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A New Threat to Outdoor Hemp and Cannabis: Beet Curly Top Virus

2020.07.31 02:06 EDRRenterprise A New Threat to Outdoor Hemp and Cannabis: Beet Curly Top Virus

What is Beet Curly Top Virus?

Beet Curly Top Virus, or BCTV, is a wide-spread plant disease across the western United States and beyond and is spread exclusively through the feeding by the beet leafhopper. It is known to infect over 300 different plant species including sugar beets, spinach, melons, peppers, tomatoes1, and most recently, hemp2.
Confirmed using genetic analysis in a hemp sample from the North Fork Valley of Colorado in 20182, BCTV is likely widespread in the crop given the disease’s rapid spread throughout the infected hemp field and the confirmed geographic distribution of the disease in other crops1. The threat this disease poses to hemp is great considering the complex biology of the disease and the occurrence of up to 100% crop loss in individual fields across numerous commodities3. California in 2013 reportedly cost economic losses to farmers of more than $100 million1.

What are the symptoms of BCTV in hemp?

In Colorado, BCTV was observed to infect numerous varieties across all different growth stages. When a hemp plant first becomes infected with BCTV, leaves begin to fade to a pale green or yellow green starting at the base of the leaf and expanding towards the tip, often resulting in a mosaic pattern on the leaves. The majority of the plant will be affected by this pattern of discoloration within approximately 10 days. Late stage disease can cause a number of symptoms in various combinations, including newly developing leaves to be pale in color, narrower leaf development, leaf curling, severe stunting, and drastic reduction in yield2. In some occasions, hemp plants have been observed to be bi-symptomatic, with only part of the plant showing signs of disease4.

How can I control BCTV?

BCTV is a notoriously difficult disease to control, but with integrated pest management, great strides can be made in reducing the harm caused by this disease. Because BCTV is spread exclusively through the feeding of an infected beet leafhopper (BLH), or Circulifer tenellus, controlling the disease hinges around the understanding of BLH biology.
The BLH most commonly overwinters and breeds on desert weeds in early spring and moves into agricultural areas across various habitats in late spring to early summer. 1 to 2 generations can be produced throughout the summer months, with the last brood typically migrating back to warmer climates for overwintering5. So, what are the best things you can do to control BLH and BCTV?
Remove Infected Plants
Once a plant is infected with BCTV, there is no known way to cure the plant and no varietal resistance to this disease has yet been discovered. To help reduce the rate of infection, remove the infected plant as soon as possible. In the early months of the growing season, having seedlings on hand to backfill can help maintain expected harvest yields.
Try a higher planting density and/or shade cloth or row covers
Beet leafhoppers prefer to feed in full sun, where vegetation is sparse and allows heat to penetrate through the plant canopy5. Higher density planting can help make your field less attractive to the beet leafhopper and also allow for more economic cushion if plants need to be removed due to BCTV infection7.
Shade cloth has been observed to reduce BCTV infection rates in other crops and is likely effective due to the beet leafhoppers affinity to full sun. Similarly, row covers can provide shade and, additionally, area closure to prevent the leafhopper from accessing your plants all together. Even if you have to remove the cover as the plants get bigger, protecting the plants in early to mid-season relieves exposure when feeding pressure is highest7 and potentially reduces plant susceptibility to infection since the plants will be more mature once the covers are removed9.
Apply government-sanctioned insecticides
Insecticide application can help control BCTV occurrence in some crops and not in others. Due to the known unfavorable taste of tomato to the beet leafhopper, there is no evidence that insecticide application reduces the occurrence of BCTV in tomatoes7. In sugar beet, on the other hand, occasional systemic insecticide application has been proven to reduce BCTV8.
There has been no research yet conducted on the use of insecticide application on BCTV reduction in hemp or whether the beet leafhopper has a preferential taste for the crop, so the verdict is still out on the effectiveness of insecticide application.
While there are numerous organic and inorganic options that can successfully reduce beet leafhopper populations and feeding, it is important to follow federal and state regulations to understand which of these insecticides are approved for use on hemp crops in your area.
Weed control in and around your field
BCTV can easily re-infect a field year after year by over-wintering on or near your operation. The beet leafhopper (BLH), can infect hundreds of different crops and weeds including both non-native and native species, many of which can be asymptomatic when infected. This generalist aspect of BLH biology makes over-wintering sites abundant, but there are a few actions you can take to reduce the availability of these pest and disease reservoirs.
Be familiar with the beet leafhopper’s favorite plants, which include kochia, lambsquarter, halogeton, Russian thistle, greasewood, four wing saltbrush6, filaree, hoary cress, tumble mustard, flixweed, and pigweed5. Managing weeds in and around your field, especially those that are highly favored by the beet leafhopper, can help reduce the occurrence of BCTV in your grow8. In warm climates, winter weed management is also necessary, as the beet leafhopper can take up year-round residence if summer and winter vegetation is adequate5.
Encourage predatory insects
Beet leafhopper eggs can be parasitized by up to 80 or 90% by several species of parasitic wasps including the Anagrus nigriventirs, Aphelinoidea zarehi, A. turanica, and Paracentrobia subflava. Additionally, common generalist insect predators such as the green lacewing, spiders, assassin bugs, and big-eyed bugs are likely to feed on beet leafhopper9 and many are commercially available for sale.
Early Detection, Rapid Response
The sooner you know that BCTV is in or near you field, the better prepared you will be to rapidly respond. Using EDRR’s Velox Drone Kit, you will be immediately enabled to have a daily eye on all the plants in your field. Currently, our technology produces high resolution maps of your operation with just a touch of a button. Given the drastic symptoms of BCTV, the disease can be reasonably detected through frequent imaging of your field. Find out more about the power of drone technology in agriculture here.
What is more, EDRR is actively designing artificially intelligent software to automatically detect the presence of BCTV in your field. Coming 2021, you will be able to autonomously fly your drone and get an annotated report alerting you to BCTV occurrences in your operation! Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on this amazing development!
Do you suspect that you have BCTV in your field? Contact us today and we can also help you get your plants tested to confirm the disease. Since hemp is such a new commodity and so little is known about BCTV in hemp, EDRR is also working to produce community resources to track the spread of the disease in the crop and to keep you up to date on the latest tools and management advice specific to Cannabis.


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10 Rondon, S.I., & Oppedisano, T. (2020) Biology and Management of the Beet Leafhopper and Purple top Phytoplasma Affecting Potatoes in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon State University Extension Office. Retrieved from https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/sites/catalog/files/project/pdf/em9282.pdf
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2020.06.27 04:01 Rossingol Japan (Tokyo/Sapporo/Yokohama) February 2020 Trip Report: Tomatoes, Pudding, (Jiro's) Sushi, and everything else

Before I begin, this is going to be a very lengthy post. If you'd rather just look at the photos with minimal commentary, here you go. I'm writing this now because of how much I miss my trip.
I went on a trip with my girlfriend a little over four months ago. We'd both been to Tokyo before so we wanted to explore other parts of the country. We settled on Sapporo because of the Experience Japan fares available to us from ANA and JAL, and because of the upcoming snow festival. We both really wanted to go to a ryokan with a nice onsen too, so Sapporo seemed like a good idea. We got SIM Cards from JR Rail. It was affordable and always consistently good throughout our trip. Highly recommend instead of lugging around a pocket wifi.
We had a few major goals.
  1. We're both avid foodies, and particularly into sushi. So we decided to hit up multiple sushi places at different price points, including Sushisai Wakichi in Sapporo, as well as Jiro Honten and Takamitsu. We supplemented this with fish markets in Otaru, standing sushi bars, izakaya, and even some supermarket sushi (all were delicious).
  2. Apparently the best pizza in the world might be in Japan. To that end we tried Sisilya in Yokohama.
  3. Like I said, it was important to see parts of the country other than Tokyo.
  4. To take some time to just let ourselves explore the city instead of planning literally every step of the way. This was great. It let us have a more relaxed schedule, and overall we found some pretty interesting places just by wandering around.
Day 1
We landed in Haneda after a brief detour to Narita (routing issues) later in the evening. So after dropping off our big luggages at the luggage storage in the airport, we just grabbed some food at the airport, and stayed at a nearby hotel called Henn Na. It was a fucking weird hotel in many ways (Have you ever been greeted by a T-rex concierge?) but it did the job and the sheer novelty factor was pretty funny. Found a convenience store and had PUDDING! Pudding is super important. We had at least one pudding a day every day we were in Japan. They're delicious and simply so many varieties.
Day 2 We woke up bright and early to head back to Haneda, catching an early morning flight to New Chitose in Sapporo. We landed at 7:45. Our ryokan was located up in Otaru, and thankfully there was a train that took us directly to the Otaru area. By the time we landed, the ekibento places were open (they're not exactly where the train station area is, but there's a great selection if you can find it) and I highly recommend getting one. Just look at this.
We got to Otaru and since we had some extra time, we bussed all the way to Nikka Yoichi. There's a beautiful tasting bar and a lot of wonderful history. And of course, the store at the end is really nice too if you're into Whiskey.
After getting back to Otaru Station there was some time to check out Sankaku Fish Market. I could say a lot, but just have this picture. Fortunately, even though it was slippery outside, there was a shuttle car that took us directly to Kuramure Ryokan. It was a truly wonderful and zen place (even including a Zen Room). The moment we got out of the car, we were treated like royalty. We were given complimentary snacks while they prepared our room. The onsen concept was great too with both interior and exterior hot springs where you could feel the cool wintery air contrasting with the heat emanating from the water. It was really relaxing to watch the snow slowly falling while relaxing in the comfortable warmth of the onsen. Of course, meals were included, but booze was also freeflowing as part of the Kuramure experience. It was definitely a leisurely and relaxing experience, one that I'll never forget. The hospitality, atmosphere, and sheer relaxation I felt was a first for me.
Day 3
After breakfast and another soak in the Kuramure onsen, we took the train directly back to Sapporo. We stayed at Gracery Sapporo since it was basically right outside Sapporo Station... but the hotel was a little small, though the staff were very nice. When we bought too many souvenirs, since we didn't have our big luggages, they helped us ship everything back to Tokyo at our next hotel. From there, we hit up Cheese Market and also had Soup Curry for the first time at Garaku. It had a good kick to it and felt less rich than the usual thick curries. Even 4 months later, I still remember that the potato was particularly delicious. We walked by the snow fest and decided we'd go back tomorrow.
For dinner we decided to go to Sushisai Wakichi (which was booked 2 months in advance). It was a 1* Michelin place with a focus on ingredients from Hokkaido. In particular, the surf clam was incredibly good. This was a good start to our sushi adventure.
Day 4
This day was all about going to the Snow Festival. From incredible multi-storey snow sculptures to downright strange characters this festival had a lot to take in. The food selection was crazy too, there were food stalls all along the several blocks of displays. Off the top of my head, I remember an incredible uni risotto for 800 yen along, buttery sweet corn, shirako tempura, and a stand that served hot cocktails (perfect for the cold).
Hearing about how awesome the crab in Hokkaido was, we ended up getting a reservation at Kani Honke. When we got in we were a little worried it was just a tourist trap, but ultimately, even though it did seem to cater to foreigners (there was this huge group of tourists waiting to get seated when we got in) the food was still pretty good and we got a nice private room to eat slowly.
My girlfriend is into Jazz, so we ended up going to Slow Boat in Sapporo. It was a cozy bar with swanky live jazz. We met a lot of locals here who were really friendly. We all tried to talk to each other in broken Japanese and English, lots of drinks were had and we all had a great time.
Day 5
It was back to Tokyo in the late morning, but we prepared with a highly recommended Breakfast of Champions. These were fancier department store puddings which were great too, but in balance I prefer the kombini pudding. At the airport, we found a nice standup sushi bar with an iPad multi-language menu where you just ordered a la carte and it was served to you piece by piece.
We landed in Tokyo at around 1 and picked up our luggages before heading to our first hotel in Shinjuku. We really wanted to hit up this place called Ben Fiddich (I've been once before after seeing this strangely sensual set of videos) since it has some of the most amazing cocktails. There's no menu, you just go in and tell him what flavour profiles you want, what spirits you're into or aren't into, etc. I don't want to spoil to much, but if you're into cocktails you'll have a good time. I recommend lining up before it opens so you can snag seats at the bar and watch the man himself in action. And yes, his stare is that sensual IRL.
As we randomly walked around we found this swanky little basement yakitori place simply called "Toriya". It seemed like mostly locals, but one of the waitresses there sat us down and basically google translated with us so we could order the set menu. The yakitori here was nicer than what I had at Toriki in Asakusa, and I didn't have to book well in advance!
Day 6
I’ve never had the famous uni charcoal bun at Tsukiji Outer, so we went to the market and had some strawberries, coffee, an uni bun, and sat down at one of the many sushi bars still in the area to have a quick meal before going over to Teamlab Planets.
Last time I visited Japan I’d visited Borderless already, and I felt like that was more of a sensory overload, sheer scale of it all kind of experience with multiple floors and freedom to move as you pleased to fashion your own experience. In contrast, Planets was smaller, but far more focused and interactive. You were guided along one set path with many surprises. Ultimately, I actually preferred this guided approach. It felt more cohesive and better thought out, but I also feel like I appreciated it more because I’d been to Borderless first. Both are great, but for anyone reading this later I don’t think you need to do both… just choose one or the other and you’ll have a good time.
As big fans of Gundam, we made our way over to Gundam Base after in Odaiba. Their merch store is awesome, some of the coolest clothing and accessories I’ve ever seen for anime merch.
In the evening, we went over to Omoide Yokocho and discovered Horaiya. Remember, izakaya often charge a sitting fee (but provide a small appetizer) so don’t be surprised at a small random charge at the end on the bill for that. Here we discovered tomato sours. I implore you if you’re into booze and tomatoes try this. So incredibly refreshing! It’s not like a bloody mary or a Caesar. It’s got more effervescence to it and the flavours of the tomato are brighter+sweeter than those other cocktails.
No pics unfortunately, but we also found ourselves at this small basement bar called Midori. Basic cocktails and nice vibe with a darn good yakisoba!
Day 7
Before going to Nakajima (a 1* Michelin restaurant that serves iwashi based dishes starting at 880yen all in during lunch) we walked around Shinjuku a bit and found ourselves in the beautiful Hanazono-Jinja.
For Nakajima, you really need to line up at least half an hour before they open for lunch. Both times I’ve been, rain or shine, by the time they’re about to open the line runs up past the stairway. The standout at Nakajima for me is the sashimi lunch set, and you can simply add a half order of fried iwashi if you want a big lunch.
After lunch, we took the train to Asakusa to eat some street food around Sensoji. We ended up finding all sorts of delights, ranging from ebi katsu sando and curry pan to pizza from a food truck that had an actual pizza oven inside of it. Other Redditors have recommended Fruit Parlor Goto, and I have to say I agree. We had to wait for about 20 minutes to get in, but the wonderfully aromatic and sweet fresh fruit was an awesome showcase of ingredients without paying an arm and a leg for premium Japanese fruit.
At dinner time, we hit up L’Effervescence. I’ll just say that if you’re into fine dining but not quite so ‘uptight’, L’Eff has an amazing vibe. Classic rock plays lightly in the background, while elegantly-dressed waitstaff know how to crack a joke or two while providing a stellar dining experience. Having been to places like Per Se in New York, the experience at L’Eff simply blew it out of the water. There was an air of friendliness and passion in the food, which of course was delicious, exciting, and at times even surprising.
Day 8
We needed to relax during day 8. We were drinking highballs and/or tomato sours + eating pudding every day, staying out late every night, walking everywhere… so we had a chill day in Akihabara (mostly arcade gaming/looking for merch) and Shinjuku. Henry Burger is pretty good if you want wagyu burgers. It’s by Nakahara, who runs Sumibu Yakinuku Nakahara, a famous and delicious yakinuku place (more on that later). In the evening we went to Isomaru Suisan, a seafood-focused izakaya chain. I’m a fan of Isomaru Suisan because it’s 24 hours, and I found out that they have good tomato sours too (seriously, get one).
If you’re a Murakami fan, the most interesting thing we did on this day was head to Jazz Bar Dug (featured in Norweigian Wood iirc). We mainly went because of the Murakami nod, but it ended up being nice and chill, exactly what we were looking for for a relaxing evening. Again, the tomato sour was quite delicious. It’d be a good place to take a date!
Day 9
Today was Ghibli Museum day. It had a nice historic feel to it and we got to watch a short film in the theatre area. If I’m being honest this didn’t seem amazing for how much work was done to get those tickets, but that general area of town is pretty cool. It’s also where Satou Meat Cutlet is, and they serve some of the juiciest menchikatsu. I’d actually have gone to this part of town for Satou alone, but we also accidentally ran into this crazy two storey cat cafe/complex while we were walking around. One of the things I love about Japan is all the weird and interesting shit you encounter if you take some time to just walk around.
Wanting to deepen our understanding of tea, we also booked Sakurai/Souen, which is essentially a sort of ‘tea omakase’ where they serve you different types of tea paired with wagashi or other little food pairings. TBH, this was a bit lost on me. I enjoyed the tea, but I don’t have enough knowledge about tea to really pick out all the nuances.
Day 10
Refreshed and recharged from two relaxing days, we decided to day-trip Yokohama bright and early. The food stands in Chinatown weren’t even open when we got there (It’s a bit more than 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station Red Line), so we explored a few of the Chinese-inspired temples first. By the time we got back, we were able to get some peking duck wraps for 250yen!
We walked to the harborfront area where there was randomly a strawberry festival going on, and after that on a whim went to the Instant Ramen Museum. I was surprised by how aesthetic it was (the stairway is pretty impressive) and it was a surprisingly inspiring exhibition. I didn’t realize the work that was put into it, nor how important instant ramen really was. Cost of admission was quite cheap and definitely worth a visit.
There was still some time before our main goal for Yokohama, and since we love Onsen we decided to go to Manyo Club for a quick dip. It had a series of indoor and outdoor hot springs and was great for a nice pick me up since we’d done a lot of walking during the day.
It was time for the main event for Yokohama -- Sisilya! Apparently it’s one of the best pizza places in Japan. We showed up without a reservation and I think they took pity on us because they squeezed us in. We were super thankful and ordered wine, two pizzas and apps. Both the quattro formaggi and the margherita were out of this world. I live in North America, and I’ve never even had a pizza that comes close anywhere I’ve eaten at. I’m planning to eat my way through all the best pizza places in Japan because of Sisilya.
Day 11
This was a relatively chill day. We explored Ikebukoro, and found this really interesting VR Gaming Centre called Mazaria. We got to suit up and play Dragon Quest. You had to actually walk around in real life and the VR Arena that was used for the experience was around as big as a small gymnasium.
I want to quickly mention Saitamaya, which is also featured in this video by Simon & Martina. My girlfriend went the last time she was in Japan, and said it was a must visit. We got there nearly an hour early, and the people inside noticed and kindly brought us chairs. By the time they opened, there were over 20 people in the line! The experience was hilarious -- it felt like my grandpa was cooking for me, except if my grandpa cooked extremely delicious yakitori while flirting with my girlfriend, me, and everyone else in the room. Expect to drink while you’re here. Their lemon sours are extra boozy and it’s simply part of the experience. It’s a great time where everyone’s having fun, I would definitely go back every time I’m in Japan if I could. If I lived in Japan, I’d probably go at least a couple times a month!
Day 12
We had a few nights left in Tokyo, and this is where the food craziness began. I’m only going to talk about the food because that is basically… all we did.
For lunch, we hit up Tempura Kondo. We got one of the set menus and got to experience tempura that was completely unlike what we normally get back here at home. How can something be deep fried, yet not be oily? It was surprisingly refreshing and not crazy rich. We ate a lot of tempura, and surprisingly, the highlights were the vegetables. In particular, the asparagus was ridiculously juicy, like exploding in my mouth with juices akin to a potsticker levels of juiciness. Our concierge told us to get the carrot tempura, which was an excellent choice. If I go again, I’ll have to try the whole sweet potato tempura as well. Apparently, the chef wants the vegetables to take on more of a starring role which is why the produce used is so excellent.
Before dinner we explored Tokyo Station for a while. It’s this labyrinth of a mall where it’s really easy to get lost but wherever you go there’s food, shopping, or department stores.
For dinner, we went to Sumibu Yakiniku Nakahara. They’re known for incredibly high quality beef, in particular their beef tongue is of extremely high quality. The food itself was delicious, and sort of like lunch, I was surprised by how rich the meat was yet how much of it I could eat. I think part of the trick is that they never give you a lot of any of the fattier meats, and there are little palate cleansers that help you reset. The server made the experience more fun too -- he seemed to genuinely love what he was doing as he excitedly explained the ingredients and cooked the different parts for us with his deft hands. If you go, please don’t neglect to order the beef katsu sando.
Day 13
Since 2013 when I watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi, I’ve always wanted to go to Jiro Honten. Apparently he’s the person who popularized the akami->chutoro->o-toro progression of nigiri sushi in omakase! I finally had my chance after many years of waiting to go for lunch. Unfortunately, Jiro himself wasn’t there and I was served by his son. Nevertheless, we had a great (if quick) experience at the restaurant. I thanked them profusely in my broken Japanese and ended up taking some photos with them. I will say that it wasn’t the best sushi I’ve ever had, and the cost was pretty high especially for the speed of the progression. But I treated it like more of an experience than just a meal, something someone who’s a huge nerd about sushi and omakase ought to try at least once (and I do think I’d only do this once).
For dinner, we hit up a pork katsu specialist restaurant called Butagumi. They serve pork from several different producers around Japan and beyond (for example, Iberico in Spain). The golden boar pork (yes, that's what the menu said) was very delicious if you’re into super fatty meat!
Day 14
Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to go to Tomita Honten. Fortunately, Tomita has a branch around Tokyo Station. I thought I’ve eaten Tsukemen before. But eating at Tomita made me realize how little I understand about the world of tsukemen. The noodles are thick with the right amount of chew, and the broth is simply intense. Complex and flavourful, only noodles like Tomita’s can stand up to it. We lined up over half an hour before it opened and there was already someone waiting before us! You order with a touch screen so you can just change the language to English as needed.
For our last meal together (long story short, we ended up with different flights on the way home), we wanted to go out with a bang and ended up at an establishment called Takamitsu. It’s a 1* Michelin Sushi omakase restaurant with pretty much all the frills you can think of. There’s a definite element of showmanship here but it’s combined with an incredible amount of skill. We got course after course of delicious sushi or appetizers. The head chef was good natured and humorous, and in fact we laughed together several times. This would be closer to Sho-style sushi for those who are wondering. It’s meals like this that make you realize how all the elements of a fine dining experience come together to create something unforgettable -- of course the food was truly amazing, but the chef genuinely having a good time with you while putting on a show really does take things to the next level.
For our final evening in Japan, we decided to walk through the Imperial Gardens. There was a real feeling of tranquility walking through the space. The traditional buildings juxtaposed with the city lights on the outside with pretty much no one else around except for the occasional runner gave off the feel that we were in our own little world exploring a place disconnected from other parts of time.
Day 15
Did you think I’d end without showing you my last meal? Breakfast of Champions, Round 2!
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2017.09.02 21:21 nekoramza Tracking The Tickets: Through August 2017

Hello again folks, I'm here with an upgrade/continuation of the last time I spent time researching and posting the sources of summon tickets we've had made available to us throughout the course of the game's life. For those of the uninitiated, here is the last time I did this for someone, and I figured it's been a while enough that I could post an update. I mean hell, someone gilded it last time, so I guess some of you liked it enough.
The contents of today's post will be the source of every rare summon ticket I could personally find from the game's launch until the end of August. Thus, it will not include the September login rewards, the Castle Hein event, etc. I think I might try to post these when we have months ending on a Thursday so things line up conveniently like that, if people want me to keep tracking them.
Disclaimer: I only have 100% accuracy on this stuff going back to about January or so. I started playing in August and rerolled in September, so anything from launch until that point I've researched and found secondhand (and likely am missing some), and anything up until the end of 2016 should be ~90% correct but might also be missing a couple here or there. So without further preamble:

Rare Summon Tickets - 632 ~ 669

Gameplay - 17

  • Initial free - 5
  • Dungeon clears - 5
  • Training the Soul - 3
  • Echidna trial clears - 3
  • Malboro trial clears - 1

Login Rewards - 62

  • May 2016 - 1
  • June 2016 - 1
  • July 2016 - 4
  • August 2016 - 1
  • September 2016 - 2
  • October 2016 - 4
  • December 2016 - 6
  • January 2017 - 9
  • February 2017 - 4
  • March 2017 - 3
  • April 2017 - 3
  • May 2017 - 8
  • June 2017 - 6
  • July 2017 - 4
  • August 2017 - 6

Expedition Rewards - 10

  • 6/22 to 6/29 - 1
  • 6/30 to 7/6 - 1
  • 7/7 to 7/13 - 1
  • 7/14 to 7/20 - 1
  • 7/21 to 7/27 - 1
  • 7/28 to 8/3 - 1
  • 8/4 to 8/10 - 1
  • 8/11 to 8/17 - 1
  • 8/18 to 8/24 - 1
  • 8/25 to 8/31 - 1

Event Clears - 40

  • Grand Gaia Chronicles - 1
  • The Big Bridge - 1
  • Memories from the Aquapolis - 1
  • Akademeia - 1
  • Lunar New Year - 5
  • Mana Mystery - 1
  • Trials of Love - 1
  • The Dreadnought - 1
  • Operation MA Demolition - 1
  • The Auracite Chosen - 1
  • Dangerous Woman Tour - 1
  • The Floating Continent - 1
  • Vision of Bahamut - 3
  • The Battle of Judecca - 1
  • The Empire of Light and Dark - 1
  • March on Titan - 2
  • The Gathering - 3
  • Grand Gaia Chronicles - 2
  • Vault of Hidden Treasures - 1
  • Henne Mines - 1
  • A Promise Beyond Time - 3
  • In the Name of Love - 1
  • Time of Revenge - 3
  • Memories from the Battlefield - 3

Mog King Purchases - 140

  • Festival of the Autumn Moon - 10
  • Orbonne Monastery Vaults - 10
  • Halloween Night of the Pumpkin - 10
  • Grand Gaia Chronicles - 10
  • The Hanging Edge - 10
  • Akademeia - 10
  • Mana Mystery - 10
  • Operation MA Demolition - 10
  • The Auracite Chosen - 10
  • The Floating Continent - 10
  • The Battle of Judecca - 10
  • Grand Gaia Chronicles - 10
  • Henne Mines - 10
  • In the Name of Love - 10

Raid Rewards - 52 ~ 83

  • A Frosty Offensive (Individual) - 4
  • A Frosty Offensive (Group) - 5
  • A Frosty Offensive (Ranking) - 4 (top 100 get up to 8)
  • March on Ifrit (Individual) - 2
  • March on Ifrit (Ranking) - 4 (top 100 get up to 10)
  • Vision of Bahamut (Individual) - 4
  • Vision of Bahamut (Ranking) - 5 (top 100 get up to 10)
  • March on Titan (Individual) - 4
  • March on Titan (Ranking) - 4 (top 100 get up to 10)
  • One Year Anniversary, Kupo (Individual) - 3
  • One Year Anniversary, Kupo (Ranking) - 5 (top 100 get up to 10)
  • Destroy the Machine Lifeform (Individual) - 3
  • Destroy the Machine Lifeform (Ranking) - 5 (top 100 get up to 10)

Third Party Events - 57 ~ 63

  • Portal App Event - 1
  • Autumn Moon Marathon - 1
  • Portal App Event - 1
  • Battle Against the Pumpkins - 1
  • Spooktacular Challenge - 1
  • Maxwell's Campaign - 1
  • Brave Frontier Collaboration - 2
  • Portal App Event - 4
  • Dangerous Ariana - 1
  • Defeat Nian Beast! - 1
  • Trials of Love - 1 (100 winners got an extra 1)
  • Moogle-licious - 1
  • The Egg Seekers - 1
  • Portal App Event - 4
  • Dangerous Ariana Comeback - 1
  • Taiwan Gilgamesh clear - 1
  • 200k Facebook Likes - 1
  • 10k Youtube Subscribers - 1
  • Taiwan Echidna clear - 1
  • March on Titan - 1
  • Taiwan Youtube Channel Challenge - 1
  • E3 Live Stream - 1
  • Octopus Teacher clear - 1
  • King Mog Summon Spree - 2
  • Portal App Event - 4
  • Thank You Community - 1
  • ONE App Store Launch - 3
  • YoRHa arrives in Lapis - 1
  • A Musical Showdown Dailies - 14
  • Gilgamesh clear - 1
  • 20k Youtube Subscribers - 1
  • Unit Design Contest - 0 (25 winners get 5)

Lapis Bundles (45.8k lapis) - 144

  • Summer Special Package (300 lapis x9) - 9
  • Black Friday Bounty (350 lapis x7) - 7
  • Black Friday Basket (1200 lapis x7) - 14
  • Festive Gift Box (300 lapis x10) - 20
  • Lucky Red Packet (350 lapis x14) - 14
  • Box of Chocolates (250 lapis x7) - 7
  • Basket of Eggs (300 lapis x14) - 14
  • Brood Mother's Hoard (300 lapis x7) - 7
  • Zargabaath's Boarding Pass (350 lapis x14) - 14
  • Crystallized Ticket (350 lapis x8) - 8
  • Summer Sale Bundle (300 lapis x6) - 12
  • Summer Sale Bundle Returns (400 lapis x10) - 10
  • Crystallized Ticket (350 lapis x8) - 8

Cash Bundles ($516) - 75

  • Mythril Chest of Desire ($24.99) - 1
  • Adamantite Chest of Splendor ($47.99) - 5
  • Crystal Chest of Majesty ($74.99) - 9
  • Mythril Chest of Summoning ($24.99) - 2
  • Adamantite Chest of Summoning ($47.99) - 7
  • Crystal Chest of the Night ($74.99) - 10
  • Gold Chest of Warmth ($11.99) - 1
  • Mythril Chest of Merriment ($24.99) - 2
  • Adamantite Chest of Yuletide ($47.99) - 10
  • Adamantite Chest of Prosperity ($47.99) - 8
  • Copper Chest of Abundance ($0.99) - 1
  • Gladiator's Golden Chest ($11.99) - 3
  • Adamantite Chest of Renewal ($47.99) - 5
  • Mythril Chest of Abundance ($24.99) - 10
  • Iron Chest of Abundance ($0.99) - 1

Compensation - 10

  • 20 hour maintenance - 5
  • Amazon Issue - 3
  • iOS Issue - 1
  • Emergency maintenance - 1

Misc Rewards - 25

  • Launch Login - 10
  • September Login - 5
  • Christmas Login - 5
  • New Years Login - 5
Total available for average/general players: 632. If you count the limited availability (limited rewards in the third part events, or top 100 in each raid), that increases to a maximum of 669. That's probably quite a bit more than most of you thought! How many have you thrown away on terrible banners? Feel bad yet?
As for the 4* guaranteed tickets, these have had much fewer sources to date, but for tracking purposes, they are as follows:

4* Guaranteed Tickets - 6 ~ 8

Gameplay - 1

  • New Player Welcome/Loyalty - 1

Raid Rewards - 2 ~ 5

  • March on Titan (Ranking) - 0 (top 3 get up to 3)
  • One Year Anniversary, Kupo (Individual) - 1
  • Destroy the Machine Lifeform (Individual) - 1

Cash Bundles ($49) - 3

  • Gold Chest of Abundance ($11.99) - 1
  • Mythril Chest of Abundance ($24.99) - 1
  • Gold Chest of Abundance ($11.99) - 1
Leaving the general player with a max of 6 of these and a maximum of 8 (heh, if you were top 3 in one of the raids). Hopefully we'll be seeing these become more common following JP's example (I think you can buy 3 per mog king and earn 3+ per raid reward at this point). So this section might expand considerably by the next iteration, or so we can hope.
For completion's sake, I suppose I should also add the 10+1 and EX tickets given out, even if they can't be used on specific banners like the above two better types...

10+1 Summon Tickets - 4

Gameplay - 1

  • Welcome Back Rewards - 1

Login Rewards - 2

  • July 2017 - 1
  • August 2017 - 1

Misc Rewards - 1

  • Anniversary Login - 1
Brings us to a total of 4 so far of the 10+1 summons (Gumi should really let us use these on-banner tbh), though really only 3 if you weren't a returning player for the first one. These also don't include the "free" 10+1 pulls we got twice before they created this item instead. And as for the EX three types of tickets:

EX Summon Tickets - 10

Third Party Events - 10

  • Paris Fan Festa - 10

4* Guaranteed EX Tickets - 1

Third Party Events - 1

  • Paris Fan Festa - 1

5* Guaranteed EX Tickets - 0

Nope - 0

  • Nada - 0
Haha, you thought Gumi would give away free 5* pulls? Perhaps maybe in the future... one day. Section just as a placeholder. The others were nice though, and maybe we'll get some more of them from the upcoming Fan Festas as well, who knows. Obviously regular tickets would be better, but hey, free is free. And equally obviously I'm not counting the unlimited copies you obtain by purchasing lapis/bundles through EX points.
In total, I hope this provides some insight to others about the amount of "free" tickets given away by Gumi in the GL version of the game. While we certainly get a lot less than our JP counterpart, we still are provided a good amount that F2P players should be able to ration out and use on the important banners.
As for myself, looking at my pull tracking spreadsheet, it looks like I've spent ~350 regular tickets so far on pulls and I have another 117 in the bank (with all of the other types still available) so that's quite a bit I've managed to earn out of the maximum, with most of the leftovers coming from paid bundles or before I started the account. How are you guys doing?
If anyone has any corrections or additions to add to the list, please feel free to comment as well and let me know what to adjust. I don't think I've made mistakes, but I most certainly could have missed things, and extra eyes are always useful. Thanks for reading, maybe I'll do another one of these at some point in the future if people find it as useful as the first post!
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2016.07.09 19:07 knutolee I sent emails to all 56 clubs from the first 3 tiers of the German league system asking why I should be a fan of their club. 20 clubs responded.

As I said in the original thread done by User SpacemasterTom, who asked 92 clubs from the English league system why he should become a fan of their team, I did the same last week for all clubs from the first three tiers (the professional tiers) in the German league system. I had a slightly different approach as I wanted to see specifically if they would send me an automatically generated e-mail or an individually written one, so I said that I moved from England to Germany and that I am a fan of Liverpool FC and that I wanted to support a team in Germany. My template e-mail was:
Hello [team],
My name is Shawn Barry and I moved recently from England to Germany due to a change of employment. Since my youth I have been a great fan of the Liverpool FC and since my move to Germany I want a football team that I could support here as a fan on site.
For this reason, your opinion would interest me why I should become a fan of the [team] in the future.
I would be very happy about a feedback from you.
Best regards, Shawn Barry
The original text and the e-mail towards the clubs was written in German, but I translated this template text into English and all of the answers which I got from the twenty clubs as well (that was some serious work and please be kind to my English skills as I am not a native speaker). I am going to post the English translations of the answers chronologically below. Have fun and I would be very interested reading about your thoughts or comments or whatever. :) I for one am very pleased about so many answers on my template mail.
First Answer (Sunday 03/07/2016, 8:55pm!) Würzburger Kickers (2. Bundesliga)
Hello from Würzburg,
let's start saying that we are honored that you are interested in our football club!
The decision if you are going to be a fan of a certain club is going to be determined by lots of unknown factors. Those factors are not the trophys which the club has won. Those factors are not the players and not the history of a club. You are going to be a fan, because you know that you have found your certain place where you belong -- your club!
Those are the reasons why I can only suggest you to visit the time-honoured Würzburger Dallenberg stadium, where you can experience the incredible feeling of our "Kickers" vivdly and to live afterwards the "Kickers Spirit" by yourself.
Here are the match dates for the coming season:
Best regards, [Würzburger Kickers]
Second Answer (Monday 04/07/2016, 8:26am) FC Bayern München (1. Bundesliga)
Dear Mr. Barry,
we are happy that you are interested in becoming a member of our club, although you are a big fan of FC Liverpool.
For every home match you get a journal including the hottest news of our club sent to your home or you can read it directly as an e-Paper. You can read about the other advantages in the attached application.
If you want to become a member of our club, please complete, sign and submit the attached application back to us.
We are going to work on your application as soon as we get it back.
Many thanks and with best regards, [FC Bayern München]
Third Answer (Monday 04/07/2016, 10:36am) FC Hansa Rostock (3. Bundesliga)
Hello Mr. Barry,
your request is kind of unusual. You can't justify using facts why someone should be a fan of a certain club.
It would be the best if you pay a visit for a home match of FC Hansa Rostock and have a look if the "Hansa fever" is going to affect you.
Best regards, [FC Hansa Rostock]
Fourth Answer (Monday 04/07/2016, 11:25am) Fortuna Düsseldorf 1895 (2. Bundesliga)
Hello Shawn,
it is never going to be boring with Fortuna Düsseldorf. Something is going on all the time and mostly something unexpected is going to happen. Fortuna has a moving history between the first and the fourth tier. We have lots of fans who can remember the winnig of a national cup or the european cup final against Barcelona. We had an average attendance of 4000 people in the fourth tier and for lots of the younger fans the promotion during the play-offs 2012 to the first tier was the biggest success they have experienced with Fortuna. Right now the team is going to be rebuilt completely, so we can attack with young, enthusiastic and talented players in the second tier, after it went worse the last years from a sporting point of view. We are attractive for fans who like to visit home matches as we have an average attendance of 20.000 in the second tier, a nice atmosphere and affordable ticket prices in a modern arena. For away games usually 1000 of our fans are travelling with us, even on working days at 5:30 pm in Karlsruhe.
Have a look at us and see, if Fortuna fits to you -- that should be the only reason why you choose a club.
Many greetings, [Fortuna Düsseldorf 1895]
Fifth Answer (Monday 04/07/2016, 12:05pm) 1. FC Kaiserslautern (2. Bundesliga)
Dear Mr. Barry,
many thanks for your mail and your interest regarding 1. FC Kaiserslautern. We would be very happy if we could greet you soon as a fan in our stadium. The season's opener is against Hannover 96 on the 05/08/2016. We would be happy if you support us at this game. Of course you can participate in a stadium tour to get to know our stadium. You can find further information regarding our club on our homepage www.fck.de We would be glad to answer more of your questions.
Best regards, [1. FC Kaiserslautern]
Sixth Answer (Monday 04/07/2016, 13:48pm) Hamburger SV (1. Bundesliga)
Hello Mr. Barry,
we are very happy that you want to support a team in Germany as well and that you thought of our HSV in this case.
Just like the FC Liverpool the Hamburger SV is a traditional club with a century-long and incomparable history filled with success, emotions and setbacks, whereas all of them have strengthened us as a club. Especially the last years battling relegation were very exhausting for us, but here it was shown, what a great community the HSV family is and that we hold together in those rough times and keep believing in the HSV.
Furthermore in the last two to three years many processes have been initiated by us, so that we can experience again more successful times. We are working day by day for our HSV and we are taking a development, so that we can reestablish ourselves as a stable team in the Bundesliga and on European level.
We would be really happy if you accompany and support us on this difficult path.
Gladly I refer on the following two videos, which show how emotional our fans are. I think you can see clearly how much this club means to our fans:
Besides that I invite you to get to know more of our history. Extensive information regarding our HSV can be found on the homepage www.hsv.de
I wish you a very good start in this week and:
Nur der HSV! [Only the HSV!]
With blue-white-black greetings from the Volksparkstadion, [Hamburger SV]
Seventh Answer (Monday 04/07/2016, 14:07pm) SC Freiburg (1. Bundesliga)
Hello Mr. Barry,
why and how did you become a fan of the LFC?
Probably because you went to the stadium, love the atmosphere, find the club and his fans likeable. It would be the best if you get your own impression on the ground and experience the whole club. I don't want to advertise SC Freiburg and I don't want to persuade you to become a fan of our club. You become a fan with your heart and your soul -- so you should decide this for yourself.
Best regards, [SC Freiburg]
Eighth Answer (Monday 04/07/2016, 15:08pm) Arminia Bielefeld (2. Bundesliga)
Dear Mr. Barry,
first of all thank you very much for your request and your interest regarding the club. DSC Arminia Bielefeld is a club rich in tradition, which was already founded in the year 1905. Since this time football is extremely popular in this region and there are many local fans supporting this sport. Right now our club is playing in the 2. Bundesliga, but we are also known in the 1. Bundesliga for our great atmosphere during a matchday. You can get further information on our homepage www.arminia.de
We would be very happy if you support us.
With best regards from the SchücoArena, [Arminia Bielefeld]
Nineth Answer (Monday 04/07/2016, 15:55pm) FC Augsburg (1. Bundesliga)
Dear Mr. Barry,
our team and our fans should have given you enough arguments during both of our games in the Europa League against your club FC Liverpool. Those two games including the awesome encounter of our fans should be reason enough for you to decide yourself for our FC Augsburg.
We would be happy if you support our team in the WWK Arena.
With best regards, [FC Augsburg]
Tenth Answer (Monday 04/07/2016, 16:54pm) SSV Jahn Regensburg (3. Bundesliga)
Dear Mr. Barry,
many thanks for your message and your interest in SSV Jahn Regensburg.
Besides that we welcome you cordially in Germany.
You got an excellent preselection with SSV Jahn Regensburg.
As you are a fan of FC Liverpool, tradition and a rooting with the region and their fans is an important part for you. This tradition is being embodied by SSV Jahn Regensburg.
Let's start with our history, which dates back to the year 1886 and our football department was founded in the year 1907. Similiar to FC Liverpool, which was founded in the year 1892.
The social component is not insignificant for SSV Jahn Regensburg as well. With the project "Brücken für Regensburg" ["Bridges for Regensburg"] we engage ourselves socially and therefore contribute to a courageous and active society.
Besides that the SSV Jahn Regensburg has -- just like FC Liverpool -- unique and passionate fans, which support SSV Jahn Regensburg on away and home matches in our Continental Arena.
I hope that I was able to inspire you for SSV Jahn Regensburg and hope to see you soon as a guest in our stadium.
Best regards, [SSV Jahn Regensburg]
Eleventh Answer (Tuesday 05/07/2016, 7:39am) VfL Wolfsburg (1. Bundesliga)
Good Morning Mr. Barry,
many thanks for your e-mail.
I have following answers for you regarding your question why you should be a fan of our team :)
I would be glad if I could send you our book "Die Welt des VfL Wolfsburg" [The world of VfL Wolfsburg] so that you get to know more about our club. Please send me your address via mail. We would be happy to hear from you.
With sporty regards, [VfL Wolfsburg]
Twelveth Answer (Tuesday 05/07/2016 14:21pm) Borussia Dortmund (1. Bundesliga)
Dear Mr. Barry,
we got your e-mail via our service team and want to ask preventively, if you would like to become a member of our club.
You can see the advantages of our membership directly on our homepage www.bvb.de under the section "Mitgliedschaft" [membership].
We would be glad to help you regarding further questions.
Best regards, [Borussia Dortmund]
Thirteenth Answer (Tuesday 05/07/2016 15:02pm) Hertha BSC Berlin (1. Bundesliga)
Dear Mr. Barry, Dear Herthaner, many thanks for your request and your support.
Both of our youth teams have met during the last days in France and they talked with players of the same age from FC Liverpool. Funnily both clubs mingled and played a friendly match. Cool, isn't it? You are going to become a part of a big family (over 34.000 members) and you get to see international matches.
Furthermore we give our club members the opportunity for a pre-emptive right for the top home matches against Borussia Dortmund an Bayern München and for the away matches and cup games.
You can find an application formular for the membership online here http://www.herthabsc.de/de/hertha/mitgliedschaft/mitgliedsantrag/page/364-580-4--.html.
The monthly cost is only 7 Euro and can be paid every three, six or twelve months.
We eagerly await your membership application and welcome you today at Hertha BSC.
Blue-white greetings from the business office, [Hertha BSC Berlin]
Fourteenth Answer (Tuesday 05/07/2016 15:40pm) Bayer 04 Leverkusen (1. Bundesliga)
Hello Mr. Barry,
We could give you many arguments (material values, history etc.), but you should become a fan because of your passion and your love for the club and not because of arguments. Visit a home match from our club and just let convince yourself.
Sporty regards, [Bayer 04 Leverkusen]
Fifteenth Answer (Wednesday 06/07/2016 9:27am) VfL Osnabrück (3. Liga)
Good morning Mr. Barry,
we are very happy that you are thinking about becoming a fan of VfL Osnabrück.
So why should you become a fan of VfL Osnabrück? I want to be honest to you: we can't compete from a sporting view with a club like FC Liverpool. So there are definitely differences. But there are certain things, which are similiar in both clubs. Both are traditional clubs with enthusiastic fans. Although we have not as many fans like at the Anfield Road for home matches, but lots of fans (even from the opposing teams) and players (as well from the opposing teams) go into raptures because of the special atmosphere at the Bremer Brücke, a small, but very nice and dense stadium, which was built as one of the first stadiums in Germany after the English stadium style, with stands, where you can figuratively smell in the first row thee grass of the pitch.
Like probably in Liverpool you have to be capable of suffering regarding permanent success. The las twenty years were shaped by lots of promotions and relegations between the second and third tier. On the one hand every game counts, if you watch a match here, but on the other hand it can be pretty nerve-wrecking. But as a fan of FC Liverpool you should know, that you can only celebrate success if you know failure.
Furthermore is our recent chairman Dr. Hermann Queckenstedt a historian, who often worked with topics, which dealt with the relationship between football and Religion. In this context the FC Liverpool was represented in the museum of diocese in Osnabrück as a club which has religious roots.
Perhaps I was able to convince you, that the VfL Osnabrück is the right club for you. If not, you at least got some information regarding the VfL Osnabrück.
With purple-white greetings, [VfL Osnabrück]
Sixteenth Answer (Wednesday 06/07/2016 10:16am) 1. FC Heidenheim (2. Bundesliga)
Hello Shawn,
many thanks for your request and your interest for 1. FC Heidenheim 1846!
You can only like and support us! We are a small club, which worked his way up in the last years from the Landesliga [7th tier] to the 2. Bundesliga.
We are characterized by passion, emotions and success!
Many greeting from the Voith-Arena at Heidenheimer Schloßberg, [1. FC Heidenheim]
Seventeenth Answer (Wednesday 06/07/2016 17:01pm) 1. FC Nürnberg (2. Bundesliga)
Hello Shawn,
we don't think that such a casting of your favorite club is any expedient. Instead of that we would like to score with the event '1. FC Nürnberg' and recommend you to buy a ticket for one of our home games. Surely there the renowned spark should jump over.
We would be glad if you tell us afterwards of your experience.
Many greetings from the Club ['the Club' is a nickname for 1. FC Nürnberg]
Eighteenth Answer (Wednesday 06/07/2016 17:46pm) 1. FC Köln (1. Bundesliga)
Dear Mr. Barry,
many thanks for your message.
We are happy that you are a huge football fan and that you take great interest in German football.
I am sure that you have learned a lot about 1. FC Köln on your own.
If not, we are very happy that you want to know more about 1. FC Köln.
Because 1. FC Köln is not any club. This club is very special.
For instance because fans and members don't lose the passion even if w don't win titles.
Because our stadium is sold out even in the 2. Bundesliga. Because we have humour and can be very professional at the same time. You can feel this when our mascot Hennes arrives in the stadium. When the team wears carnival jerseys imprinted with a billy goat and the municipal coat, when our fans cheer when we have scored a goal to the sound of 'Trömmelsche' [regional song] and when the fans celebrate a player from Nigeria as a 'kölsche Jung' [person born in Cologne].
  1. FC Köln represents the heart and the soul of Cologne, the fourth biggest city of Germany.
There are 1400 fan clubs in Germany, but also in Belgium, England, Spain and even in Canada, Costa Rica and Nigeria are fans who have grouped themselves together. The club connects passion, 'kölsche' authenticity, loyality, will and professionalism.
Dear Shawn, we would be glad if you like to get your own impression of our club and if you would like to visit a public training of our team at the 'Geißbockheim' or if you would like to watch one of our home matches in RheinEnergieSTADION.
You get further information via social media, on our official homepage www.fc-koeln.de or on our FC-App for your smartphone.
We hope that we were able to give you some information regarding 1. FC Köln and we would be glad to welcome you at our club, because 1. FC Köln is noticeably different.
With heartily greetings, [1. FC Köln]
Nineteenth Answer (Thursday 07/07/2016 16:12pm) VfB Stuttgart (1. Bundesliga)
Dear Shawn,
We were very pleased about your message. Since you already are a big fan of Liverpool, you'll find much again from Anfield with us.
That makes us special: Special features and capabilities This makes the VfB Stuttgart so special and unique. Stories about success, about people and about symbols such as the coat of arms and the chest ring. Valuable features and capabilities - in the spirit of: preserve the glow and not the ashes. These values ​​are to each other all equally valuable - there is no more important or less important value. And they do not describe a status quo, but an ideal, it is necessary to work continuously and collaborate on its achievement.
Emotional home VfB is the pride of the whole region. Born in Cannstatt. In Stuttgart grown. In Württemberg at home. It offers people home and identity. Each has its own history with the VfB - and thus a place in the big VfB family that holds together in good times and in bad.
Confidence in their own offspring VfB is and remains a hotbed of talent. We invested heavily in our own offspring. Therefore, we are youth champions. Therefore, we remain home to the Junge Wilde [term for the youth players of VfB Stuttgart]. Therefore we develop more talents to professionals than any other club in Germany. And therefore we are a flagship of German youth development.
Soccer passion with tradition VfB is a myth. Because he is a veteran of German football and founding member of the Bundesliga. Because he has legendary players like Robert Schlienz, the Ranger brothers or the magic triangle in its ranks again. And because only he wears the red chest ring. For generations, it works out successes. And keeps its traditions alive.
Swabian high-performance culture VfB is a perfectionist. Because he is never satisfied and wants to get better. And he's a Doer because he also earned with great diligence even the smallest success. He has fun at what he does. And he does everything for what he loves: football.
Entrepreneurial skill VfB is an independent contractor. His strengths are typically Swabian virtues like ingenuity, will, courage and cleverness. His trump card is a first class environment with strong partners. His goal is to reinvent itself again and again with fresh ideas.
Model for other VfB is a nice guy. Not always without error, but always true to himself. It shows character and takes responsibility. He shows you personally socially engaged. And he shows everyone how to lead by example pioneers also in terms of decency and reliability. Or, as summed up by a fan from Glasgow at the UEFA Champions League match VfB Stuttgart against Rangers on 26 November 2003 in one sentence: "All around the world you are known as the football club with the red stripe!" If you find yourself in all this, we would be very pleased to welcome you as a fan of our VfB. We would be glad if yo contact us with further questions.
With white-red greetings, [VfB Stuttgart]
Twentieth Answer (Friday 08/07/2016 17:30pm) MSV Duisburg (3. Liga)
Dear Mr. Barry,
First we would like to thank you for your inquiry.
You, as a Liverpool fan, appreciate the tradition of football. Tradition is very important here in Duisburg. As a founding member of the Bundesliga with a 114 year history of the MSV Duisburg applies as one of the most traditional clubs in Germany.
The atmosphere that make our 8,000 members, together with the fans of the club at the home games in the Schauinsland-Arena is emotional and full of desire to win.
When the Zebras [term for the players of MSV Duisburg] are whipped to victory by the 31,500 spectators at a packed house, the football heart beats faster.
The fans of the club are down to earth, emotional, honest and give everything for their MSV. As great as the joy after a victory, so great is the mourning after a defeat. But the 12th man is always behind his team.
Of course, it is also important to identify the social sphere with the club. Through numerous projects and action, from the club as well as from the fans, the MSV Duisburg offers the possibility to work for good causes.
The promotion of youth is very important not only on a sporting level. Daily the club develops the youth players in social aspects, as well as in sports.
The MSV Duisburg is not only represented in senior football. The women's team of the club, which has been promoted to the 1. Bundesliga due to 22 wins in 22 games, is an attractive part of the club.
In addition to football you can cheer for MSV Duisburg in other sports as well, such as athletics, hockey, handball or judo.
Finally, let me say that you can not not only view football in Duisburg, but you can also find friends and can be part of a blue-white family.
I wish you a pleasant stay in Germany, all the best for the future and hope that you find the way to Duisburg soon.
Best regards, [MSV Duisburg]
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2014.09.07 18:00 EaglesMod [Game Thread] Week 1 - Philadelphia Eagles (0-0) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0)

Philadelphia Eagles (0-0) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0)


Enter the contest this week by going to this thread: Clicky Here
There may still be time to sign up for our /Eagles Survivor League: Clicky Here
Join us in IRC where we react to every play in real time... and say a players name when they do something: Clicky Here
Game Preview


The Rivalry between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles is a pretty non-existent one. Of their four meetings, the Jaguars have won all but one. Even though the Eagles have only won one game, they're only two points behind the Jaguars in total points scored. This is due to having close games when they lost, but a large 25 point margin when they won.
The head coach on the opposing sideline today certainly caught the attention of the Eagles’ head coach search.
Fans were ready to hop aboard the Gus Bus when it appeared as if the Eagles might be close to a deal with former Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. That was before Chip Kelly second-guessed his decision to return to Oregon and expressed interest in coming to Philadelphia.
Bradley might have missed out on the Eagles’ job, but he was promptly hired by Jacksonville to take over a Jaguars team that has not made the playoffs since 2007. Bradley helped mold the Seahawks’ defense into the dominating force it is today and now he is attempting to follow that same blueprint in Jacksonville. The modus operandi for this head coach is to earn the right to rush the passer.
The Jaguars used the third-overall pick in this year’s draft on quarterback Blake Bortles, but the team opted to be patient and start Chad Henne. In free agency, Jacksonville signed Toby Gerhart to be the team’s running back, replacing Maurice Jones-Drew.

The Jaguars didn’t go from worst to first like the Eagles did in their first year with Bradley. But with sound defense and a tough running game, the Jaguars are going to be a lot more difficult to defeat in 2014.

Season Updates
New to the 2014 Active Roster
Number Player Position Previously
1 Cody Parkey Kicker UDFA/Colts Trade
3 Mark Sanchez Quarterback Jets
11 Josh Huff Wide Reciever 3rd Round Draft Pick
23 Nolan Carroll II Cornerback Dolphins
27 Malcolm Jenkins Safety Saints
37 Jaylen Watkins Cornerback 4th Round Draft Pick
42 Chris Maragos Safety/Special Teams Seahawks
43 Darren Sproles Running Back Saints
47 Trey Burton Tight End UDFA
56 Bryan Braman Linebacker Texans
63 David Molk Center Chargers
66 Andrew Gardner Offensive Tackle Texans
81 Jordan Matthews Wide Reciever 2nd Round Draft Pick
90 Marcus Smith II Linebacker 1st Round Draft Pick
93 Brandon Bair Defensive End Eagles PS
94 Beau Allen Nose Tackle 7th Round Draft Pick
97 Taylor Hart Defensive End 5th Round Draft Pick
All Aboard The Chip Ship
Do you guys remember The Gus Bus?
Game Information

Time (EST):

1:00 PM Eastern
2:00 PM Central
3:00 PM Mountain
4:00 PM Pacific


Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia, PA

Weather at Kickoff:

  • Temperature: 73F
  • Feels Like: 73F
  • Humidity: 59%
  • Forecast: Partly Cloudy
  • Chance of Precipitation: 0%
  • Wind: NNE at 8 MPH

Betting Odds:

Oddsshark Information
Favorite/Spread: Eagles by -10.5
OveUnder: 52

Not Playing:

List of Questionable/Probables/Doubtful
List of Questionable/Probables/Doubtful
List of Inactive Players - Usually updates an hour before the start of the game.


CBS - Andrew Catalon, Steve Tasker, Steve Beuerlein (Field reporter)
TV Map - TV Coverage Map
The US Open is screwing with a lot of the viewing areas that would normally broadcast the game. Check the map, but you might be force to Stream the game.


FirstRow Sports
Serious Sports TV
Stream Hunter


Station Eagles Channel Jaguars Channel
Sirius Radio 132 (Internet 823) 84 (Internet 814)
XM Radio 232 (Internet 823) Internet 814
Sirius XM Radio 232 (Internet 823) Internet 814
Merrill Reese and Mike Quick
94WIP - Sports Radio - 94.1 FM & 610 AM
Affiliate Stations
Location Station Frequency
Allentown, PA WCTO-FM 96.1 FM
Levittown, PA WBCB-AM 1490 AM
Wilmington, DE WDEL-AM 1150 AM
Reading, PA WEEU-AM 830 AM
Sunbury, PA WEGH-FM 107.3 FM
Pottsville, PA WPPA-AM 1360 AM
Williamsport, PA WBZD-FM 93.3 FM
Harrisburg/York/Lancaster, PA WSOX-FM 96.1 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Wilkes-Barre / Scranton, PA WEZX-FM 106.9 and 107.3
Atlantic City, NJ WENJ-AM 97.3 FM/1450 AM
Milford, DE WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
If you are not in the area of broadcast you can use the TuneIn site/app to listen into the local stations
Series Information
Series Leader
Jacksonville Jaguars vs Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)
Coaches Record
Bradly: 0-0 against Eagles
Kelly: 0-0 against Jaguars
Coaches Head to Head
Gus Bradly/Chip Kelly: First Meeting
Quarterback Record
Nick Foles: Against Jaguars: 0-0
Chad Henne: Against Eagles: 0-0
Quarterbacks Head to Head
Chad Henne/Nick Foles: First Meeting
Points Scored
Jacksonville Jaguars leads the Philadelphia Eagles (80-82)
Records per Stadium
Record @ Lincoln Financial Field: Philadelphia Eagles ties Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1)
Record @ EverBank Field (Alltel): Jacksonville Jaguars lead the Philadelphia Eagles (2-0)
Rankings and Last Meeting Information
AP Pro 32 Ranking
Eagles No. 7 - Jaguars No. 30
Last Week (Preseason)
Jaguars: L 24-14 vs Falcons
Eagles: W 37-7 vs Jets
Last Meeting
September, 26 2010 - Eagles Beat Jaguars 28-3
Last Meeting Details
Click here to view the VIDEO RECAP
Click here to view the GAME BOOK RECAP
Coming off their win over the Lions the Eagles flew to EverBank Field for an Interconference duel with the Jaguars. The Eagles took the lead in the first quarter when QB Michael Vick made a 61-yard TD pass to WR DeSean Jackson. The lead was narrowed in the second quarter when kicker Josh Scobee made a 51-yard field goal. But the Eagles pulled away when Vick found WR Jeremy Maclin on a 16-yard touchdown pass and then a 45-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter. Then Vick scrambled 17 yards into the endzone for a touchdown.
With the win, The Eagles not only improved to 2–1, but also got their first-ever win over the Jaguars in four games.
Quick Notes
  • Vick's passing yardage is the fourth-highest total of his career.
  • Cole had two sacks for his 13th-career multi-sack game.
  • The Jaguars benched struggling CB Derek Cox for the second straight week. His replacement, David Jones, got beat for two big pass plays.
  • Garrard's 105 yards passing are his fewest since getting knocked out of a game early against Indianapolis in 2007.
  • This is the first time since 2007 that Jones-Drew hasn't scored in the first three games.
Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
09/26/2010 Philadelphia Eagles Jacksonville Jaguars 28-3
10/29/2006 Jacksonville Jaguars Philadelphia Eagles 13-6
10/06/2002 Jacksonville Jaguars Philadelphia Eagles 28-25
10/12/1997 Jacksonville Jaguars Philadelphia Eagles 38-21
Stat Information

2013 Statmilk

Statmilk for today's game: Philadelphia Eagles vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Stats (Starters/Leaders) - 2014 Preseason Stats

Eagles always listed first.


Foles 33 48 68.8% 304 2 3 73.6
Henne 25 38 65.8% 230 1 0 90.9


McCoy 11 43 3.9 0
Gerhart 16 51 3.2 0


Ertz 8 110 13.8 1
Lee 8 94 11.8 2


Name Sacks Team Total
Graham/Curry 2.0 7.0
Alualu 2 8.0


Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
Allen 10 7 3 0
Reynolds 12 6 6 0


Name Ints Team Total
Allen/Watkins/Williams/Carroll 1 4
Guy/Branch/Evans 1 3


Jones 11 510 57 46.4 42.7 4 1 5
Anger 10 457 52 45.7 40.7 4 2 3


Parkey 3 3 100% 55 3/3
Scobee 4 4 100% 49 2/2

Offense Rankings

Team Overall Rushing Passing
Eagles 0 0 0
Jaguars 0 0 0

Defense Rankings

Team Overall Rushing Passing
Eagles 0 0 0
Jaguars 0 0 0
Associated Press Information - Talking Points
  • QB CHAD HENNE has played in 25 games with 19 starts in 2 seasons with Jax., passing for 5,325 yards & 24 TDs. Originally drafted in Rd. 2 by Miami in 2008, has 2 career 3,000-yard seasons, including 3,241 yards in 2013…In 4 seasons with Min.,
  • RB TOBY GERHART rushed for 1,305 yards & 5 TDs on 276 carries (4.7 yards/att.). Also had 77 rec. for 600 yards (7.8 yards/rec.) & 3 TDs. In 6 career starts, averages 91.3 scrimmage yards per game (548 total; 405 rush, 143 rec.).
  • WR CECIL SHORTS III led team in catches (66) & yards (777) in 2013. In past 6 vs. NFC, has 485 rec. yards on 33 catches (14.7) average, including 2 100-yard games.
  • TE MARCEDES LEWIS has TD catch in 4 of past 5. Needs 3 rec. to become 4th player in club history with 300 rec. His 25 TD catches rank 3rd in Jags history
  • DE CHRIS CLEMONS spent 2 seasons with Phi. (2008-09). Had 10+ sacks in 3 of 4 seasons with Sea. (2010-13)…
  • Won NFC East last year. CHIP KELLY became 1st rookie head coach in franchise history to win division title
  • Team set franchise records for points scored (442), total net yards (6,676) & touchdowns (53) in 2013. Club had 4,110 pass & 2,566 rush yards & joined 1998 SF as only teams with 4,000+ pass & 2,500+ rush yards in season
  • Pro Bowl QB NICK FOLES led NFL in rating (119.2), avg. gain (9.12) & TD pct. (8.5) in 2013. Had 27 TDs & 2 INTs, best TD/INT ratio in NFL history. Foles’ 119.2 rating was 3rd best mark in season in NFL history
  • Pro Bowl RB LE SEAN MCCOY led NFL with 1,607 rush yards & 2,146 scrimmage yards last year, both franchise records. 1st Eagle to lead NFL in both categories in same season since HOFer STEVE VAN BUREN in 1948.
  • Since 2011, RB DARREN SPROLES leads NFL RBs with 232 rec., 1,981 rec. yards & 16 rec. TDs
  • WR RILEY COOPER had career-high 47 catches, 835 yards & 8 TDs last year. Averaged 17.8 yards per catch, 3rd best mark in NFL
  • LB DE MECO RYANS led team with 127 tackles in 2013.
  • LB MYCHAL KENDRICKS had 4 sacks & 3 INTs last year, 1st Eagle to accomplish feat in season since 1996. Led NFL with 4 defensive FR.
  • LB TRENT COLE led team with 8 sacks in 2013. Has 79 career sacks, 2nd most in team history.
Additional Thread Information - IRC - Bar Wiki
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5 Dating Apps for Friends with Benefits - YouTube ONLINE DATING // HER DATING APP - YouTube Dating Apps Are STUNTING Young Men - YouTube Which Is The Best Dating App? HONEST review! - YouTube HINGE DATING APP  I made ANOTHER dating profile! Ellen's Dating App Advice - YouTube ProHenis - YouTube Gold Digger  Trailer  Premiär 16/1 på C More

‎happn — Dating app on the App Store

  1. 5 Dating Apps for Friends with Benefits - YouTube
  3. Dating Apps Are STUNTING Young Men - YouTube
  4. Which Is The Best Dating App? HONEST review! - YouTube
  5. HINGE DATING APP I made ANOTHER dating profile!
  6. Ellen's Dating App Advice - YouTube
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  9. Positive Singles: iOS & Android App Review (#1 Herpes & STD Dating App)
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