask that if you are a sub member who doesn't like the content to simply ignore the posts rather than reporting them if they are technically not breaking the rules.
The mods have a tiny feeling that some of you may think that you are not allowed to post EXO news / updates as the mods generally handle the majority of them. Please note, this is false!! We would absolutely be over the moon happy to have more sub members contributing to posting updates as a lot of the mods who handle posting updates are very busy & get to things pretty late.
If you have ANY questions at all about posting, please message any of the mods individually or send a message to our group inbox - we would be THRILLED to help teach you how to do things or go over any sort of questions you may have. We don't bite! ❤(っ^▿^)❤ We also have this super handy title & flair guideline chart that you can use as a reference :)
A friendly reminder that we do not allow self-promotion on this subreddit where the sub members have to leave the subreddit to view your work. This applies to but is not limited to: Art, Reaction Videos, Articles, Reviews, Covers, Theory Videos, etc.
If you would like to post your own art, please post it as a photo or video directly to the subbreddit and feel free to comment with links to the platform of your choice. If you would like to post any of the other items, please feel free to share it as a comment in our Casual Convo thread pinned to the top of our subreddit weekly.
Please note, we do allow the things listed above to be shared on our subreddit as their own post that links out, but we require them to be shared by other subscribers rather than yourself. We put this rule in place to help us promote our actual sub members to share their work with each other, rather than allowing people who do not subscribe to our community but like to go around and post their work to as many subreddits as possible just for the views.
We are so happy to see so many people using our 'FANMADE' flair to share your (or others~!) work with our community. Over the past year we have been extremely lenient for title guideline enforcement for this particular flair and instead of removing any posts with the wrong title format we have just been commenting multiple friendly reminders for sub members each time they post. Unfortunately, as much as we really want those reminders to work, they haven't been totally effective.
Out of respect for those who do follow our guidelines & rules and to help with our self promotion rules, going forward the mods will be keeping better track of titles & posts under this flair. Each sub member will receive 1 friendly reminder with clarification about how to title their work on the subreddit and after that all posts that do not follow the guidelines will be removed & asked to repost. Please note that if you promote your social media in your title, your post will automatically be removed under our self promotion rule and no friendly reminder will be given.
Here is a quick reminder of our 'FANMADE' flair title guidelines:
Title Format: Name of Art/Video by Artist Username
Good Examples:
  1. D.O. Monster Fan Art by ItalianSoda
  2. My first time drawing Lay by 99101004
  3. flowerboi kai by taemintbonbon
  4. EXO Ko Ko Bop vs. Red Velvet Bad Boy Mashup by 김동우
Bad Examples:
  1. I'm new here & this is my first post *WAVES HELLO!!!* Please enjoy my Chanyeol fanart and follow me on ig @/username for more of my fanart!!!!!!!!! *^o^*
  2. This is bad, I'm sorry; follow me on ig @/username if you want
  3. hhhhhhh, I made this today
After a lot of discussion between the mods (and feedback from you of course!) we have decided to begin allowing more low-impact humor videos onto the subreddit. Originally we wanted to give this category its own flair, but ultimately we have decided that these will also live under the 'FANMADE' flair as we do not want to limit what people can upload by dividing up this flair into specific categories. In the future if we see a huge increase in posts like this, we can revisit the idea of creating its own flair~
Please make sure that if you are uploading Fake Sub videos that they follow all of our basic rules such as: No NSFW Content and No Hate Speech / Hate towards other members, groups or fandoms. It must also be uploaded directly to the subreddit in the main post - if you would like to link to your youtube (or other platforms), please do so in the comments.
We understand that there is a good percentage of you who are looking for some more fun on EXO outside of posting links to content such as memes & other miscellaneous fan made humor content in the comments of our weekly casual conversation. While we may not be making any changes in this department anytime soon in order to keep a good balance in your feeds, a few members from EXO have decided to open up a subreddit dedicated strictly to EXO Humor Content. We definitely encourage people to join their community over at EXOmemes~ With that being said, please note that the mods from EXO are not affiliated with EXOmemes.
EXO Census Summary
So - Now the fun bits!!! This year we had 176 of you respond to the Census. Thank you so much for taking the time to participate, we know its a huge ask! The responses were sooooo much fun to see. There is quite a bit of variety in here and while I was super surprised by some of the responses, it was nice to see that I am not alone in some of my favorites! Did your favorites land in the majority or the minority? Are there some responses that came out wildly different than you thought they would? Let's talk about it! I want to hear what you think of the results below in the comments!!!
If you would like to see all the sparkly graphs and neato charts, you can view all the results in depth here!!!


Age 18-24 (43.8%) 25-35 (37.5%)
Gender Female (85.2%) Male (10.8%)
Employment Status Employed (44.9%) Student - Unemployed (34.1%)
Country United States (47.2%) Canada (10.2%)
Relationship Status Single (68.2%) In a Relationship (15.9%)
How do you obtain kpop music? Streaming (93.8%) Physical Albums (51.7%)
How were you first exposed to kpop? Friend/Family/Significant Other (37.5%) Browsing YouTube/Reaction Videos (25.6%)
How long have you been listening to kpop? Over 10 Years (20.5%) 3-4 Years (12.5%)
Do you know/are you learning Korean? I know a little Korean (53.4%) I do not know any Korean (35.2%)

EXO Subreddit

How did you discover EXO ? Reddit search (61.4%) Through kpop (11.4%)
How often do you browse EXO ? Once a day (28.4%) A few times a week (27.3%)
How long have you been a member of our Subreddit? 0-5 Months (41.5%) 6 Months - 1 Year (26.1%)
What are you looking for on EXO ? Both Updates and Interactions with other EXO fans (60.8%) Exo Updates (36.9%)
How active are you on EXO ? Lurk (67.6%) Only post comments (22.2%)
Have you ever donated to one of our EXO Charity projects? No, I didn't know they existed (41.5%) No, But I wish I could (39.2%)
Do you use new or old reddit? New Reddit (76.7%) Old Reddit with sub styling on (17.6%)
Do you use our Video Master List? No, I didn't know it existed (42%) Yes, Sometimes (33.5%)

EXO Discovery

Which era did you discover EXO? Pre-debut/Teaser Era (17%) Exodus - Call Me Baby (10.8%)
Which era did you start to like EXO? Obsession (14.2%) EX’ACT - Lucky One/Monster (10.8%)
Did you know about kpop before EXO? Yes (90.9%) No (9.1%)
Do you follow other kpop artists? Yes (88.6%) No (11.4%)
Besides group comebacks, do you keep up with the rest of EXO’s activities? Yes (61.9%) Depends on the variety/drama/interview, etc. (23.3%)

EXO Members

Who is your main bias in EXO currently? Baekhyun (22.2%) D.O. (14.8%)
Did you keep your original bias from when you discovered the group? Yes, I am loyal! (51.7%) I may have changed..... shhhh.. (48.3%)
If your bias has changed, Who was your original bias? Chanyeol (16.5%) TIE: D.O./Sehun (Both 13.2%)
Who is your current bias wrecker? Baekhyun (26.1%) Chanyeol (18.8%)
Who is your CBX Bias? Baekhyun (64.4%) Chen (18.1%)
Who is your SC Bias? Chanyeol (56.6%) Sehun (43.4%)
Who is your favorite main vocalist? D.O. (40.9%) Baekhyun (31.3%)
Who is your favorite non-main vocalist? Chanyeol (47.7%) Xiumin (16.5%)
Who is your favorite main rapper? Chanyeol (79%) Sehun (21%)
Who is your favorite non-main rapper? Kai (35.2%) Xiumin (19.9%)
Who is your favorite main dancer? Kai (58.5%) Lay (24.4%)
Who is your favorite non-main dancer? Baekhyun (45.5%) Xiumin (31.8%)
Who is your favorite EXO solo artist? Baekhyun (61.1%) Lay (15.4%)
Who is your favorite actor? D.O. (83.5%) Sehun (5.5%)

EXO's Music

Which album do you like the most? Don't Mess Up My Tempo (15.3%) The War (14.8%)
What is your favorite music video? Monster (15.9%) Obsession (11.4%)
Which EXO winter album do you like the most? Universe (41.5%) Miracles In December (21%)
What is your favorite Winter title / promotional track? Unfair (31.3%) Universe (19.9%)
What is your favorite group title/promotional track? Tempo (16.5%) Monster (15.3%)
Do you listen to EXO-CBX's music as well? Yes (90.9%) No (9.1%)
Which CBX album do you like the most? Blooming Days (66.3%) Hey Mama (28.1%)
Which of CBX's title songs do you like the most? Blooming Day (63.1%) Hey Mama (23.1%)
What is your favorite CBX Music Video? Blooming Day (41.3%) The One (23.8%)
Do you listen to EXO-SC's music as well? Yes (82.4%) No (17.6%)
Which SC album do you like the most? 1 Billion Views (69.7%) What A Life (30.3%)
Which of SC's title songs do you like the most? 1 Billion Views (71%) What A Life (29%)
What is your favorite SC Music Video? 1 Billion Views (30.3%) Telephone (25.5%)
What is your favorite EXO Solo Member Album? Baekhyun - Delight (35.6%) Baekhyun - City Lights (31.5%)
What is your favorite EXO OST? Chanyeol - Stay With Me (22%) Chen - Cherry Blossom Love Song (9.4%)
What is your favorite collab? Baekhyun X Suzy - Dream (11.9%) Baekhyun x Loco - Young
What is your favorite EXO/Solo Station Release? D.O. - That's Okay (27.3%) EXO x Yoo Jaesuk - Dancing King (15.4%)

EXO, CBX, & SC: Favorite & Least Favorite B-Sides

'MAMA' What Is Love (37.3%) Two Moons (48.1%)
'XOXO' Baby Don't Cry (18.2%) Let Out The Beast (31%)
'Miracles In December' My Turn To Cry (35.5%) The Star (26.5%)
'Overdose' Thunder (49.3%) Love, Love, Love (38.7%)
'EXODUS' El Dorado (27.4%) Lady Luck (14.3%)
'Sing For You' Unfair (51.8%) Girl x Friend (40.3%)
'Ex'Act' Artificial (22.8%) Can't Bring Me Down (25.4%)
'For Life' Twenty Four (34.1%) What I Want For Christmas (48.3%)
'The War' The Eve (28.1%) Walk On Memories (23.9%)
'Universe' Been Through (54.3%) Good Night (54.7%)
'Countdown' Cosmic Railway (26.2%) Tactix (21%)
'Don't Mess Up My Tempo' Gravity (26.7%) Smile On My Face (21.5%)
'Obsession' Ya Ya Ya (21.7%) Day After Day (33.3%)
CBX - 'Hey Mama' The One 941%) Cherish (31.5%)
CBX - 'GIRLS' Girl Problems (37%) Tornado Spiral (38.8%)
CBX - 'Blooming Days' Vroom Vroom (33.9%) Vroom Vroom (24.4%)
CBX - 'Magic' Gentleman (17.8%) Off The Wall (24.4%)
SC - 'What A Life' Just Us 2 (40.4%) Roller Coaster (27.5%)
SC - '1 Billion Views' Telephone (33.9%) Fly Away, Telephone, Rodeo Station, Say It, On Me (5-WAY TIE ALL AT 16.3%)

EXO: Battle of the Title Tracks

'XOXO" Growl (90%) Wolf (10%)
'EXODUS' Call Me Baby (60%) Love Me Right (40%)
'Ex'Act' Monster (59.5%) LOTTO (Louder) (12.8%)
'The War' Ko Ko Bop (63.1%) Power (36.9%)
'Don't Mess Up My Tempo' Tempo (73.3%) Love Shot (26.7%)

What language do you prefer to listen to ________ album in?

ALBUM Korean Chinese Doesn't Matter
What language do you generally prefer to listen to EXOs music in? 64.2% 1.7% Depends on song/album (18.2%)
'MAMA' 66.2% 7.6% 26.2%
'XOXO' 71.3% 6.3% 22.4%
'Miracles In December' 73.5% 2.9% 23.5%
'Overdose' 68.1% 5.1% 26.8%
'EXODUS' 73.1% 5.5% 21.4%
'Sing For You' 80.1% 0.7% 19.1%
'Ex'Act' 77.9% 2.1% 20%
'For Life' 76.4% 2.4% 21.3%
'The War' 81.1% 2.8% 16.1%

EXO Member's Film & Drama's

What is your favorite EXO TV Drama/Web Series? D.O. - Hundred Days My Husband/My Prince (22.6%) EXO - EXO Next Door (20%)
What is your favorite EXO Movie? D.O. - Swing Kids (37.4%) D.O. - (23.2%)
What is your favorite EXO/Solo Member Reality Series? EXO - Travel The World On EXO's Ladder Taiwan Chapter (42.1%) EXO - Showtime (22.6%)

EXO Concert/Live Performance Questions

Have you seen EXO live? No (76.7%) Yes, Once (16.7%)
If yes, what event did you attend? SuperM Concert (50%) The EXO'luXion & The EXO'rDIUM (TIE 33.3%)
What is your favorite EXO Concert series? The EXO'rDIUM (44%) The ElyXion (29.4%)
What is your favorite The Lost Planet stage? Tell Me What Love Is (D.O. Solo Stage) (25.3%) Growl (14.7%)
What is your favorite The EXO’luXion Stage? El Dorado (41.4%) Baby, Don't Cry- Featuring SeKai Water Dance (20.2%)
What is your favorite The EXO’rDIUM Stage? Acoustic Melody (My Lady, My Turn to Cry, Moonlight, Monodrama, Call Me Baby, Love Love Love, Lady Luck) (33.3%) Artificial Love feat. LayKai Blindfold Dance (24.5%)
What is your favorite The ElyXion Stage? For Life - D.O Solo ft. Chanyeol (English Ver) (35.7%) The Eve (26.5%)
What is your favorite EXO-CBX Magical Circus Tour Stage? Paper Cuts (Only in Special Edition Concert) (35%) Blooming Day (30%)
What is your favorite The EXplOration Stage? Gravity (24%) Tempo (18.8%)

Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH to everyone who took the survey and to those who took the time to read through all of this! Thank you to everyone who has participated in discussions and helped us shape this subreddit into what it is today. I can't wait to see what EXCITING things happen over the next year!
Let us know in the comments what you thought of the results!!! Let's get some discussions going!
Stay safe out there and show each other love & kindness! ❤The EXO Mods ❤
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2020.08.30 03:21 socialjeebus r/fuckepic for Dummies - 2020 Edition

Table of Contents
First things first, a big thanks goes to u/HappySphynx for their excellent original, however, so much water has passed under the bridge since the original fuckepic for dummies that the mods felt it was time for a refresh. I will be leaning heavily on their original to the extent that this should really just be seen as a refresh.
For posterity, the original post can be seen here:
Second, this list is by no means exhaustive and it also will be updated periodically.
Third, I’ll try to be as succinct as possible – so if something isn’t clearly explained in the post feel free to reach out for clarification if the supporting link isn’t clear enough.
u/missing_string compiled the following list, which is fairly up-to-date and a good starting point:
Another good, and frequently updated list, can be found here:
Lastly, for the introduction anyway, this is a post about Epic Games, it’s not about any other company except where it directly pertains to Epic Games. Just because people here criticise the conduct of Epic Games doesn’t mean they’re absolving any other company of similarly bad conduct.
And now with those necessities out of the way, why FUCKEPIC?
1. Mistreating its employees:
Epic is gOoD for devs, right? Well, the thing is that Epic isn't even good for its own devs.
“In a dozen interviews conducted by Polygon over a period of several months, current and former employees say they regularly worked in excess of 70-hour weeks, with some reporting 100-hour weeks. Contract staff in Epic’s quality assurance and customer service departments spoke of a stressful and hostile working environment in which working overtime — while officially voluntary — was an expected service to the company.”
Props to Terg500 for the link.
2. Exploiting Children:
Of course, we all know by now about the variety of suits against Fortnite the game. But more sinister, imo, has been the gaslighting of children for Epic’s #freefortnite PR campaign against Apple.
53% of Fortnite players are aged between 10-25.
3. Fortnite:
Epic’s rise to prominence coincided with the success of their derivative microtransaction laden Fortnite:
4. How Epic operates:
Epic Games is so poorly run that it struggles to pay its own prize winners on-time:
5. The Epic Store & Launcher:
The store has become a running joke, particularly the lack of a shopping cart. And when the EGS launched, clearly the criticisms of how featureless the store and launcher were that Epic Games created a trello for their development roadmap. Within months, however, it became clear that adding timeframes for features to be developed and consistently missing them wasn’t a great idea (who’d have thunk it, right?) so Epic probably dropped ALL the timeframes – though, luckily for fuckepic, we can still see the original timeframes.
Also of note, is that of the features listed as being shipped, some clearly weren’t working as intended. Take pre-loading, for example – which became an issue when Epic snagged its biggest exclusive to date, Borderlands 3.
According to Epic, pre-loading was released in May 2019. However, 4 months later, Tim Sweeney himself was thanking Randy Pitchford’s Gearbox for their extraordinary development push to enable this:
Subsequent big releases, like Death Stranding, have not supported pre-loading on Epic (but it did on Steam), but perhaps the demand was so low on the EGS that Kojima Productions didn’t think it was worth the effort.
And as for the shopping cart, well I’ll just leave this here:
The problem that I, personally, have with the Epic’s store and launcher is that it almost guarantees a demonstrably worse product in comparison to other platforms.
Mod support has just been released, however, the feature is only in beta and so far, afaik, only MechWarrior 5 actually has mods:
A really good summary on the progress, or lack thereof, of the launcher can be found here:
Credit to u/AokiMarikoGensho for such a comprehensive list.
6. Third-party Exclusives
Okay, this probably should have come higher up the list given that it has been given arguably the most attention – but I’m just following the original.
Epic’s money-hatting has been discussed at length both here and elsewhere. You will hear shills, some even on this subreddit, arguing that exclusives are good for competition, etc – though admittedly you’ll rarely see them be able to explain why. u/HappySphynx linked to a post with a good explanation of why it’s bad for consumers, so I’ll leave it here.
The ex-exclusive issue is one which is coming to the forefront right now as many of the bigger exclusives from last year see their time in self-inflicted purgatory coming to an end.
Control, one of the higher-profile exclusives, has just launched on Steam with a timed-exclusive Ultimate Edition at a 20% discount making is much cheaper than the basic game on the Epic Store. The Ultimate Edition is scheduled to launch on other platforms, including Epic, in mid-September – price as yet unannounced.
Also, the store itself screams of its complete disinterest in customers. No customer reviews – in fact, there is no customer interaction at all. And not only that but a cursory glance at many of the store pages demonstrates the near-complete lack of interest the developers and publishers themselves have in the store, with very basic information such as whether a game is single-player or multiplayer missing. Take a look at the store pages for Anno 1800 (an Epic exclusive that was also sold on Steam prior to its release and Epic snatching it away):
u/Senatedude14 produced the following updated breakdown of Epic's exclusives:
7. ePiC gAmEs iS gOoD fOr DeVs
If you’re a caring, sharing type, with bizarre priorities and a warped sense of the world around you, your heart might bleed for game developers and them alone.
This indeed has been an oft-cited argument that Epic’s money-hat and bigger cut of a smaller pie is good for devs because it means more money for them, except when it demonstrably doesn’t:
This despite it selling really well on Epic:
So even Epic’s biggest exclusive to date didn’t lead to more money for devs. And it gets worse if what you want is to sell your creation as you wish, as Tim Sweeney himself argues you should be able to:
“it’s up to the creator of a thing to decide whether and how to sell their creation.”
Except that a dev definitely can’t do that on the Epic Store, as Darq’s developer found out when he told Epic he wanted to launch on Epic & Steam simultaneously:
Then we come to the Fall Guys issue, an issue I just invented but a valid one nonetheless. Fall Guys has just passed the 7 million sales on Steam mark.
In less than 4 weeks on Steam, Fall Guys sold more than the top 7 games on the Epic Store sold in 2019 combined.
This is also ignoring the vast difference in the options for devs to sell Steam keys for their games when compared to Epic keys.
A recent example of devs vs publishers is the case of Frogwares vs Nacon/Big Ben regarding the former Epic-exclusive The Sinking City:
8. Epic Security (lol)
There has been a slew of high-profile Epic fails when it comes to Epic Games and security.
9. Undermining Crowdfunding, Epically
This is, of course, a continuation of the Exclusives part but Epic’s shitty behaviour has undermined the confidence in crowdfunding by snatching games, which had advertised Steam releases as part of their crowdfunding campaigns.
10. Linux
Tim Sweeney on Linux:
“Installing Linux is sort of the equivalent of moving to Canada when one doesn’t like US political trends. Nope, we’ve got to fight for the freedoms we have today, where we have them today.”
There is still no official support for Linux on Epic.
11. Tencent:
Epic is 40% owned by Tencent, a company hip-deep in oppressing minorities in China. Of course, we don’t know/have the inside scoop on how Tencent asserts itself in its relationship with Epic as its biggest external stakeholder, but the investment itself is concerning.
12. Epic & Lawsuits:
Whether it’s 14-year-old kids making Youtube videos or trillion-dollar companies trying to protect themselves from Epic’s rule-breaking, Timmeh loves lawsuits – fortunately for us though, he doesn’t love his lawyers enough to shut up though. (Epic v Apple latest vid) (Epic v Google)
13. Timmeh:
Timmeh, the controlling shareholder in Epic Games, is an undoubtedly talented man. However, he is also a liar, a hypocrite, creepy, and weird.
He calls out Apple, and even Google, for operating their platforms in a similar way to Epic investor, Sony – whose behaviour he justified with the false claim that Sony sold consoles at or below manufacturing costs:
But, of course, that simply isn't true.
He compares Apple’s walled garden, but not Epic investor, Sony’s, to the Ford Motor Company charging you to drive to certain cities or towns:
He also contradicts himself, when it suits his argument:
“Android is an open platform.”
When suing Google, however:
“Google’s actions force app developers and consumers into Google’s own monopolized “app store”
For more like this, just choose the Tim Sweeney flair on the front page of the subreddit.
Bonus, some more from Timmeh:
14. Epic Greed:
One issue raised by Epic, repeatedly, is ubiquitous 30% cut taken by other stores. Timmeh has used this as a stick to beat his rivals, to justify his money-hats, and as part of his lawsuits against both Google and Apple.
As part of his publicity stunt before intentionally getting Fortnite kicked out of both the Play Store and the App Store, Epic decided that when enabling its own in-app purchases on both platforms that instead of the usual 30% oppressive tax charged on both platforms and by Epic investor, Sony, that Epic would drop the prices of v-bucks on the Android and iOS by 20%.
The 20% figure was intriguing to say the least. Of the extra 10% that Epic would be making on each purchase not going through Apple or Google, by Epic’s own acknowledgment, an average of 3% would be going towards payment processing fees – so where was the extra 7% going? Hmmmmmm……
15. Epic Customer Service:
Now Timmeh himself is on the record as dismissing the importance of customers:
"[The storefront model is] nearly perfect for consumers already...There is no hope of displacing a dominant storefront solely by adding marginally more store features or a marginally better install experience. These battles will be won on the basis of game supply, consumer prices, and developer revenue sharing."
With that in mind, it’ll come as no surprise that Epic has a litany of customer service complaints against it.
From the afore mentioned security issues, to the afore mentioned lack of really basic features like a shopping cart, and on to a myriad of other issues.
Particular highlights include -
Captcha issues:
Customer Disservice:
Epic’s reputation – ‘f’ from the BBB and rated as ‘bad’ on Trustpilot:
16. Epic abandoned PC Gaming:
Last, but certainly not least, Timmeh has already abandoned PC gaming before – when it didn’t make enough money for him and rather than, as many businesses would, try to make better products, he simply blamed ‘piracy.’
It is only after other companies have spent billions of dollars producing services and games that people actually want, that Timmeh comes crawling back with the Fortnite loot earned from kids to give PC gaming a second chance – lucky us, hey?
So, there you have it – the 2020 Edition of fuckepic for Dummies. Like I said at the beginning this list is not exhaustive and I’ve tried to keep it as brief as possible. Any constructive criticisms and suggestions (keeping in mind the nature of the subreddit) are welcomed, so feel free to drop me a PM or leave a comment here.
Edit 1: added link to the original post by u/HappySphynx
Edit 2:
  1. added 15 (Epic Customer Service)
  2. added 16 (Epic abandoned PC Gaming)
  3. added to 5 & 7
  4. formatting
Edit 3:
Fixed typo, thanks to u/Oxion4
Edit 4:
Add new all improved link for third-party exclusives, thanks to u/Senatedude14
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2020.08.28 08:21 phabeon Passed Sec+, Was So EZ I Am Beyond SHOCKED, Here Is My Ultimate STUDY GUIDE, If I Can Do It, ANYBODY CAN!!

TL - DR : Obtained my 1st Certification with zero prior knowledge/experience in infosec. Passed Sec+ with 821, with 2 months of studying about 15-20hrs a week. Using Gibson, Messer, Dion. Scroll down to Phase II for the good stuff.
**SHOUTOUT** - special shout out to MrMcMaple - man I cannot thank this guy enough, was saving up myself and would have been there in another 2 weeks or so. I have no idea why he decided to put faith in me, but he gifted me something outta nowhere and well I wouldn't be here without him and just know that your act is the catalyst to something bigger, definitely paying it forward as much as possible!! THANK YOU!!

Took my exam this morning and did not feel it kicked my butt in any way, nor did I struggle thru it. Reading here, most people feel like they are failing it the entire time but not me. At like question #20 I was like, "oh man this is so easy, I am going to pass no problem".
Did I get lucky with my exam or did my hard work pay off which made it seem "easy"? YOU DECIDE.
*\LONG READ, but I will list a ton of sources, so hopefully I can at least help others, or at least let them know there is hope for us hopeless ones\***
Disclaimer: Have never been good at studying, not for lack of trying either. Never skipped any classes in high school much less in college. Went to every lecture and took notes and notes and got nothing out of it. I marveled daily at how the kids sitting next to me would take notes and actually learn the material. Meanwhile I'm trying to pay full attention and take notes and NOTHING would ever sink in. HOWEVER, all my life I have been a fantastic test taker. What I mean is whether I "studied" weeks before the test, or the night before the test, I always scored an avg of 75% or so. So eventually stopped trying and just took the dang tests, and got my HS diploma and bachelors with basically C level grades my entire life.
Education: ZERO IT Certs and no IT degree's but a Bachelors in Español(don't ask)
Work Experience: Have not worked in over 3 years. I "retired" at age 40(handled my $$ real good my entire life, have ZERO debt). I believe summer of 2017 was my last job which was Desktop Support at high end law firm($$).
On to Security+
Phase I - What I will call the wasted 2-3 months period. In February I started reading Gibsons book, scored a 63% on his PRE-test, thats with zero prior knowledge so I was hyped up. Reading however would take me 3-4hrs p/chapter, got halfway thru and got frustrated because I was literally getting nothing out of it, was passing chapt quiz's with 80%'s but 10mins after taking it I couldn't tell you anything about what I had just done. So halfway thru I said maybe going thru Messers videos first will help and I did that instead, Finished his course and same thing, realized I got NOTHING OUT OF IT. Decided to finish Gibons book anyways, same result got nada out of it. Took Post exam, scored a 70%. So now I'm super frustrated, its college all over again.. aka with zero knowlege I score a 63%, I put in serious work and 3 months later score almost the same.
We are in May now, I go thru Messers videos again and same thing, I get nothing out of it. I realize then and there, what I should have realized my entire life, I have a problem with learning, in that I don't know how to study. I mean tried taking notes from Gibsons book, and Messers videos, but essentially what was happening was that I was writing either too much info or not enough and none of it sank in.
Intermission: One day it just hit me, I'm completely wasting my time by continuously studying but not "learning" anything so that ends now. I spend rest of May and June on/off researching how to study best. I ask my wife for advice, I ask other people that I know are good academically. I research it myself, pomadoro method this, study break that, isolation this, quiet space that, ect, ect. None of it really helps per say.
End of June now and I think I have it figured out now.. My issue is while I was eithe reading or video watching my mind was racing thinking of other things at the same time and I knew then the key was getting it to shut up!
Here is what worked for me:
So I go down to dining room, early morning as possible and set up shop(wife hated it), put on my music buds, then sound mufflers over that, and watched videos and or read notes, while using fidget spinner or rubiks cube. GAME CHANGER man, no longer was my mind distracted while reading or watching vids, suddenly and for the 1st time I was actually learning from the videos and or the reading. My mind was blown! GAME ON MAN!!
Phase II - What I call my true learning period. Using techniques above and finally realizing I can actually learn stuff now, I started my Security+ studies in earnest. Its now the week after 4'th of July and I would go to dining room every day and put in about 3-5hrs a day. For the month of July I basically went thru Dion's course. Finished it and for the 1st time in my studies I realized I was learning stuff that I was actually studying, it felt amazing!! However, I took his course practice test and FAILED it by 1% so that bummed me out a little. However I was now full of hope cuz I was actually "getting it" now. Encouraged by all this I decide to go thru the exam objectives and write out a definition for everything.. HUGE MISTAKE, after about 8hrs of this, I was barely at like 2.4 and realized that approach was hopeless. Found this Reddit and started hitting it up daily, I found peoples notes, and some had already done what I had intended to do went thru those, but wasn't really learning anything. I buy Dion's 6 practice tests and go thru that, score a 86% and I'm super excited. Its August now and I drive down to the Smokie Mountains for family vacay time, its a 30hr drive round trip so of course I go thru Dion's course again. Take another test and score an 85% so I'm feeling good. Get back home and go thru Arthur Conklins AIN Sec+ Book, but in Skim mode, and take each end of chapter test, I do horribly on them, failing almost all of them. However I blame this on being burned out more than anything since I finished his whole book in one weekend. So its now Mid August, I buy Gibsons Android APP, and wow that was my starting point where I knew I was learning this stuff and I would use that everyday for testing along with the flash cards as well as the acronyms. Take a few more Dion tests and at this point I feel like i'm at 80% ready for this exam and I dont' see how I can do any better so I schedule it for today, 8/27/20. I have about a week to go and the nerves start hitting.. Try going thru Dions Video course again but realize I wont' make it in time.. So I purchase Messers Practice Exams and its now Sunday(exam is in 4 days) when I take the 1st one, WOW, it completely destroys me man..felt like I failed the entire thing, and I barely finished it with 3mins to spare. I scored a 72% and I start thinking I need to push back the date. However I still have 2 days left and have 2 Dions and Messer exams left. So do more reviewing thru the app and take the exams, Scored 92% on Dion's and 85% on Messers. So its now Wednesday, day before the exam, so I decide to go thru Gibsons entire book ONLY reading the REMEMBER THIS parts and chapter reviews. It takes me 4hrs but I get it done and I realize at this point, I know 95% of the stuff in his reviews so I feel good. Its 6pm now, and the nite before the exam and I stupidly take Messers 3'rd and final test... and low and behold I score an 86% on it!! GAME OVER, thats when I knew I might actually maybe possibly have a decent chance at passing this... Took it today and I passed!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT, WOOT!!
**Study Materials: \\**
Exam Objectives:
Official CompTIA Security+ Exam Objectives - official source of what you will be tested on, MUST HAVE, go thru it when you think your ready for the exam, and brush up on anything that gives you pause.
Darril Gibson: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-501 Study Guide - If your a book based learner, definitely get this one, you won't regret it! Even if your not a reader, get this, go thru the book in the following format: Read each REMEMBER THIS section of the book and the chapter reviews and your GOLDEN!
Mike Meyers: CompTIA Security+ Certification Passport, - Read this but did not get much or anything out of it, wish I had skipped this and read Exam Cram instead
Arthur Conklin - All-In-One Sec+, - I like this book because its basically as if somebody wrote the official CompTIA Security+ exam objectives out in book format. I however only had time to skim thru it and do chapter quiz's but wish I had started my studies with this book.
ExamCram Security+, - Did not read this, but wish I had, looks informative and well written but I ran out of time and wouldn't have been able to read it before my exam.
Video Based Learning:
Professor Messer: FREE< very well done video course on Security+,
Jason Dion: Super complimentary video course to go along with Messers as well as Gibsons book. What sold me on it was he includes a pdf download of his course notes which is perfect for going thru on mobile. *note: ONLY buy this when on sale for $15 on Udemy. Create a new uDemy account if you have to.
Practice Tests:
Jason Dion Practice Tests: 6 tests for aprox $15, tests are good, look at them more as learning material vs actual practice tests and you won't be disappointed. However if you score 90% or higher on these 1st run thru, your ready for the exam is my opinion.
Professor Messer Practice Tests: HOLY SMOKES, these tests man, if you can score 85% or higher on these 1st run thru, you are more than ready for the real exam. I found these extremely challenging and was the best $40 I spent ever!
Notes: (found randomly in Reddit or via Google)
1unusualredditor: Notes Link, - INSANE COLLECTION of notes, he basically wrote out the exam objectives definition by definition, section by section. Printed this out but ended up not using it because by this time I had learned to study myself.
OrigamiGamer:Notes Link, - Another insane collection of notes, listed out by exam objectives, went thru these back in March but at the time way over my head so didn't get much outta em and never used em again.

Quizlets: (found randomly in Reddit or via Google)
JTDORIA - awesome set, has over 500 flash cards, which you can also use to play as memory games and "mock" tests.
Matt Chenkov - another well done set
Tonisia - smaller set but has more in-depth explanations and definitions
Study Techniques:
Pomodor Method: link
How To Study: link and link
Practice Test Scores:(all tests were only taken once)
Gibson: 67%, 72%
Dion: 72%, 85%, 81%, 85%, 70%, 92%
Messer: 73%, 83% 86%


submitted by phabeon to CompTIA [link] [comments]

2020.08.27 21:28 redsmp [Review] A year with the Cowboy 2

This is my second review post, hope it helps those looking at buying the cowboy. This review is for the 2019 model, the Cowboy 3 has just come out that has some extra features but for the most part this review still holds.

Why did I want an ebike and why am I writing this review?
I purchased and the returned the Vanmoof S2. I wrote a view for that bike as well ( I am writing this review after my experience since I've had the bike, this is just my opinion. I figure many people will look at the cowboy and vanmoof as possible purchase options so I'll try to do a comparison as well.

RECAP from Vanmoof S2 review (why I bought an ebike)
I decided to by an ebike because I was taking the bus to work which takes about 50mins to 1 hour door to door. I don't like relying on buses here (Netherlands) because they are not very reliable and they take a long time. I only live 15kms away from work so decided to go for an ebike. I was looking at getting a 25km/h speed limited "blue plate" "bromfiets" as they call them in Holland but Amsterdam council recently made some changes to the law that would have required me to wear a helmet and drive on the road, so I opted for an ebike.
I looked at bikes for a while but I only seriously considered a few options because I did not want "an old persons" ebike and I wanted to be able to go more than 25kms/h (on private roads only of course). I also did not want to spend more than a few thousand euros on an ebike. So my options were
Vanmoof Electrified S2
Ampler Stout (or Curt) - I counted this out since they dropped their speed to 25kms/h before I bought.

Why did I buy the Cowboy?
The first time I test rode the Cowboy (2018 model), I immediately smiled and knew that my decision to buy an ebike was the right one. then went straight to Vanmoof to test ride the S2, and was told i get 5mins to test ride. As I mentioned before, I had already purchased and returned the Vanmoof S2 as I was not satisfied with it. Here is a list of the positive and negatives of my experience with the Cowboy 2019 model.

The good, the bad (well average) and the ugly.

The good

The average (bad is not a fair word in this case)

The ugly

The Unimportant (to me at least)

The bike is a solid bike that gets you there faster. It's super smooth and simple to ride. The Cowboy team should pat themselves on the back for a bike well thought out end to end. One area of improvement is they could have sped up the repair, I got lucky because it happened to me during COVID-19 and I was not using it much, if it wasn't for that I would have been really annoyed.

I am really glad I returned my S2 and got the Cowboy. A better ride, attitude of support is better (certainly no arrogance), better quality in my opinion. It was a lot cheaper at time of writing , not any more but still a better bike I think.

So who is this bike for? This bike is great for someone who likes a zippy bike. Great for short to medium routes. And if you need a detachable battery, this is for you.

If you appreciated the review and are looking at buying a Cowboy, use my referral to get yourself free mud guards and get me some freebies. The link:
submitted by redsmp to ebikes [link] [comments]

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