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Like endlessly pushing a good-guy Roman Reigns at fans for years and years, much of it just started to not feel organic. This, partially, has to play a role in ratings dipping. Hot ones is back and spicier than ever baby! Former VP and Democratic Nominee Joe Biden decided to emerge from his bunker to eat some wings, guzzle some milk, and talk about his campaign strategy...which seems to also involve wings and milk for some reason. Facebook has run into hot water with regulators over data breaches that compromised users' sensitive information. Facebook says, 'by integrating Oculus with Facebook’s infrastructure, we’re ... Hot or Not - chat, date and meet with over 485 million people. Join our community and make new friends in your area. That’s not who I am, and I wanted to show that, because I’m very proud of the woman I am and what I’ve created. I’m discussing things I’ve never even told my own sister, parents, best ... Actions respond to court orders. It applies to all platforms, not only Facebook.” For its part, Facebook says it plans to mount a legal challenge against the government’s order, saying it was forced to remove the Royalist Marketplace group after being threatened with legal action and describing the order as a violation of human rights law. Facebook’s ability to shape, not merely reflect, people’s preferences and behavior is also how the company makes money. The company might suggest to a video game developer that tweaking its ... PORTALES, N.M. (KRQE) – A mother and daughter sentenced to 30 plus years in prison for the death of an infant at their daycare, want their convictions thrown out or a new trial. Their attorne… Enter your Hot or Not account details to sign in and chat with new people around you! Federal hot water for Facebook over emotional manipulation experiment. ... it is not clear whether Facebook users were adequately informed and given an opportunity to opt in or opt out.


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Any sexy or hot pictures you find of girls on Facebook. No nudity pictures, as this would not be Facebook material

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Pictures, videos, articles and questions featuring and about cats.

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Tell Redditors who you think they are based on their picture.

2020.09.20 21:38 Johny_MP Someone stole my body, but I’m no longer alone.

Alright, since the last post I’ve decided to get help. It's been a rough couple of days. Not gonna lie. I think Sophie is the best help I’m going to get... The only help I’m going to get.
Leaving the apartment complex, I roamed the streets for some time. Thinking of what I’ll say to Sophie. To be completely honest I’m not entirely sure she’ll believe me, but a girl has to try right? Really hope she doesn’t pepper spray me again.
On another note; I haven’t eaten! like all day, and my stomach is gurgling loudly, to the point that people are noticing, and giving me weird eyes. It’s extremely weird, because if you were to look at me you’ll probably think to yourself that I never have missed a meal in my life.
I’m currently typing this while inside a Krispy Kreme. The smell of the fresh donut and early coffee- make me salivate. All that sugar and fat can’t be good for you. My body however, was a temple. But given that this isn’t my body, I’ll indulge. I bought a pink covered glaze, sprinkle doughnut, with whatever change I had left… holy fuck was that good. I haven’t eaten delicious treats like these in years. And looking at my current body you’d think I’m joking, but I’m not.
What would make this better is if I had enough money for a small coffee. I could use the boost. As I savored the moment, chewing slowly unsure of when my next meal would be or rather when it will be. These two girls walked in. Sitting two rows in front of me, giggling and smiling. I wouldn’t pay them anything attention, until they said my name. Apparently I’m the hot gossip.
“Hey, have you heard about this girl named, Stella Muir?” Said one of the girls.
“ No, who’s that?” Her friend replied.
“How have you not heard,” she giggled. “Okay, so this girl, named Stella Muir. Is posting rants about, how men are vulture, you know like all they want is one thing and it’s fucking disgusting.”
“Like what?”
“She claimed that her boyfriend, this guy named Randall, sexually abused her while she was drunk. I’ve heard stories of the guy, and he’s a real sweetheart from what people say.”
She’s right, Randall is a sweetheart, and he would never do anything to harm me. Kathys is making false allegations towards my man. “ Oh, what kind of person would do that?”
“It’s like we know you want attention, you don’t need to do that to get it.” The girls giggled and drank their morning coffee.
I stormed out, with a thunder in my step. “Damn it.” I thought, what does she think she’s doing, this isn’t a game. It’s my life she’s fucking with. I searched up my Facebook, and Twitter, and instagram. All of which had posts, some recent others a couple hours. On Facebook she… she posted something awful of my dad.
“To my late father,” he died three years ago, from cancer. “I am truly grateful that you longer live among us. You were a disgusting person, a manipulator. Who constantly, and secretly abuses me. I hope you rot in hell.” The comments from that post were devastating, my family never wants to see me again, I’ve been disowned. My mother replied on this post and- well let’s just say I’m no longer invited to thanksgiving this year.
Recovering from this is going to be difficult, but I have to try right? Clear my name and all that, I just need someone on my side. Really hope Sophie hears me out. I’ll update soon guys.
Okay, a few hours have gone by since Kathy's post about my late father. I’m currently at the park. The reason for me being here is that Sophie runs along a trail in the park every Saturday. I’m nervous as to what I’ll say. ‘Hey Sof, it’s me. Please don’t call the cop.’ A few minutes later she came.
She wore her running outfit; a sports bar with black shorts, her hair tied up and she had her headphones on. Using a nearby tree to stretch, as I snuck behind her, she sprinted. And so I ran after her.
Trying to catch up to her as she ran proved difficult as I’m not in the most athletic body. Would it hurt to dial it back on the food, Kathy. I’m sorry for the crude jokes, it’s just- I guess I’m processing all of this. Anyways, as I ran after her; the lungs in my body almost collapsed from the sheer exhaustion and the presumably strain lifestyle Kathy had chosen.
She stood about twenty feet from me, I called her name, but she couldn’t hear me due to her headphones. Slowly I crept behind her and tapped her shoulder. She turned to face me and as she looked her eyes a gap between horror and the realization of a potentially dangerous crazy lunatic who thinks she’s Stella Muir.
“No” she whispered, “No! Get away.” She said more loudly reaching into her pockets.
“Sophie,” I said, easing back, with my hands up. “Please, hear me out. I’m Stella. It’s hard to explain, but it’s me!”
“Oh, yeah totally. Stella is a new freaking body”
“Well- this is somewhat explainable… just hear me out okay. I’ll- I’ll tell you something only I know. Only Stella knows.”
The brief tension around us shortened, and I was afraid that it would rise again. But I took this time to explain.
“We met in highschool. We were in the same homeroom, our advisory teacher was Mrs. Gil.-”
“Okay and? You could've just searched that up in the yearbook.”
“Please, just let me finish. One day we went to a party. Kyle threw it, I think… No I’m sure! You and I needed to use the bathroom and we went to find it and accidentally opened Kyles' parent room. Do you remember what we saw?”
Sophie appears puzzled, but not of confusion, but realization. “We didn’t know Kyle mom was home. She was having a blast of a time with Tommy the little Hmong kid. We never told anyone. I don’t why? Maybe because he finally found someone who didn’t find him irritating.
“I- How? How can you know that?”
“Because it’s me. We’re besties, you have a dog named, Lindsay. You became a vegan for all of two days because deep down you're a meat eater. You think cold play is still relevant… and you are my friend, so please believe me.
“I don’t exactly know how, or why. But I do know who. Can we sit. I’m tired.”
Sitting down, on a bench we spoke, and I could tell Sophie was still hesitant to my claims that I was who I said I am. Having her next to me was nice, I’m not alone anymore.
“So... You’re different.” She said, “ Yeah, that's one way of putting it.”
“You have no idea how this happened?”
“Not a clue. However I do know who did it. Kathy Huff. This is her body. Do you remember her?”
“Vaguely. Wait, was she the one who sat alone, at lunch.”
“Yep, that’s her.”
“Huh, And she did this to you, why?”
“I’m not entirely sure just yet, but when I find her I’ll make her talk. Right now I need your help. I need a place to stay and I’m starving, believe it or not. Can we talk in our dorm?”
“About that… I reported you to campus security.”
“Really- look I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you. This is a Freaky Friday situation you’re dealing with. We can rent a room. I’m sure there’s a motel around here.”
Sophie looked up a motel, Not going to name the one she found. Don’t want you guys finding me. Don’t want her finding me. As much as I want to find her I think it’s best if I’m the one seeking, who knows what she’s capable of. And I need the element of surprise.
Shopie drove us to the motel, and I took this time to explain everything, from the moment I woke up in that crummy apartment building, to now. I don’t think she understands, then again neither do I, it sorta funny thought. The way Sophie looks at me. I can tell she’s weirded out by this. Seeing your friend in a completely different body is something you normally don’t see. It's like an episode of Black mirror.
“So- hi I know this is strange.”
“Yeah that’s a word for it.”
“Have you talked to me. The other me, the fake me.”
“ I did, we had a tiff.”
“I don’t know, it was out of the blue, I wasn’t the only one. You probably haven’t heard this but people think you're a bitch, like a speak to your manager bitch.”
“She’s trying to ruin my life.”
“Why? What did you do.”
“Nothing. I mean I never bullied her like the others.”
“Well. She picked the wrong one. We’re going to get your body back. Trust me.”
“You said I had a tiff with some of our friends about what exactly happened.”
“It’s a long list but after you called me. the fake you. Said some color words not very PC and shit. Also they got into a fight with Marcy, you punch her in the face.”
“Yeah. You know after you come into the dorm and freak me out. I called you. You sounded brazen, not in a good way. Like you didn’t care anymore. It didn’t sound like you.
We stopped at a red light, peering out the window I spotted a café, my stomach once again made the noise of an erupting volcano. “You hungry?” Sophie said, “ Very.” Entering the cafe Sophie told me to pick anything I wanted to eat, and so I did; ordering four sandwiches, one soup, a drizzle cake and a salad, for good measure. She only ordered the salad, the total came up to 56.34$ which I offered to pay her back once I got my body back.
Seeing her face as I demolish the food in front of me. Was embarrassing as she never really thought of me pigging out. However doing so felt amazing. The taste of it all was scrumptious. By the end I had crumbs on my shirt and pants and my belly had become slightly larger. I offer Sophie a slice of the drizzle cake handing her a spoon, she takes a piece and mediately drops it. “Oh, crap! Sophie, this has peanuts in it.”
“Oh, fuck.”
“Breathe okay, do you have your pen.”
“Shit, I’m calling the ambulance.” As Sophie dail I stopped her, “wait.”
“I’m fine, ha, I’m fucking fine. Kathy isn’t allergic.”
“She isn’t allergic, but I am… my real body of course. Maybe we can use this.”
“How exactly.”
“I don’t know yet, but we should take this cake with us.”
“You scared the shit out of me!” She giggled, after that ordeal we spent some time at the cafe, just talking. It felt normal, if only for a brief moment. Once we finished we went to the motel, it wasn’t a five star by any means but it’ll work. I finally got the chance to shower, as I did Sophie went back to the sorority to get some belongings.
A part of me wanted to tell her to bring my clothes, but they sure as hell ain’t going to fit. She’s going to buy me some larger clothes.
In the shower I felt weird seeing the nude body of Kathy Huff. It's not to say she isn’t beautiful, it's not what I’m implying, it's more like a stranger observation. Peeking through someone's eyes, feeling the water hit their skins as if it was my own, every drop.
Looking in the mirror never felt weirder, I know it's a common cliche you look in the mirror and don’t see yourself. I think for me it’s a bit different.
After an hour Sophie came back, with fresh clothes, a phone charger. Because my phone was about to die typing this, and food. “Though you might be hungry again.” Trying not to take that as an insult… I ate the food she brought. As I was eating Sophie told me she ran into Alex. She’s a friend of our and apparently Kathy was looking for Sophie. “She was at our dorm, Stella, and she was looking for me. I’m scared shitless.”
“Why is she looking for you?”
“I don’t know.”
“Maybe she's trying to get an edge on you, figure you out. Ruin your life like she’s doing to me.”
“What are you saying, she’s going to swap bodies with me?”
“Maybe- I don’t know. Hell I don’t even know how this is possible.”
“God this is just freaky. I’m just glad you’re here, I’m longer lonely.” Sophie chuckled, “I’m here for you, no matter what body you are in.”
“Thanks.” We smiled like we’ve done before, and although it felt strange, there was a glimmer of reassurance.“Hey, Sophie. I found a clue as to where Kathy may be, or at least where she may have gotten the… tools to pull this off. It’s at a house, I think it’s her grandma's house.” By this point I had already shown Shopie the pictures of the shed, and of the ominous claw. Thankfully she’s decided to join me. I don’t know what we’re going to find. If anything at all, but it’s a start.
Someone stole my body, and I know who.
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2020.09.20 17:27 pistanthrophobia8162 I had a confidence boost in a location I never expected.

So, I've dealt with low self-esteem all my life. One of my fondest memories of a kid is having my brothers tell me about how fat and ugly I was until I started crying uncontrollably. Another is have classmates tell me I wasn't even close enough to being a hot chick when I wore some shirt that had holes in the shoulders with long sleeve. I never wore the shirt again despite it being one of my favorites. Another is a dude telling me I was too ugly to date. Fast forward into adulthood. I don't have social media like Facebook/IG/etc. due to being self conscious about my appearance. Reddit... you are my home sweet home. Now, I don't really date, but I enjoy talking to people. I deal with the public for work, but no one close to my age and this quarantine has taken my social interactions away. So, it's work, come home, eat, sleep and repeat. That being said....I downloaded a "dating/talking" app just so I could talk to different people. I've never done this before so I was winging it. I did the usual pick out your photos. I did a post workout one, goofy one, dressed up one with make up on, and just a plain jane selfie. I put my phone down and went about my day not thinking anything would happen. In less than 6 hours I had OVER 400+ likes, swipes, or whatever you want to call them. I was floored. My DMs were all about how beautiful/pretty/gorgeous I was. Now I know a lot of them are just horn dogs/hell even bots, but was so overwhelmingly positive about just my appearance that I didn't know how to respond to it so my bright idea was to just delete the app. Even though I deleted the app, I'm going to lie to myself and tell myself that all of these people were actually humans that said "Hey, she looks nice. I'mma click on her." It was a confidence boost I wasn't expecting, but was much needed. I'm still not going to have a big head about myself, but I might question it the next time I think I'm ugly.
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2020.09.20 15:16 Joker_ERP [M4A] (A playing as F) New to smut RP come check out my ideas!

Hey there! I’m fairly new to the smut rp scene however I figured I’d jump in and give it a go. I’ve written out a few starters along with my ideas on each. I’m open to change or do other ideas too so feel free to talk to me about those : ).
As for my replies. I write in first person mainly and my reply length varies. I generally do anything from a few sentences to a paragraph or more and generally require my partner to do the same. Fair warning the less you reply with the less interested I’ll be in rping with you. (Not looking for a few words as a response)
I enjoy having a story to go along with the smut so it’s not just constant sex, some cute or action driven moments are fun as well. I mainly do my rps on kik, discord or here. I also have an RP facebook account, so feel free to ask for my users for those! : )
My kinks and limits list might be a big read, but none are compulsory. I’m just here to have fun and hopefully meet some cool rp partners : )
Kinks: Harems (Which might be obvious with my post), Incest, Outercourse (Which is stuff like titjobs, thigh jobs, grinding, hot dogging) Risky public spaces (Toilet stalls, changing booths. That kinda thing where people could get caught.) Facials, Freckles (Face and body). Big/nicely shaped bums (Especially if they jiggle). Creampies, Cum on tits/body, big cumshots, Thigh high socks. Mutual desire for sex.
Limits: Pregnancy (Hard limit sorry), Vomit, Piss, Blood, Toilet stuff, Rape, Gangbangs (Unless it’s multiple females) Male on Male.
There might be more that I’m forgetting so if you’re unsure feel free to ask me! The rougher side of sex like Name calling, slapping choking spanking I can all do as well! : ) Without further ado let’s jump into the starters!
Disclaimer: I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+
Idea 1: My Harem (Hero) Academia.
(So my character will be a transfer into Class 1-A. His power is the power of persuasion. With the power he’s able to convince someone to do something as if it’s their own will. However, he’s hesitant to use it on other people and to tell everyone he even has it as he’s been outcast at his last school for the villainous nature of his quirk. As such he can’t use it to its full extent and can only issue small commands to begin with.
My idea with this is that one or more (cannon or non) of the girls decide to help him out in a private setting and overtime it gets more and more sexual in nature. And as he becomes more confident, he’s able to issue more longer-term commands. This can also be mixed in well with some story and some action to keep the plot interesting.)
Starter: It was a day which started like most others in Class 1-A. The students got ready in the dorms and headed to class to chat among themselves while they waited for Aizawa to enter. However, unlike most days there seemed to be an extra desk placed in the room. The seat caused some confusion which didn’t last long as the first bell rang and Aizawa entered the room.
“Morning everyone.” He stated in his mainly bored and sleepy tone which seemed to sound like he was stifling a yawn. “Today we’ve got a new student transferring in from another school. He’s from Shiketsu, some of you may recognize the name since it’s got the same level as prestige as U.A. but regardless make sure he feels welcome.” He said pointing a sweeping stare at everyone and finally resting on the problem child of the U.A class Bakugo.
With that he fell silent and I felt it was my cue to enter. Swallowing a little at the nerves I steeled them quickly and entered. My blue eyes sweeping over some of the familiar faces in the room. Many of the students had standout performances in the UA sports festival and as well in the news reports about the villain attack on the training camp.
I had a lot to live up to if I wanted to join these legends in training but regardless, I was determined to do just that. Breathing a little and shifting my auburn hair from my eyes I smiled the best I could. “My name is Schwarzer, Chris Schwarzer. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” I say bowing to the class.
Satisfied with the introduction Aizawa nodded to the spare seat in the room. Taking that as an order I nodded back and headed over to my seat sitting down and getting my books out. Curiously I turned to the seat next to me noticing one of the girls in the class and gave her a slight smile as Aizawa began his lesson.
Idea 2: Fantasy harem adventure. (This one is fairly basic in nature. Basically, a young man with little combat experience leaves his poor hunting village once he’s of age and sets off to join the adventurer’s guild to make a name for himself and also to send money back home. He’s fairly modest, naive and kind hearted. Which makes him likable and easy to take advantage of.
We could add a story with war elements, racism and darker themes to show him that the world he idolizes isn’t as cracked up as he thought it’d be. Ideally, I’d like a full harem party for this one but I’m cool with one on one too.)
Starter: It had been a few days since I was finally able to leave the small village, I was raised in behind me. Sword on hip and keen to become an adventurer. Of course, I also wanted to make a name for myself and I was even more excited to see everything the world had to offer. With driving me forward I headed from my village over to the closest city which had a guild branch. A city called Ruan. It was nearly five times the size of my village if not more and yet it was nothing close to the capital city of Grancel.
Smooth dirt paths soon gave way to cobblestone and my boots clacked rhythmically against the pavement as my steps soon got faster and faster as Ruan came into view. My stomach was in knots as I gripped the straps on my bag tightly and after steeling my nerves and taking in the sight of the large city, I headed through the large stone arch to the busy streets beyond.
My excited eyes looked around at every nook and cranny as I took in every detail that was on offer. Soon coming across the large marble and wood building of the adventurer’s guild in front of me. I stood in front of the large building clearly awestruck and for a moment I felt completely overwhelmed. This was it. This was the first step I was going to take on my journey and yet I felt far too nervous to head inside. Instead I stood there shaking slightly as I tried to work up the courage to push those large oak doors aside and declare my presence to the world.
Idea 3: Man of the town. (So again the premise is also pretty basic. My character wakes up in a town where there’s no men, as if they all vanished at once. Including his father which leaves him home alone with his sister and mother. (It’s up to you if you want incest in the plot or not.) We can have a story with an element of mystery to it too if you want! Or we can just bounce around the town having him bonk as many different people as you want. )
Starter: It’s been a few weeks since all the men in the town vanished one day. One day they were there and the next they were gone. There was of course a panic even though it is much calmer than originally, it continues to creep in the back of everyone’s mind. It doesn’t help the fact that no outsiders have come into the town and some strange thick fog seems to stop everyone from leaving.
However, with no answers it was left to the women of the town to pick up the slack and try to push for some level of normalcy. Except for me it seemed. Since the whole act started, I was in lockdown not being free to leave my home since my mother and sister was much too paranoid that I’d disappear too. With the amount of time I spent indoors going stir crazy I began to wonder if it was better to be wherever the rest of them are.
Today was different though and finally I was given the chance to leave the house while my mother was careless and rather quickly, I headed out into the street just glad to take in the scenery as I headed over to a nearby park. I headed over the soft grass feeling it beneath my shoes and then to the pond where I took a seat on one of the mounted benches.
Idea 4: Zombie and Nuclear Apocalypse. (Not a whole lot to say here other than it’s one of your run of the mill Zombie/Nuclear apocalypse scenarios. I might toy with the idea of having multiple zombie types like games such as Dying light and Left for dead in order to spice things up a little but we’ll see where we go with it. As for nuclear I’ll probably be following along the Fallout franchise. Being part of these worlds will probably make my character a bit more brash, blunt and even a little rude. However, given some time he’ll warm up.)
Zombie Starter: No one knows quite when the outbreak started, however it swept over the globe causing panic. People eating people. People dying and coming back to life as a shambling corpse joining the armies of similar creatures. Society crumbled over time and the cities which were now hot zones for hordes of the undead creatures were left abandoned to all but the most daring or desperate of individuals. However, these rabid hordes weren’t the only thing to look out for in the apocalypse.
Society had begun to reform in its most primal form. People grouped together for safety. Those who just wanted to live peacefully became easy prey for those who saw the end of the world as we knew it as a playground to kill pillage and steal what they’d like. These bandits created their own factions with their own fortresses and seemed to have an endless supply of guns and ammo as they used it quite liberally.
I had been on the trail of a particularly nasty group of bandits as they razed whatever small settlements, they had to the ground callously and without mercy. I had just arrived at one of these towns. Dying people lay scattered about while fires licked at the makeshift buildings. It was still quite fresh. Approaching a nearby body which seemed to be moving slightly I turned it over the man was in bad shape and was clearly on death’s door. His eyes looking into mine in a pleading sense.
“Do you want me to make it quick?” I asked him reaching my left hand down to my machete which hung on my belt. Weakly his hand reached out to grip my right as he gave a nod. I knew the death wouldn’t be clean, as I unsheathed my blade. However, I couldn’t waste any ammo on my pistol nor could I risk tipping off the bandits that did this that I was following them. With a quick swing I slammed the blade into the head of the man ending his life and after wiping the blade off on his shirt I slid it back into its sheath my eyes scanning the immediate area for any of the undead which had turned or for a slim chance of getting a glimpse of survivors.
Nuclear Apocalypse Starter:
The world as we knew it ended in a flash. A white light followed by a rumble which washed over the world in nuclear fire. Billions died then and there reducing the worlds population to the brink. Those who were lucky to survive a direct blast were mutated to become much different than humans and more akin to zombies. Those outside of it didn’t have much quality of life as the radiation created mutated creatures which made living in a barren wasteland that much harder.
There were others however who were lucky enough to be given a spot in giant underground vaults. There they lived out their lives separated from the horrors that this new world wrought. One by one these vaults opened to allow these vault dwellers into the wasteland that was our world.
Their blue suits and clueless natures made them stand out and become easy prey to raiders, giant creatures and everything in between. Many of them didn’t get far before being gutted and robbed for their illusive vault suits which earned enough to feed a scavenger or bandit for a month.
The world and society began to rebuild. And with small settlements and towns popping up here and there it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the wasteland. Many were able to create jobs in local milita, mercenary work. Even trading or bartending.
I was such a mercenary a few generations of my family lived through the bombing and the radiation which was lucky enough for me, I guess. I was hired to do whatever someone wanted for the right price. And today I was tasked with delving into a recently opened vault and check make contact with the inhabitants inside.
Colt python on my waist I headed over to the large vault door which at this point was sealed shut and knocked loudly. This job seemed rather easy and was paying a lot which made me wonder who I was working for and what purpose they had with these vault dwellers. However, I wasn’t paid to ask questions nor did I really care at the end of the day. The less I knew the less guilt I could feel.
Idea 5: Brother sisteMother son (Or both).
(So, this starter is gonna be fairly generic, however it’s open to allowing any of the familial ties to be easily included. I have a few ideas for immediate family and will post them below and if you have any ideas, I’m happy to hear them.)
Starter: It’s a hot and lazy day in the middle of summer break. I had laid splayed out on the couch at home. Despite the air conditioner being on full blast my skin underneath my tank top was getting stuck to the leather couch; which did little to alleviate the heat fluster that was going on. I sighed after looking over the back of the couch to the pool outback longingly. I sighed a little resigning myself to bite the bullet and peeled myself from the couch.
As much as I wanted to strip down and run out, I wasn’t entirely sure if I was home alone and as such, I headed up to my room to change into a pair of swimming trunks before heading back downstairs. Passing through the laundry and grabbing a towel on the way.
I headed onto the back deck and draped my towel over the railing before I rushed over and leapt into the pool immediately feeling the cool water wash away any of the heat I had been feeling. I resurface and breathed a sigh of relief as I pushed my messy hair back from my face.
Idea 6: Aunt/Cousin. (Can be both) Again like the incest scene above I’m not quite sure how to spruce this one up so I’ll leave it rather basic and we can go from there.)
Starter: My family has gone on holiday without me as I had to stay behind due to being caught up in exams. Rather than meeting up with them later they decided it would be more fun for me if I finished them up then headed over to spend some time with my Aunt and my cousin across the county. While I wouldn’t be leaving the country, I was still getting a vacation in a way and as such I tried my best to be upbeat and positive about it, even if I was envious of the others.
While it wasn’t the same pristine beaches and high-class resorts that the rest of my family was going to, I was still grateful for the hospitality. The plane lands in the airport and after collecting my bags and checking my phone for a confirmation I was going to be picked up I sent my family and my aunt and cousin a quick text telling them I landed safely. After gathering my small suitcase from the conveyor belt, I wheeled it through security and out to the meeting area keeping my eyes peeled for any sign of my cousin or my auntie. There was a little confusion about who was going to greet me so I wasn’t sure who to expect myself.
Idea 7: Incest family vacation. (So this one is again going to be like the other two before it. They kinda roll off each other in a way. However, I believe it allows for a wide range of engagements with multiple characters at some kind of beach resort.)
Starter: It’s the dead middle of another scorching summer and rather than tough it out in our homes which has air-conditioning which never seemed to help, our large family decided to all go to a large resort (Could even be a cruise too) together. Many of the rooms were rather luxurious and I was more than excited to see what the rest of the hotel had to offer.
We pulled up into the lobby and while the parents were checking in I headed over to check out a map on the wall. It seemed there were quite a lot of different things to do around the resort. There was a pool with a poolside bar, a beach which had volleyball games, a massage parlour, hot tubs and many different activities ranging from native dances to eating competitions.
Just the realization we were here and the excitement at the many possibilities that could come from the vacation. Maybe I’d even meet someone nice and have a vacation fling. Although with so many family members running around, I doubted that I’d get much peace to do that. Regardless I was eager to get up to the room, have a shower and change into my swimming trunks to explore all the different places.
We headed up to the rooms where I noticed mine had a large double bed. However, judging by my mother’s comments outside It seemed there was some kind of mix-up in the rooms and I’d be sharing the room with one of my family members. Not that I minded too much. I placed my suitcase down and waited to see who would come in and if they were interested in joining me look around.
Closing words: So yeah that’s about it! Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or suggestions, I’m open to hearing them! I know this was probably a big read so thanks again for your time and I hope to talk to some of you soon!
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2020.09.20 10:46 msign Turning a 15 years forgotten 700sqm garden into a wildlife sanctuary in the city centre (Prague, Czechia)

Turning a 15 years forgotten 700sqm garden into a wildlife sanctuary in the city centre (Prague, Czechia)
In the spring we started to work on a long-forgotten garden almost in the centre of Prague, Czechia. So far, I've just been lurking here, seeing all those great posts, plants and other creations, but I think we can be a little proud of what we've done so far and I hope you will like it. 😊
We tried to sow one half of the terrace (pictured - out of about 16) with meadow flowers, while we are dealing with weed and blackberries that have long since turned into wood. We have also temporarily planted a tiny pond with a solar powered filter, which is often visited, especially on these hot days.
To our surprise, 25 bird species and then foxes, martens, hedgehogs, squirells and slow worms are running around the garden. We did not expect this in Prague, so close to the city centre. 😅
Our goal is to make the garden a refuge for existing animals (and new ones shall they find their way in), a wildlife garden.
Pictured is what the terrace looked like before and now, and the green woodpecker that has become a regular visitor. We are planning to add next year a bee hive too, we had several bumblebee nests this year.
Recently we have setup a 24/7 live stream from the bird feeder, so anyone (including us when we are not there) can enjoy the view and the bit of nature, especially when they might be locked at home (because of COVID or so).
YouTube stream if interested: and if you want to follow on facebook.
It's a joy to watch nature thrive. 😍
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2020.09.20 08:53 mywoesandthoughts This is How Noxious Comments on Social Media Changed Me

Dear Social Diary,
Today, I was checking notifications on YouTube. It has made me apprehensive in a way that I feel anxious. That everytime I log in, I may find a leachrous comment waiting for me. I didn't know that my one short comment on a well-known Youtuber's channel, would make me dip in a thorn full of obscene remarks. That something which made me laugh, would make my smile disappear in a jiffy. Not just this but the social accounts I used to have, would resurface someday that was meant to be forgotten forever - would haunt me the experience of those memories like a nightmare.
Five months ago, as I was browsing some videos on YouTube, I stumbled on a funny video of a Youtuber I follow. I have had watched all of their videos on their channel but this one I had missed somehow that I immediately tapped on it and watched the seven minutes clip. From their video, there was a catchy phrase that stood out from the script. It stuck with me and I decided to post a comment, only typing that particular line and few laughing emojis. I thought this was hilarious, so I posted a comment and moved on to other channels. I don't stream YouTube regularly. I do occassionally when I feel like because I easily feel bored of same things and look for something new that could pique my interest. Some days went by. I was scrolling for some mails on Gmail when in the social bar, a notification from YouTube was sent to me. I didn't think much. I thought it may be some other promotional video that may have uploaded new on YouTube. As soon as I clicked to delete that mail, I saw there was a literal notification made on my post that I had commented on that Youtuber's channel. I pressed on it and saw that some users had replied to my post - asking where I'm from, what's my cell number, asked to be a partner to them, whether I'm in a committal relationship, am I available to sex chat on instagram, what's my religion, as such. It bulged my eyes out. I thought what extraordinary did I post there that I got such gross comments? I didn't even expressed my personal opinion. It was only a phrase used in the video, that's it. Pretty much, absolutely it! When I was redirected to the comment section on YouTube, it didn't strike me why would users do such thing? Then it hit me that my gmail id with my legit profile photo was associated there. My profile picture was the reason that got me such lurid replies.
I felt - scared. Anxious that I have to remove those hideous replies. But YouTube doesn't have that feature to my problem. I can only report them and block necessary accounts but cannot remove them completely. It was not in my hands entirely to oust them. I frantically searched on Google settings for making my profile invisible but if I did so, there would be less chances of identification for professional reasons that I had my gmail account. I could have made another mail id. I could have switched from my present account. But something stopped me. I put my phone down and thought, "Am I running again?"
The thought winded me back to the day I first opened my new social handle on Facebook. I was in ninth grade when the hype for social media in 2009 rushed like a storm among my classmates. I wasn't savvy to know about Facebook, Rediff or Orkut that time but I was aware of the popularity they were gaining on the web. I was more of a fan of watching music videos on VH1 and enthuse in anime shows on Animax. One day, my peers were discussing of the massive likes and impressive friend list they had on their page. That almost everyone from our school were on Facebook, updating some cool pictures and their relationship status (this was a big thing). Since, I wasn't warmly welcomed, as I have mentioned in my previous post, 'Body Shaming That Keeps Gesticulating', I thought I should try be friends online, if offline is not working for me. As soon as I registered on Facebook, so many recommend users popped on my page. From my school mates to their friends of friends and from my hometown that i could try befriend them. I felt exhilarated at that time, accepting friend requests from random strangers I had no idea of them. They sat in my list for a long period that held a good distraction from real life. My social media life went well. The posts I used to upload, garnered some likes that motivated me to keep a track to be seen somewhere. After graduating high school, my college life started and with the same account, insane number of friends from the area dropped on my page. I even made some virtual friends that almost everyday, I used to chat with them after classes. I even met one of them for real at an annual sports event, who was preppy, chirpy and appreciative for the things we could relate. I had heard rumors of predators luring users online and asking to meet them for sinister ploys. But I was lucky that they weren't one of them. It was going well until I came across one friend request from another school.
Since, my social media life was okay, I accepted the friend request and sent a text right away with a simple 'hi'. I didn't get reply for some days until one night, at midnight hour when I was doing homework, the chat box opened up on my laptop, with them greeting the same. I didn't think much, so I hit the conversation, asking their day and stuff. Creepy thing was - they did reply about their day but asked - what I was wearing. At that time, I wasn't aware of sex chat. I didn't know of such concept and being a teenager, I was learning new things from different magazines that one of my parents won't explicitly talk of. They allowed me to read magazines that could educate me rather than coming from them. But the thing here is, it didn't fully hit me why was that user asking me such question. I, like a fool, told them, I was wearing a t-shirt and pajamas. I literally told them. I don't why my instinct doesn't react radioactively, I texted them without understanding the suggestive question. Next they asked - the color of the set. I felt sketchy and wierd that why someone was keenly interested in knowing about the dress and it's colour so much. Then it hit me where this user was going. I remember the chill in my spine in the hot weather. I immediately said goodnight and logged out. Someone like me who used to regularly post and check other posts on Facebook, became intermittent. I didn't go online for sometime until it itched me back. The addiction was severe and the desperation to be on Facebook for some reason had me to have it. I avoided their texts for a long time. I did reply some texts that didn't sound obscene but the salicious questions, I dodged by hanging up on them.
This wasn't the only hurricane I survived. One day, upon returning from school, I got a request ping - from my account. This account had the same name and my profile pic. My mind blew off and panic took over my senses. Even after keeping my account in private, somehow this user hacked through and got my information. I blocked and reported the duplicate account on Facebook. I was waiting for a status from them. I didn't get anything from them except they alerted me that they would look into the matter and inform me. It wasn't quite assuring. From then, I started receiving unknown texts from sex workers who had really given me thier official number and address. I had it enough. I became afraid that if these people were breaching my privacy, then soon they would be at my doorstep. The thought was chillingly purgotary. I immediately deactivated my account and never looked back for a while.
I opened a new account on Twitter because I was a big fan of a famous Korean pop band, BTS. I saw them perform at VMA's on a YouTube channel in 2017. I was mesmerized by their dance particularly. The charm they emitted, instantly made me want to follow them where they were consistent. Facebook was out of question. They are reportedly more active on Twitter than on instagram, facebook and other unfamiliar sites. I opened and started keeping up with their posts. Apart from that, I was following news handles. Some controversial posts used to update. They still do. I have a habit of opining on things that I either support or retort. Just like everyone else. Last year, a bill was supposed to pass in the country that could restrict a certain minority group to evict or evade from the country. There were clashes going in the nation that injured many protestors. I commented in favor of opposing the government's decision and the police power on eviscerating the crowd. Those who support the government and it's party thrashed my post by cussing me and wished that I was never born on this planet. I was aghast that such users could be vile and immatured. We are encouraged to exercise right to speech. But is it in a way respected anymore? I still get hated for personal opinions. Like recently, I posted against discrimination of color that a certain race desperately wants to fit in a privilege. An article reported that they changed their native names to other names which they could be known rather than embarass themselves. As well as mentioned a different color which they weren't. So I commented underneath stating the fact that they should be proud of where they hail from. But instead I was stomped by a user that said, I have no right to judge whether people want to respect their ethincity or not. I was astonished to the fact that how can a person stoop so low?
That's not all. I had created an account on Reddit for keeping up with memes, opinions and some spooky tales on different subreddits. On one community, a user had insulted a certain ethnic group calling out on a gender's skin color and culture. I retorted back, of course, when none of the anonymous accounts took a jibe at them. A banter followed between us. I remained calm, sarcastic and polite whereas that user behaved rudely, cussed me a lot and threatened sexual molestation. I asked myself - do I deserve to get so much hate because i voice for what matters? Do I deserve to get surpressed because my beliefs for a united democracy is baseless. Do I need to keep ignoring everytime a user misbehaves with me? Because ignorance is the best policy? I realised that - if I ignore such users, if I let them believe that they won by my silence, I would be called a coward for the rest of my life. That I would never be able to forgive myself for a courage I so feared to take up.
On YouTube, I squashed those users with my sarcastic replies. On Twitter, I argued and justified my points. On Reddit, I fought and reported that user for two consecutive days till an action on their account was taken by the social platform. These gestures got me other users, appreciating my guts as well as voicing alongside me. They helped me in fighting for what we believed in making social media a better and a safe place for people like us who are vulnerabley attacked.
The comments I still post, sometimes aren't highly recieved warmly. I have become acclimatized with the fact that toxicity on social media will exist. Yeah, sometimes, I become upset, hurt and depressed that these negative comments think so poorly of me. Then I remind myself that - I don't need to fear. That I am different. That I can survive this internet melodrama. I won't let such hate break my wall. My will is stronger and I have survived way worse than this.
I'm engulfed to believe that educated users would behave so obscenely on social media where they think they can pour their beast out. Racial slurs, threatening texts, perverse desires - shook me but made me aware of such kind of users who do exist and I need to stay put when the attack comes on me. These experiences taught me that I shouldn't fear them. That I shouldn't let my anxiety overtake my mind. I should remain strong and retort in ways that can shut them up. I report three-five scroungy accounts every year. This action may seem small but things I could have prevented before, has taught me to walk into the menace without cowling, which in present, I can fight it.
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2020.09.20 06:59 Dazzze Can I legally sell a 'Facebook 'liked' page'?

I live in the UK. I own a Facebook page with over 100k likes and followers. I created it many years ago and forgot about it. Is it worth anything? I keep getting scam mail from it from people 'wanting to buy'.
I'm slightly worried about asking this on Facebook and don't actually know WHERE to ask it, because I feel like it's getting into legal hot water. I don't understand the law surrounding Facebook and its pages, every time I google a lot of stuff shows up and I'm too stupid to understand, leaving me unknowing as to whether this is a thing or not. Thanks for any help!
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2020.09.20 05:23 mandragoraspatroclus Something seriously wrong is going on at my school. I think I know more about what these weird rules mean now.

Been a few days. Shit's gotten worse. I'm gonna try to keep it quick. Here's the first part where I explained everything I knew about (even though I don't get what's going on lol)
I ran into Gary, one of the regional scohol departmet education thing dudes who I don't really know what he does when I was picking up a Slurpee and some Butterfingers the other day - I felt like asking him about all the weird shit that was going on, but I remembered the rules about not speaking to someone outside the teachers about the weird shit. And then I remembered I hadn't actually seen him in a while. He seemed nervous too - like he was being watched. Was he even still working with our school? And I couldn't help but notice how he smelled like smoke.
My parents foudn out about these rules from Facebook or something, and they freaked out at me over them, and asking me why I didn't tell them, and they actually yelled at me for not trying to fight back against the rules, lol. And then they went nuts at me when I started talking about the weird stuff because it would be breaking the rules. You can see why I didn't feel like I could go to them about this. I tried to just go the rest of the day like normal, watch TV, play Minecraft, but I couldn't take my mind off all the weird shit. It just felt like the hot lead in my stomach was rumbling to get out. My body was so stiff and sore from all the tension and worry. I didn't sleep well either.
Oh yeah, I don't know if it's related, but I kept hearing tapping noises when I was trying to sleep. Probably just the tree outside my window when it gets windy, I swear it's gonna shove a branch through the wall some day.
Alright, so here's what happened today.
In class, one of the others asked the teacher about the rules - they were the first person who'd worked up the balls to do it, so we all went silent waiting for the teacher's answer. And the teacher looked scared too, and she actually like stole these glances like she was trying to see if she was being watched. And then she just said that as long as we just followed the rules, there'd be no problems, and didn't explain it anymore.
Then Wendell asked about the fire at the teacher's house. She went silent - you could tell she wasn't just bullshitting us with this answer. She was totally sincere, and she said to us, deadly serious:
"There are no fires, and there is no smoke."
That's Rule 7.
Now here was the freakiest shit of all.
After lunch, I went back to homeroom to try to sneak my phone out of my desk - I was really early for some reason, I dunno where everyone else was, but I couldn't go inside. You can't go in any of the rooms alone.
But... I did want to peek inside. Maybe I'd see something - I wouldn't be in the room, so I'd have to be safe, right? Actually, that's stupid now that I think about it - how do I even know these rules keep me safe anyway? I just know that they mean I don't get punished.
So I tried to creep the door open.
All I saw was bright, hot, red. Flashing with orange and green. I saw the tiniest glimpse of that light for a second before I slammed the door shut.
Then I saw wisps of smoke escaping from where the crack in the door had been, crawling up in the air to the roof. The smoke was thick and black, and... damp. Like some of it brushed by my head and it felt wet after.
What the hell do I do about this? I can't report that I saw a fire - and what does it even fucking mean that there is no fire anyway? My heart was pounding its way out of my ribcage, but all I could do was stand still helpless and stupid.
I can't stand still and do nothing. I'm not that smart - I wanted to try to take another peek. Maybe there'd be something else there this time. Maybe I'd see it more clearly. I couldn't forget the green - what could that be if it's not a fire? I stared a hole into the doorknob, not really weighing up my decisions so much as just trembling about the weird shit.
But then our homeroom teacher came - I was too focused on the doorknob to even notice. She just opened the door, and just like that, the room was normal. She didn't even bear a glance at me.
Everyone else started to come in, and we all took our seats like normal. And the day went like normal, but I was out of it. I couldn't think straight after what I'd seen. Something very wrong is going on here.
When it came time to leave at the end of the day, I got out of there. I was not going to risk being caught in the room alone. But on my way out of the school building, I couldn't help but notice the cameras were all trained on me. The new cameras that our school can't afford. I couldn't help but hear how loud the yelling coming from Principal Fletcher's office was.
And when I got on the bus, I couldn't help but notice a figure by the windowsill of our home room, inside, feet on the ledge, waving for help.
What the fuck is happening? Seriously, like... does ANYONE have any ideas?
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2020.09.19 22:05 TopGolfUFO In February of 1982 Leon Moncer of Bellaire Ohio received a death threat in the mail. Made out of cut out magazine letters, the note read "leave it alone or you are dead". He vanished soon after and his case has never been solved. Almost forty years later, his daughter is searching for answers.

This is a case where information is sparse at best, but there were still several notable discrepancies between sources. In an effort to clarify details about the case, I spoke with Leon’s daughter, Julie Wurtzbacher. This conversation took place over the phone in August of 2020. I’d contacted her for a podcast I work on, and she is actively trying to get more publicity for the case. I posted this on the Unresolved Mysteries sub as well a little while ago, but I wanted to post it on here to maybe get more attention for the case.
Here’s the Charley Project link if you just want a brief overview, but they got a few details wrong, mainly that his car was idling when it was found.
Leon Moncer was a complicated young man. In the investigation that ensued following his disappearance it would become public knowledge that he was an alcoholic, abusive towards his wife Irene and had had a tendency to be unfaithful with his romantic partners. Despite all of this, he was a well liked member of the community with many dedicated friends and many people had very kind words to say about him following his disappearance.
The city of Bellaire in Belmont County, is tucked into a bend in the Ohio River. It is a lush area covered in vegetation right on the edge of Ohio, fading into West Virginia. Wheeling, WV is the largest city in the area. There is evidence of a bygone golden age. Belmont county of the 1980s would have been firmly on the downslide of that golden age. The rise of Industries like the Junk trade in which Leon worked was indicative of the slow decay of the manufacturing and production industries which dominated in the past.
Leon Moncer worked for Hermon Strauss, a business in the Junk recycling industry. Leon also had aspirations of starting his own business and had recently purchased a tow truck of his own in the months leading up to his disappearance. In the Times Leader Article published on February 28th 1982, just ten days after his disappearance, Leon was described by his wife Irene as a helpful and caring man, “He’ll do anything for anybody.” His disappearance is also out of character for Leon, with Irene stating, “He’s got a lot of friends...Its just not like Leon, he's never done nothing like this before
In the leadup to his disappearance, Leon’s life was chaotic. He was on the tail end of a failed marriage as he was in the process of finalizing a divorce with his wife Irene. He was working a full time job and trying to start his own business on the side. He was trying to navigate a new world where he had to learn how to co-parent with Irene while no longer being in a relationship with her and on top of all of this he was still a young 21 year old man with lots of growing up to do and was dealing with a number of bad habits, namely drinking and drug use.
His wife is quoted as saying he “had a tendency to get rowdy” when drinking, which was further evidenced by the fact that he was recently involved in several bar fights. There was one tussle of particular note that had occurred several months prior as it took place at Tin Pan Alley, the known gathering spot of the notorious local mob in Wheeling. According to his wife Irene, Leon was mostly unfazed by these things. By all accounts it appears that he and Irene had worked out how to both be present in their daughter’s life even if they were no longer together. According to his daughter, him and Irene got along very well as co-parents. Though, they’d been separated long enough for Leon to move on romantically, and he had actually been seeing someone long enough to have proposed. We will refer to his fiance as GG. GG lived in nearby Bethlehem West Virginia.
While a rowdy 21 year old man getting into a handful of bar fights may seem normal, another event that happened during the week before his disappearance may cast his presence at Tin Pan Alley in a more interesting light. During the week leading up to his disappearance Leon received a death threat in the mail, compiled from a hodgepodge of newspaper and magazine clippings. It simply read "Leave it alone or you are dead." The letter had no stamp on it, so it had been put directly in the mailbox by whoever wrote it. Leon simply shrugged off the death threat. However it has also been reported by Irene that in the weeks and days leading up to his disappearance Leon had become more guarded, especially with regard to his three year old daughter Julie. He suddenly began to forbid anyone from taking pictures of the girl. He was very careful about who he would let hold her, and became somewhat overprotective. Could this pattern of violence culminating in a death threat note have something to do with his disappearance?
Leon Moncer was last seen on the night of February 18th 1982. It was his brother, Raymond’s birthday party, and Raymond said “ He couldn’t make it because he had a hot date.” Him and GG had been in a bit of a rough patch, as he’d hit her recently, and possibly broken her nose. Her brothers were upset with Leon, and whether or not he had made up with GG yet is unclear. His hot date was likely with a different woman, as no one at the time knew who he was meeting. To this day, who the date was with remains a mystery.
Irene told the Times Leader in an interview ten days later what she knew of Leon’s timeline that night. He’d left from his parents house across the street, then stopped by his boss’s house to borrow $20. Then he drove to his friend, Ted’s house in Wheeling. Irene did not know Ted’s last name. Multiple friends placed Leon at Ed’s Lounge in Lloydsville later on that evening, but none made any mention of Leon’s mystery date. The true concern for Leon began the next day Feb. 19th when he failed to show up for work, it was pay day at Herman Strauss Inc. Leon’s brother Ray said that his brother “never missed work unless he was sick.” Leon’s absence at work was enough for the family to file a report with the Belmont County Sheriff's Department that very day.
That very night that the case began to take a turn towards the bizarre. Irene would later tell the press about a strange phone call Leon’s mother, Shelby received. She was speaking on the telephone around 9 p.m. when the operator suddenly interrupted her conversation asking both parties to hang up because of an emergency phone call from Leon Moncer. His mother hung up the phone and sat waiting for a call from her lost son, which never came.
The next day, Irene and Raymond decided to take the search into their own hands. They drove around the Bannock area, as Leon had been known to cruise around the old mining roads. After searching for a while, they spotted Leon’s gray Dodge Aspen parked in a ditch off the side of the road. Irene told WTOV9 that “My heart like sunk. I mean, I was happy. I was really happy because I figured maybe he was in there sleeping or something like that, but he wasn't there.” The car was empty, along a road that branched from 331 near Belmont Technical college. Persons living in the area told Irene that the car had been sitting in that same location since Thursday night, the day Leon vanished. It was not near Powerline Park, as reported in other articles. The car had empty beer cans, and an empty bottle of wine.
According to Raymond, while they were examining the car, a local resident stopped and told them that the car had been idling, and the lights had been on, and he had turned the lights off and taken the key out before Irene got there, and he’d put the key in the ashtray. The key found in the ashtray however was a spare, and Leon’s usual keys were missing. There was also a flashlight missing from inside the car. Some articles report that the driver’s side door was open, though this is not mentioned in every article, and some articles mention that the inside of the car was muddy. Julie later remarked that the mud by itself was not suspicious, as it was February. In addition to the spare key, Leon’s wallet, his cigarettes and coat were all in the vehicle. Some sources reported signs of a struggle, which likely just alluded to his valuables being left behind, and the car being muddy. In 2007 local authorities would say the suspicious nature of the car indicated foul play.
Later in 2007 Sheriff Fred Thompson told the State Journal that it "Sounds like someone knew he was going to be out there on this road at a certain time, and they had a surprise for him." Moncer’s family notified authorities of the discovery right away, and tried to turn the car over to them. But according to Irene, they said “Keep it. Get it out of here.” They had the car towed to Leon’s parent’s house, where it would sit in the front yard for years. In later articles, local authorities mildly criticized this police work, saying that had the car been found today it would have been thoroughly examined.
On February 28th Irene told the Times Leader that she hoped Leon just needed time to “get his head together” because he was under stress due to the divorce, and the pressure of trying to start his own business. She told the paper “I just wish he’d call to ease everyone’s mind.”
While family members conducted searches for Leon following his disappearance, the sources do not mention any large scale effort on the part of law enforcement. As of the 28th Irene had visited several drinking establishments in Wheeling for possible clues to Leon’s disappearance. Three people told her that they saw Leon on February 20th in a Wheeling bar on Main Street. Irene reported being skeptical as to whether this individual was actually Leon. On March 5th Leon’s sister Cindy thought she saw Leon walking around town, but later said she wasn’t sure. The investigation on the part of law enforcement largely stopped after this sighting.
Soon after he vanished, Irene received a phone call from a stranger who asked her if she wanted to know where her husband was. She said that she did, and the caller replied “well his head's in a garbage bag in the river, his arms and legs are out in the strip pits." Any searches or follow-up to this phone call on the part of law enforcement were not documented if they occurred.
For months after Leon’s disappearance, Irene thought there was someone in a pick up truck following them. If she ever got the plates, or turned them over to law enforcement is unclear. To make matters worse, someone started lurking around outside her house. Irene said “This person would stand out in front of our house. He was in blue jeans and a black shirt with a hood on it and he would stand there. I thought it might be him [Leon]. Julie was everything to him. So was that him, wanting to see her, to know what she looked like? I don't know." During this time they moved about half a mile away from the house they’d lived in when Leon was there, but this mysterious figure knew their new address. However the move put them just past the jurisdiction of the authorities they’d been working with, and into the St Clairsville Police territory. Irene called the police every time this figure showed up, but St Clairesville was farther away, and police would take about half an hour to get there, so this person was always long gone by the time they showed up. This went on, sporadically, for two years.
There is a theory that perhaps Leon had been a victim of mob activity in Wheeling. The Mob was very active in Wheeling from the 60s through the late 80s. This theory mostly originates from the fact that Leon had some associations with a few shady individuals through his involvement with drugs. The mysterious note he received in the mail and his brawl at Tin Pan Alley only add fuel to this theory. But without further information, this remains just that, a theory.
Leon Moncer was declared legally dead on November 16th 1988 on what would have been his 28th birthday. Shelby struggled with that decision, but decided it was time for some kind of closure. Irene eventually moved on and remarried, but she always speaks fondly of Leon in interviews, and hopes to one day find answers.
In 1992 the Times Leader interviewed Leon’s family to discuss the ten year anniversary of his disappearance. Leon’s brother Raymond said “I believe he’s dead, I just wonder where he’s at and what happened”. At the time Raymond was still checking with the sheriff’s office every once in a while. He said the consensus seemed to be that someone knew what happened, but wasn’t coming forward. Donald Samples echoed this, saying “it could be that he doesn’t want to be found, but we haven’t ruled out foul play” and told the paper that he was still following up on leads, but no one had come forward with anything useful so far. Samples said “you can only take an investigation so far, and then you need help from the public.”
During that interview, Shelby Moncer, told the Times Leader “All I want to do is find out where he is before I die”. She kept Leon’s keys, cigarettes, and loose change that was found in the car, along with much of his old clothing. She passed away in 2010, and just like her husband, she never found the answers she was looking for about her son Leon.
Later in a 2015 interview with Weelunk, Julie remarked on her grandfather's struggle to find answers, saying “I also feel I need to do this for my grandfather because he tried and he tried, but he passed away without answers. When I was young, it wasn’t this hard. It was what it was, but the older I get, I feel like I am missing something,”. In that same article, when asked what she would do if she ever had the chance to meet him, she said “I’d probably be very mad at him if I ever met him. I’d be mad because my grandparents’ number is still the same as it was when he vanished. But I don’t exactly know what I will say to him when I meet him again, whether it’s here on Earth or in Heaven, if he goes there. I just want to know what happened, and why he didn’t come back. If I find out that he is dead, at this point I’m not concerned with who did it. I’d just want to know where he is so I can put him to rest next to my grandfather. If he’s dead, that’s where he belongs. That would be proper.”
2007 had been the year that, Moncer’s casefile was rediscovered after having been misplaced during some unknown time in the past. His file was found during an intensive search of an old storage building. His case was reopened and has periodically made the news. Much of the media coverage was pushed by Fred Connors, a reporter who worked with the Ohio Valley Cold Case Task Force. Because of this, a few of the rare articles available have the Ohio Valley Cold Case Task force email listed as the contact information, an email which no longer exists as of 2020.
During his push for media attention, Fred Connors made a general statement aimed at anyone who might have information about the case. He said “You know something about this case. "So man up! Help this young lady find her dad, or find out what happened to her dad. She needs that. Our mission has always been to give voice to the victims and justice to the families. And knowing Julie how I do and knowing how her heart is just broken, somebody needs to man up and give this girl some peace."
Sheriff Fred Thompson made a similar plea asking anyone with information to come forward, saying "They don't have to give us their name if they don't want to. Just call us in with what they know or what they think they know." The Sheriff would occasionally speak to the media to try and help get the word out. He told WTRF that “you know, it’s been 30 years. It’s time we put closure to this case for the sake of the family”. This same article touched base with Leon’s family once again, and mentioned that Leon’s sister, Hazel thinks her brother was murdered.
During the initial media buzz in 2007, Irene was more than eager to talk to the press. She still wants answers, and told the State Journal that "Not knowing is the hardest part. Even after all these years, you still want to know."
Ryan Aller, the detective who for a time was in charge of looking into tips relating to the case, said "Hope is a dangerous thing. And I would tell anybody in this situation that chances are he passed on long ago. We do believe he is dead. He was declared legally dead. Circumstances of him missing were extremely suspicious.” Aller went on to say “Somebody knows what happened to Leon Moncer -- maybe more than one person -- and I guarantee you that. What detectives need is for someone to come forward. At the very least, they could have the common courtesy to anonymously reach out and let somebody know where he is. His father went to his grave not knowing for sure if he was still alive or not.”
At one point after the case started gaining publicity, Julie spoke with a psychic near Columbus, who told her that her father was alive and had been keeping an eye on her. The psychic said that her father had changed his name to James Johnston, and shortly after putting her number on an article, Julie got a call from someone claiming to have that name. They told her she could call them if she needed anything, but didn’t claim to actually be Leon Moncer. When she tried calling the number back again it was no longer active.
In 2015 investigators followed a tip to nearby Columbus Ohio, where they ended up digging up a basement. Julie was not informed of this tip, or what came of it if anything. She found out about it when it was published in the WTOV9 article, that she would also be quoted in when interviewers asked her how she would feel if answers were ever found. She said "Either way, I'll be sad. If he's alive, I'll be sad that he left. And if something happened to him, I'll be sad that somebody took him from me." In this same article, Irene told reporters that she was still looking for answers. She said she wants to know who did it, and that her and Julie have a right to know.
That same year in an interview with Weelunk, Julie said “I think he’s out there. I don’t think he’s dead, but I can’t really explain to you why I have that feeling. That’s what it is – a feeling. I just want to know, one way or another. It didn’t really bother me when I was younger or when I was in school, but the older I get, the more I want to know.If he did something that got him in trouble, or if his hot date was just leaving, that’s something I want to know, one way or the other. I don’t know what he was doing. And I know that he was hanging around in a lot of the bars during those days, and some of my relatives have told me that he did do drugs. My aunt told me that his nickname was the ‘Candyman,’ and that it was a reference to the drugs he was dealing.”
In 2020 she told us that an uncle had tried to tell her that the nickname was just because Leon liked sweets, but she’s responded by saying that she’s an adult and she’s old enough to know the truth. She has no illusions about the fact that he did drugs, or the fact that he could get violent when he was using. She goes back and forth on what she believes, but right now is leaning toward the idea that he was in over his head, possibly involved with some dangerous people, and decided to disappear. She said it would have been easier to do back then.
These days Julie is in her forties with a family and child of her own. She thinks about her father often, but isn’t sure what else to do to garner publicity. In the Weelunk article she said “I am very frustrated, but I’ll only stop when I’m dead. That’s when this will stop for me. I just keep thinking that if I keep pushing, someone will eventually feel guilty enough to come forward and tell me what I want to know … what I need to know.”
It’s certainly not a case that would normally be front page news. When a loved one goes missing nowadays, people will try to hide the less flattering parts of the missing person’s life, because even the slightest hint of trouble will destroy any press interest in the story. The homeless population, sex workers, and criminals do not get reported on. With Leon Moncer we already know about the less flattering parts of his life. Moncer sold drugs, and was unfaithful and abusive towards his romantic partners. In the fairly limited media attention this case has gotten so far, a few commenters have not been afraid to voice a sort of ‘good riddance’ opinion about him. But whatever you think about Leon Moncer, his family wants to know the truth.
I don’t think I can link to facebook but Julie runs a page called “helpfindleonmoncer” where she recently posted all of the Times Leader articles about the case. The WTOV9 segment I referenced is only archived on facebook as well, but if you search it, it’s easy to find.
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2020.09.19 20:22 bader00007 I got friend-zoned in a weird way!

Well to start, let me talk about my first relationship with this girl, i first met her in high-school she is pretty like really damn pretty and cute but at that period i didn't give a damn about her, i fall in love with her best friend or at least i thought so (highs-cool drama), she was kinda copy of her only she was sweet and shy and that's what caught my eye in the first place, i tried a lot of ways to get in with her best-friend but didn't work for me so i tried with others girls and things went on and on ... this girl was in the same class as and where I'm from you just go to school with the same people on the same class for the rest of the year, i didn't notice her at first i mean yeah i know she's hot and pretty but never had that idea of talking to her or something like that, but one day we talked on facebook, at that time MSN was the thing and facebook just getting started, we just talked as normal class mates but things start getting warmed up and i felt like she want's me, i kept like digging her thoughts by sending messages quickly and she told me that she likes me and she want's to be with me, i was like ok, to be honest i didn't give a shit about her at that time i just wanted to be with one of the prettiest girls in the school, it worked pretty well we kinda got along together and she loved it, after one year i found her with some guy on a coffee shop and she kept saying he just a best friend and that crap, the thing is i'm really fucking jealous, i hated her for that and i broke up with her, years passing by exactly 4 years, i meet her again in university and she said hi, like the first time in 4 years, i said hi back like nothing ever happened, and kept avoiding seeing her face the rest of the year, again after 2 years, surfing facebook i see her profile picture and i'm like damn she's hotter than ever, sent a friend request and she like immediately accepted, it's a funny thing talking to her again on facebook lol, we talked she kinda seemed angry about our breakup last time, she wanted to explain stuff and she asked me out, we met, talked like for hours and she explained that that guy from highschool was just a friend and ... i was like dude that's high-school we were kids, weeks going by to be honest started feeling some burning on my chest and started getting worried where is she, what she's doing now, she might be talking to someone else, by the way i asked her at the first time if she has a boyfriend and she said NO, well i got kinda stalky guy, calling her like 4 times a day, waiting for her whats-app messages, like literally waiting for her response, this never happened to me and i'm not that kinda of stalker guy, i just don't give a shit normally but this time, i'm like sending her hunders of messages a day, one time i got so angry because she didn't respond for the rest of the day and sent her a message full of cursing and stuff, she got sad of course, but i apologized and she accepted it, days passing things getting worse, i started finding my self with the car in her neighborhood just don't know why but i'm just keep wondering around her house, some creepy shit i know, i told my self i'l let her know what i'm feeling and fuck it, i told her that i love her and she's definitely my dream girl and i will never make her sad again, and i'm looking for a long term relationship like marriage stuff in the future, and here where i read the most weird friend-zoning thing in the planet, she said "i'm not really ready for that kinda serious relationship and i want to be free for now, but in the future i might change my mind", i respond "So, i'm a friend now right?", she respond back "Not 100% friend", and now i'm like what the actual fuck is happening, the most typical thing for a girl to friend-zone some one is just saying "i'm sorry i have a boyfriend" even if she doesn't, but this one is like weird thing ever happen to me, i mean she was flirting with me the entire day (not when i start stalking her, but earlier), now i'm talking to her as a friend but still have that kinda of stalking thoughts but not like before when i had hope, now i made sure she just doesn't want me and i'm trying to figure out how i can get rid of this feeling once for all and not give a shit about her like i was in highschool, it actually sucks loving someone doesn't love you back!
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2020.09.19 19:15 RustyBlunderbuss It's almost been 5 years. It still hurts. Help.

Forgive me Reddit, but I feel as though this may be the only place I can vent my feelings. I have been keeping this in for a very long time and I’m going to put in as much detail as I possibly can, and it might be slightly everywhere in terms of context and pace so I do apologise, I’ve just fired this out after a shift at work and I feel now is the time, I feel as though I need to put it out there and finally get it off my chest, at least most of it.
I appreciate this is a lot to read, and there may be spelling errors and the like but it's all flodding out. I just need some reconciliation and/or some advice.
(T/W for depression, self-harm etc.)
I dream about her constantly, my heart aches even to this very day. It’s been 4 years, 5 come February next year since we broke up. Well, since she broke up with me…
After this period of time I have attempted to fill this void that my heart feels with various stimulants and yet nothing seems to mend me. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex. Nothing really did it for me, at the time - great, a distraction but nothing quite echoes my sadness like smoking weed and drinking bottles of red wine to myself in my bedroom all day…
She added me on Snapchat in 2013, but we met through a close family friend close to Christmas 2014. My close family friend, who I stayed with at the time was having a movie night and she came round. I was so nervous, it took about an hour before I plucked up the courage to go through and sit on the floor at the foot of the chair she was sitting on. Didn't make eye contact with her once. But feeling her precense made me so happy.

I've moved about 300 miles away (plus a little extra from the town I used to live in.) I’m back in education, I’m doing music again, I’m quite enjoying my life.
But the ache of this breakup has aged horribly and has not at all helped my psyche one bit.
I’ve seen her in person (not intimately in the sense that we had a conversation) but from afar, at my work and passing my work. You feel that sort of awkward energy when you’re both aware of each other.
Anyway, during this relationship I wasn’t really talking to my parents and I was staying with a close family friend (basically a second mum) and at the time I was experiencing things in my head that I didn’t truly understand, and it was only until one breakdown at my old job in the bathroom toilets with a stolen stanley blade, then an immediate breakdown infront of a customer who turned out to be a good samaritan (genuinely) and then taken to hospital that I found out I was suffering depression. Not great.
There were many good times that i remember about this relationship…
(I want to make it clear now that I am not calling anyone out in this blog, I’m just stating some facts and feelings.)
There was the time where she had her birthday party at her house, tonne of people there. I left the room so she could get changed and ready, then her friends joined her to do the same, put on makeup and that. I got beckoned through, and I walked in… And wow. I saw her, and my heart hit the floor. I’d never seen something, someone so beautiful in all my days, and she was mine. She was my girlfriend.
Another moment I remember fondly is the ice cream we used to get just outside of the town we used to live… Stunning. She introduced me to it. Sadly, I would visit that place after we broke up and as cliché as it sounds, it never tasted the same…
We visited a very small village a few miles out of town once as well, beautiful, amazing little place - but i could never bring myself to go back there after we broke up.
There was the time we went to see a band we both really liked at a famous venue in the city I live in, but now I can’t ever bring myself to listen to them.
The best thing that ever happened to me in that relationship was I was having a really tough couple of weeks at my new job (she was living a hundred miles away at uni) I got home to my parents house (my parents and i were on good terms at this point, for a bit) it must have been 8 or 9 o’clock at night. I walk in, feeling pretty shitty. My mum said hello, asked how I was. Didn’t say much. Kind of weird. I walk upstairs to my bedroom, flick on the light and she was there, sat on my bed waiting for me to get home. I literally dropped to my knees and started sobbing, really belting out the tears. I couldn’t believe it. That to this day is one of the nicest things that anyone’s ever done for me. I cherish that memory, but it hurts like a red hot needle to the chest…
The bad times…
Oh wow.

Smells, places, people. I can't even experience anymore, natural though.

Diasy by Marc Jacobs? I can't.
Invictus was the aftershave I used to wear around her all the time, she loved it. I hate the smell now. It hurts too much to wear it.
I want to also establish that mentally I’m more sound than I’ve ever been. I’m a lot better. I’ve gotten help and at the time the medication that I needed. It all helped.
But, at that time I was very defensive, abrasive, so childish. I am certainly not the same person as I was a few years ago, and I’m sure she isn’t either. Definitely not. I’m not perfect in any way, but I’ve improved but I was young at the time, well, younger.
But I used to get so jealous of stupid things, some were justified, many unjustifiable.
Like she had a crush on a friend, which she admitted. Who’s to blame her, they knew each other way before I cam on the scene, he was/is talented and a good looking guy. But at the time, that rubbed me the wrong way - I’m sure anyone can relate to that!
There was also a time where she picked up him and her cousin up to head into town and she asked me to move into the back seat so the aforementioned guy could sit in the front with her. That’s so stupid now but at the time it hurt.
When I was with her all I ever wanted to do was show her off and celebrate the relationship. But I sort of felt as though she didn’t want the same for me, and it (at least at the time) felt as though she was embarrassed of me. She’d take all these photos with her friends but not with me? I didn’t understand it then, so naturally it upset me. I’m sure she had her reasons, but, it still hurt. It could have been her own insecurities, but I don’t want to be presumptuous as a person with their own insecurities.
There was one day after I got my first car, I drove it through to hers and we were going to go for a drive and she asked to drive her car and I moaned about wanting to drive my car instead. Stupid, like really? I don’t know why I made such a big deal out of it.
I kind of dragged that story off, but a horrible thing I did was I cut myself at her house frequently, and i did it her room one time just before she got back and i don’t know why I let myself do something so stupid like that. That upset her, and no wonder.
(This relationship went from December 2014 - February 2016 by the way.)
Onto the lead up to the breakup…
I used to hangout with a couple of friends from my old, old job. (During this relationship I had 3 different jobs at separate times, this was the job I had before the jobs i mentioned earlier, any who.) One night we went out we all went back to mine because it was dead in the centre of town and it saved them getting a taxi so they got picked up in the morning instead. One of these friends was a girl. We all kind of piled in my bed (clothes on), totally platonic, and started falling asleep, not in an intimate way. She then proceeded to try and spoon me, cuddle me so I moved and I asked her to stop because I had a girlfriend. This obviously had me worried, like, why is my friend doing this. She made a big deal of this and went to sleep in a sulk.
We went out as a trio a few times after that and before that happened for drinks and food and that. Nothing ever came of that. We didn’t speak about it, but of course it upset me. We all still hung out and didn’t mention this or speak about it. Scared me. I spoke to the guy friend of our trio about it, he didn’t say much to help.
During this time hanging out with them I spoke with the girl about my relationship, which in all honesty I shouldn’t have done but I had spoke to my gf about how I was feeling as well. I spoke about how I felt like she was embarrassed of me, and that I thought about breaking up with her…
A few weeks around this my girlfriend and I had this one friend in our friend circle, I won’t obviously mention names. Haven’t so far, but anyway
He texted me one day saying that he just saw my gf in a car with other guys and where she was, didn’t give me any other context. He was a shit-stirrer, always was. He knows that, so do many people. Obviously this sends me into a emegency mode, alarm bells ringing. So I jumped in my car and drove past the location, she wasn’t there. I texted her and asked, no reply for a while. Went back home gave me a reply, obviously I’m freaking out (probably at her) I was worried. Turns out she was with one (ONE) of her friends, he texted me saying sorry and that he didn’t mean to upset me. They were legit just hanging out eating a McDonalds. I used to hold a lot of distain for this guy for years after because I knew he had (and probably still has) a crush on her, so that rubbed me the wrong way as well but hey-ho.
I can’t remember what happened in-between, but we (me+gf) were not talking to each other for a bit then she texted me to say it was over. Obviously at the time I was in shock but looking back now I can see why, it was me. So uptight, jealous. Over-emotional to the max. Like wow bro chill out.
She came over to give me back a few things. I cried for days, texted her begging for an answer why but all I got was “I don’t want to talk about this” and “I don’t have time for this I’m busy”… I never got the closure of why, and I think that may be why it hurts more but…
A week later I drove through to her house to get answers, any sort of clarification to clear my mind, she got in the car and didn’t say much. Just repeating what she said before. At least as much as I can remember.
Flashforward a few weeks later, I’m driving in the town I stay and I see her coming toward me, I recognised the reg’ plate and who do I see in the front seat next to her… Her ex boyfriend.
This immediately sent me in a melt down.
This was the very same guy who treated her horribly before me.
I couldn’t understand it. Why?
My close friend (same circle) spoke about it a year later or so and she mentioned that they had been “sort of seeing each other” after we split, but then he cheated on her (he had a history of doing this).
We spoke about it again a while ago, a few months ago actually. Hurts still.
It’s so weird looking back in retrospect because I’m so chilled out now, but I think that I feel this heartbreak every day as there was no closure. And that’s why I’m still hurt.
Though, I’m still blocked on social media, facebook, Twitter, insta you name it. Though, it takes a lot for someone to undo that. Like, if you’re not thinking about that person you blocked at all you’ll forget about it or you don’t care that much, understandably. I don’t know.
There are times where I feel the need to just message her out of the blue and apologise and tell her that we were different people back then and I wasn’t right for her at the time, but maybe she wasn’t right for me at the time. We were just a couple of kids with rose-tinted glasses. I don’t know.
Again, I just needed to vent this out because I can’t speak to anyone about this. I just can’t. So I’m hoping someone here can just give me some sort of virtual reassurance, a pat on the back or some advice.
I try to remove thoughts of her and distract myself but I can’t, I dream about her constantly. It aches to my very core, as dramatic as that sounds. I can’t get over this, though someday I hope that I will.
I hold no malice to any of these people, and certainly not her. I just wish that we could come to terms with everything, and be mutual about it all. I’ve had a lot of time the last few years to reconcile with people.
I think there will always be a part of her in me for years to come, but what do I do?

Added later:
When her name leaves my lips it aches me more, sometimes I just whipser them softly allowed.
When her name leaves my lips it aches me more, sometimes I just whisper them softly allowed.
Every relationship or fling after her made me happy, but a part of her remains.
I’m sorry for ever hurting you.
I’ll probably add to this later, as I have a tendency to repress some of these memories so they come and go.
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2020.09.19 15:16 ramboroshambo Dunya and the bull (true story)

Back in school there was a girl named Dunya. She was a village girl, living on a farm, foreign hence the unusual name. She was much different than the other girls. She was really pretty but she always wore some ugly glasses and her hair up like a librarian and always wore loose and long dresses. That was a shame because her tits were massive, like not the popular shape of two basketballs but full on soft, gigantic funbags going down to her waist. I noticed this in gym class where she had to wear a white shirt, up until then I thought she was fat, but she was actually pretty skinny just with a huge pair of juggs. Maybe it's from all the fresh air and cowmilk, who knows. But she was very modest about her body, always covering it up. She was very religious too. An alltogether broad from the past century. But also very raw and rough around the edges. She still had her devilish perks.
This one time, I was in the hallway, on my phone and she asked me something. I was texting and not really in the mood so I ignored her. She asked me again. I ignored. She asked me one more time, and since I wasn't even raising my head, all of a sudden she pinched my nuts. It was really fast, she caught both of them between her thumb and index finger, one of them immediately squeezed out, and the other remained in her grip for a second or two more and then squeezed out as well. It was like a lightning of pain between my legs. I covered my nuts immediately and pushed her away.
"What the hell was that? What's wrong with you?!" I yelled out with anger as I bent down a bit to comfort my aching balls.
"That's what we do with stubborn bulls" she said. Apparently, to domesticate a bull, his balls get crushed with a mallet. Now they just cut them off.
"You're a crazy bitch!" I said with my face all red.
"Are you crying?" she asked me with a smile.
"No!" I immediately answered even though my eyes were watering.
"Yeah you are. It worked - went from a stubborn bull to crying like a little girl" she made fun of my pain and said "well my work here is done" and left.
I just stood in the hallway in pain and confusion and went to the bathroom to pour some cold water on my sore nuts. That was a very unusual experience which later became really hot for me. I think a year later we sat together in class and I took her pencil case and didn't want to give it back.
She told me "Wanna know how we deal with stubborn bulls?" I suppose she forgot she already taught me the lesson, but I didn't.
"I'm gonna count to three" she said with her fist up high and her eyes already on my balls.
"One!" she said as I tried to put my hand over my balls, but she grabbed it before I got the chance to do so.
"Two!" she said with an even bigger smile, but I chickened out and quickly gave the pencilcase back to her.
"That's better" she concluded.
I don't know, she was really weird and out of place, but I kinda liked it. I wish I didn't give her the pencilcase back and got my nuts crushed by a country girl, but whatever. Despite her being very prudish and modest, after she pinched my nuts in the hallway I had a fantasy of sucking on her huge milkers as she was squeezing and pulling my nuts like milking a cow which she did every morning. But always just a fantasy.
Regarding the cropped pic of the girl which I normally post, unfortunately Dunya only had a Facebook with no pics of her and she deleted it after highschool. So no pics this time, hope you understand and hope you liked this little story :)
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2020.09.19 04:19 fcatthepanerabread A week in your favorite firearm dealer's not-so erotic life *or* FC's tale of two grandmas! 9/18/2020

Friday 9/11/2020 to Friday 9/18/2020
I won't do the play by play. It's more fun to just amalgamate the highlight reel of the week.
Subject: Sig P226
Message: Will trade for RAS-47?
FC: Sure. What do you propose?
I have a century arms RAS47 that has 30 total rounds through it. Magpul furnishing blk on blk.
FC: Right, you told me that earlier. Shipped or picked up? What value do you put on your trade?
Meet in person I’m in Lafayette. Value 900-1000.
FC: Okay, so I'm supposed to give you asking price for what reason? I have to resell that gun, so I'm supposed to buy it from you for $900 and sell it again for $800?
I was looking for a straight trade so you’d only have to sell it for what your asking for the Sig, or more if you're good at your job. AK's are definitely a hotter demand item right now. I’d prefer if you could text me (number)
(Editors note: FC does not text. Only drug dealers do business via text message.)
FC: Let me get this right. You want a straight trade so I only have to sell it for what I'm asking for the Sig. I have to do the work of selling two guns so I can make the same money?
You can sell an AK for more then the Sig in the current market. I’m just stating how easy it is for you to break even worse case scenario.
FC: There's a lot of gun guys in the breaking even business. I'm not one of them. Plus, if it's so easy to sell an AK, why don't you sell it and bring me cash?
It’s a trade so your only selling one anyways. Plus all will sell a lot faster... I’m not a dealer I don’t have people walking in looking for guns. Whatever easy sale and flip for ya but your loss bud
FC: Selling an Sig 9mm plus selling an AK is two guns. You must have gotten that common core math. I'll tell you what. You think it will sell fast? Bring it over here and leave it with me. I'll tag it and put it out at $1200 and when it sells, I'll have a 226 ready for you.
(No response)
Subject: Sig P220 on Gunbroker
Message: your ad says $1200 with CCL. arkansas ccl is reciprical with louisiana will you honor that?
FC: Picking up in person? No. Reciprocal for carry not for anything else like NICS exemption.
are you a federal firearms dealer ?
FC: No I am not.
(Editors note: I'm a manufacturer)
if i can l can legally hold own and carry any firearm concealed on my body or in my vehicle , then the rest is just cash exchange between to citizens , i can legally have own and carry the p938 , there is nothing not legal , we cN do a orivate bill of sale photograph my dl and ccl incase soneonencommits a crime , i can have a truck full of guns all legal, i just have to do the background check again to be able to pick up at an ffl , nit requred to register or anything like that
(Editors note: I delete the message)
Subject: Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS $775
Message: Is that price for real?
FC: No, that's wrong. I'll fix it right now.
(I change it to $875 on the website)
LOL o shit he raised it another $100, sorry man that petty ass shit doesn’t bother me. Honestly it just makes u look like a fucking joke. You’re the problem with dealers, it’s hard to find glocks this month so let’s jack the price up $300 and try to rob someone that doesn’t know shit about guns. Adam Kennedy FF/PM (name of his fire department and department phone number, sent from his department email)
(I google his name and email. He's got a low serial number HK Mark 23 for sale for top dollar.)
FC: I sold 10 at the gun shows for top dollar, this is my last one. Nobody's getting stock. If you want a $625-650 gun, I've got plenty of those but Glocks are selling for top dollar and then some right now. For instance, if you had a low serial number Mark 23 with everything that nobody could get - wouldn't you want top dollar for it too?
I had a mk23 preban with original woodland operators bag, and original Wilcox attachments (well all but the IR) and I put it on the forums. I let people out bid themselves not post it for an absurd amount/hundreds above MSRP just because they are hard to find. The point is I’ve been in guns since around 2012, met some really genuine people and what sets that site apart is people seem to have a mutual respect for each other. I understand that you have a business and have to make a profit but if you can’t separate the two and not price gouge the absolute fuck out of very common items just because you feel you can. Then maybe that site isn’t the best place for you, 95% of the people on that site are individuals and when a business comes along and does that it’s a slap in the face.
FC: So, you accept that you want top dollar because your merchandise is hard to find and are willing to accept the fact that the harder something is to find - the more people are willing to pay for it. You do it, and it's okay. I do it and I'm trying to rob someone? That's called moving the goalposts where I come from. Like it or don't like it, check gunbroker and all the other dealers - everyone's getting top dollar. I just did a show last week where I was $975 on Gen 5 19's, $775 on 43X's and $700+ on all gen 3 guns. The dealer across the aisle from me had Gen 5 34's at $1000. We're in business to make money, and people are willing to pay these prices because they're so hard to find.
How do I accept that?? When I sold the mk23 I posted it for a set very fair price, people offered me more because they wanted it. And top dollar would be MSRP or close to, top dollar is NOT hundreds above MSRP. Let me ask you this, does Glock charge you more (the dealer) because they are selling a shit load of them and they are “hard to find??” Does what you pay for glocks as a FFL change as drastically as the prices you are charging based off the market?
FC: You wanted, and got as much money for your rare hard to find product as you could? That's called getting top dollar! The new ford bronco is going to sell for above MSRP. For THOUSANDS more. are you going to call Ford and complain about that? Of course not.H Hundreds above MSRP is what guns are selling for right now. If you had some for sale, are you telling me you'd sell them for hundreds less than you could? I have not gotten a wholesale gun in stock in months, I have been buying guns at retail to resell. Glock does not set prices and distributors have nothing to sell me - so your question is entirely ridiculous. Do you remember the last time around 7 or 8 years ago when Colt 6920's were $2500 and SCAR 17's were $5000? That was nowhere near MSRP and I didn't hear anyone complaining. Since you don't seem to like it at all, I suggest you leave public sector employment and try to run a business and pay the bills with no product coming in wholesale.
(Editors note: FC used to be a public servant. FC used to work in the fire department. FC knows that you can get in deep shit for sending profanity laced emails on city email account with email signature. I forward the email to his department chief with a polite message tactfully reminding him that all emails sent to a city email are preserved as public records.)
Subject: Noveske lower
Message: Would you be willing to do a one for one trade? I have a NIB Anderson lower. I’m specifically looking for one of a few specific brands of lower and Noveske happens to be one.
FC: So I'm supposed to trade you even up and sell an anderson for more money? BTW. CTD got lowers back in this morning. They're andersons and they want $199 for them but I don't think I'm going to be able to get that price.
(No response)
Phone calls!
A: Guy wants a folding bracestock. I ask him if he wants a brace or a stock. He does not know the difference. I ask him if he's building an SBR. He says he's building an SBR, specifically an SBA3. I die a little inside.
B: Guy calls looking for 100 rds of 38 special for his colt python. Drives up in his tesla and hands me a ritz calrton titanium black card. $75/100 okay? No problem. He asks if I have any more at that price. I tell him as much as he wants.
C: Endless calls for 9mm and 380 ammo.
D: Guy calls me asking for a Glock 43X. He comes in and looks. I tell him $775 as he's holding an Amex. I say I'll do better for cash. $775 out the door. He says deal. Comes back the next week with $575 cash and I look at him funny. I paid $550 for the gun retail but he owns the Chickfila 20 miles up the road and gives me a stack of be our guest chicken sandwich coupons. I begrudgingly accept.
E: Lady calls me she's headed to the range in a few hours. She needs 500 rds of 40S&W and some 380.
Me: I got it. 500 rounds of 40 - $350
1: $350?
Me: $350.
1: No, no no!
Me: Yes, yes, yes.
1: It can't be $350! That's $350! That just can't be!
Me: Welcome to 2020
1: Well the 380 ammo is cheaper right?
Me: Not really. You're looking at $65 a box.
1: No, no no!
Me: Nobody's got ammo right now and we're getting top dollar. That's the price, feel free to shop around.
She never calls me back.
F: Guy calls me asking about my Federal 115gr 9mm. Cheapest on Ammoseek is $57 a box. I don't want to be that high so I price it at $55/box. He says how much for the case. I tell him 55 times 20. He's bad at math so I tell him that's $1100 for it all. He calls me an asshole. I tell him everyone's asking me to get 9mm ammo so I'm buying it retail and marking it up. He tells me not to buy it at retail and hangs up on me.
G: The gun club president calls me. the club needs a new 5.56 upper. I ask why. Someone shot 300 blackout through the old one and destroyed it. I tell them I don't have any uppers. I have complete rifles. Cheapest is $900 for an S&W sport M&P. I can hear his jaw dropping.
There's other miscellany but you get the gist of it.
NOW here's the meat and potatoes you've wanted! The tale of the gun show!
Friday 9/11/2020
I take inventory. I'm down to about 350 guns in stock and I pack as much as I can and get it ready for the show. I've got some Sigs left, a handful of Glock and a mishmash of everything else. I head to bed early knowing full well the next show will be a good one. I bought a bunch of Glock 43X's retail.
Saturday 9/12/2020
I pull chocks at 615AM. This show is about an hour down the road from my house, the last time I was there I sold nothing all weekend, broke my oakleys and vowed never to return.
This time is gonna be different, I said to myself.
At 7AM I walk in and I start loading into the show. It's a small venue in the middle of MAGA country. Everyone wearing red hats and trump train shirts.
In a few hours the doors will open and we are off to the races. I will do hour blocks instead of my previous play by play for simplicity.
9AM: Slow start, the show is spread out across TWO buildings so they route people into the other side and it takes them about 30 minutes to make their way into the big room. First sale of the day is my last Sig 365. For $700. It takes an hour and a half to get his background check back.
10AM: Guy points at an FNS 40C and wants a deal. I make him a deal at $525 cash out the door. He says he'll come back and think about it a bit.
I sell a shield for $500.
I sell a Glock 43X for $775.
I sell a Glock 43 for $700.
For some reason everyone is calling me Daniel. It takes me an hour to realize it's because I'm wearing a gray Daniel Defense polo.
11AM: FNS40 guy is back. He says it's a deal. I hand him a clipboard. he hands me an already filled out 4473 like another dealer rejected his sale. It's folded over on the long side and I tell him to fill out my form in front of me.
10 minutes later he hands me the pre filled out folded form thinking that I'm stupid.
You gotta be shitting me. I park his ass in a chair hand him a pen and tell him to start writing.
He fills it out. I enter in his background check and it does not come back right away. He gets antsy.
12PM: FNS 40 guy wants his money back. I refund it and keep $100 for me. I grab my tablet and someone has swiped right on my bumble. We begin chatting and I ask her if she wants to go to dinner. She's a little older, in her 40's and works for a bank. What the hell, why not.
Someone asks me what it takes to suppress his beretta 92. I tell him he needs a threaded barrel. They run $250. Someone overhears me and brings by his S&W 5906 and expects me to get a threaded barrel for $250.
Guy asks me to bring the threaded barrel tomorrow. I say sure.
1PM: Lady comes by and asks me if I have any 5.7's. She's on the phone reading down my inventory. I ask her if the gun is for her or her friend. She says for her. I show her the 5.7 on the table and roll my eyes a bit.
2PM: 5.7 lady comes by with her butch lesbian lover. She tells me its a deal and I hand her the clipboard. She fills everything out with lots of errors. I get her background check in and I tell her $1375
Her jaw drops. She was looking at the FNS 9mm for $575 next to it and didn't think that 5.7 pistols were $1375. She coughs reeking of weed. I void the sale.
Guy walks up asking me for 70% silencers. I just laugh.
3PM: Another guy comes over asking me if I got a 5.7. I tell him yes. He says he's got $1000 right now for a 5.7. I tell him I'll take $1000 as a down payment. He laughs and is adamant that I take this $1000 for a 5.7 tagged at $1375.
I ask him if he's got cash and all his ID and everything. He's on the phone it's actually for a friend of his. I ask him if his friend can get here before the show closes at 5. His friend has no CWL so his wife has to buy it but he's going to pay for it.
This guy is barking up the wrong tree. I go back and help someone else. He's looking at a Springfield XD I've brought and asks me if I'm making any deals. I tell him we're not doing a lot of discounting at the show. He shrugs and says he tried.
Another guy asks me for a Glock 43X. I walk him over to the stack and show him the tag at $775. He scoffs at me and walks away.
4PM: Show starts slowing down. I write up a Sig P238 Tribal and a P938 BRG for some customers at $700 each. I write up a S&W M&P15 sport for $900 as my last sale of the day. The lady was super nice and understanding when I pointed out the errors on her 4473.
5PM: Time to go home! I dump off some transfers to another dealer and hit the road. It's an hour to get back home.
6PM: I take a shower, shave and get to the restaurant for dinner.
7PM: I'm at the restaurant waiting at the table and I discover that the woman that said she was in her 40's is actually a 58 year old grandma of 2. Someone shoot me. She says she's not that hungry and proceeds to order soup, salad, a martini, an espresso and dessert. She's ordered $65 in F&B to my $35 steak. This was a complete waste of an evening.
My depression worsens and not even a bowl of mint chocolate chip can break me out of this funk. My will to live is eroding by the minute. I fall asleep at midnight and set my alarm for 747AM. I make a mental note to move up my therapist.
Sunday August 16th
747AM. Wake up, take a swig of orange juice and run down to the deli and grab a sandwich and get down to the show. I grab a threaded barrel for a Beretta 92 on my way down. Note: The guy never shows up for that barre.
10AM: Get to the show and uncover my tables and get cranking. It's a slow start to the day. My first sale is a Springfield XD. The show goes on and I write up an FNS for someone. The customer writes the check out payable to HK NO COMPROMISE.
I look at them confused.
FC: Why is this check made out to HK?
1: That's what it says on your shirt, HK NO COMPROMISE - that's the name of your company, right?
FC: sigh
11AM: Guy wants a can without a tax stamp. 5
12PM: Someone walks over. Points at my stack of silencers
1: I can't pick one of those up here!
FC: You got two arms don't you?
1: I mean I can't buy one here!
FC: If you got money you can buy one!
1: You're a real smartass you know that!
FC: Beats being a dumbass!
The peanut gallery laughs at our exchange.
1PM: Guy wants to buy a Walther P22. Fills out the front sheet of the 4473. Satisfied with his answer, he turns the page along the perforation, rips it off and proudly hands the top sheet to me.
I die a little bit inside.
2PM: 7 different husband/wife combos ask me for shield EZ pistols. I write up my last M&P 15 sport I brought to the show for $900. It's a good day! I debated bringing another but I figured selling two for the weekend would be plenty.
3PM: The lady that bought that S&W M&P15 yesterday? She wants another one. I have three left on the shelf. I take her money and tell her I'll meet her at the show next week and she says no problem and does all her paperwork. u/throwawayfire343 's coronavirus infected ass shows up and needles me on a gun.
1: How much do you want for this $150 gun?
FC: About 350
1: really
FC: Gimme $200 and fill the goddamn form right
1: deal!
I take his money and wrap up a few other folks and get ready to pack up and head home. He does the form right much to my chagrin.
4PM: Show is closed. I start packing up. I snag 500 rds of 9mm off the dealer across the show. He started with a full pallet. Most of it is gone. Price? $500/thousand. I am packed up and on the road in a little under an hour.
5PM: Homeward bound........I wish I was........HOMEWARD BOUND..............
I hit the truck stop for some diesel and a cold fountain drink.
630PM: I get back to my desk and dump off a fucking STACK of 4473's. I make a bank drop for the cash and I unload and head back home. I'm starving, I go grocery shopping and grab some comestibles. I cook myself dinner and head home.
Monday September 14th
10AM: My back is out and my depression is worse than ever. I don't know what hurts more, my back or my brain. I head in and get my 4473's worked on from the show.
11AM: Guy asks me to get some 9mm ammo for him held until after work. No problem. He says he'll be here at 445 after he gets out off at 430. He works around the corner.
12PM: Lunchtime. It's Chicken Bacon Ranch day at the market. I'm starving. I grab my keys and get ready to leave when I get a call from a lady from the gun club. She wants one of my last Sig 938's. I tell her to come by, I'll delay lunch for her.
1PM: Laura shows up and spends 45 minutes with me trying to decide on which 938 she wants. She has no intention of shooting this gun she just wants one in case antifa shows up. She leaves and says she will come back in 45 minutes. Great, I can go to lunch now.
2PM: It try to go to lunch. I am not successful. Laura calls me asking me more questions and tells me she has another friend wanting the same gun. I tell her I will put my lunch on hold and she can come on by.
She and her friend debate Sig 938's for a while and each of them buy a gun. I got a twofer! Woo! This calls for a celebration called lunch.
3PM: I get a call from a semi regular. This guy buys a gun or two a year. He's getting his concealed license and does not want the government to know he's buying guns. So he's sending his wife in to do the 4473 for his birthday present, a Wilson CQB 1911 they've purchased off gunbroker. I tell him great, send her over and I'll get her paperwork done. I get ready to go to lunch. The phone rings, Laura and her friend want more of my time. Fine. I will put my lunch on hold. Come on over.
4PM: Laura and her friend come over and Laura suggests that I give each of them a few Sig 938 7 rd pinky extension mags for free since they just bought two guns. I look at them in great pain.
Women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent. I'm sorta in a woman hating mood after this week but I don't want to take it out on them. I explain politely that NOBODY is getting free goods right now. if you want mags, I have three left. They spent 25 minutes arguing with me and then they decide to buy all three mags. Great. Terrific. I'm going to lunch now. Your business is appreciated now GTFO. The guy that wanted me to reserve 9mm ammo for him? Yeah he no showed.
5PM: Beef jerky lunch time. I get my keys and get ready to walk out the door. The wife of Wilson Combat buyer is running errands and can be over here. Sure, come on down. I'll be here. She does all her paperwork and we talk for 2 hours about how autistic you all say I am and how not autistic she says I am. Nice lady. She brought me gummy bears. I tell her I am clearly on the spectrum because I behave and think exactly like her autistic son. She fails to believe me.
7PM: I can finally go have lunch! I go to the Olive Garden for lunch.
815PM: I get home from the OG. This is not going well. My colon does not like the pasta and breadsticks. I spend the next hour and a half making three trips to the throne. This fucking week. And it's only sunday. God damn.
I take a tylenol PM and sleep it off.
Tuesday September 15th
10AM: I get in and start catching up on vendor calls and paperwork.
11AM: UPS rolls in with a wilson and some piece of shit suppressor from some company. I call Lisa and tell her that the package is here and she can pick it up anytime. She says she will be right over.
12PM: Lisa gets her gun and thanks me with some things she got at walgreens. Red hots, and pens. I laugh. I tell her it's fine. She's confused. Her autistic son always liked Red Hots and pens.
1PM: I swing over to the deli and it's Monday. They have hot browns today. I love a hot brown. I grab one and check in on facebook telling the world of my discovery. So many great job poopin memes and comments ensue.
2PM: I call the guy who's got the el cheapo 556 can. He's pissed. That can was supposed to be sent to another dealer across town. I tell him his options.
A: I can do his form 4 and charge him my hourly.
B: I can ship it back to the vendor and charge him my hourly.
C: I can ship it to the dealer across town and charge him my hourly.
He's PISSED and tells me to do the forms for him. I tell him email me all the info and I'll get it done. I get an email in GMAIL CONFIDENTIAL MODE.
What's CONFIDENTIAL MODE? It's a self destructing email you can't reply to, forward or cut and paste from - which makes this useless since I have to cut and paste all the info he's given me. I tell him I need the data in a different format. He yells at me about PII and stuff and I offer to do the form 4 in front of him. He relents and emails me what I need. It's missing a birthday. No biggie. I email him a draft and he says it looks lfine.
3PM: The guy comes by and he's pissed at the vendor and takes it out on me. I tell him if he does not want to do the forms from me, I can send it to the dealer across town. He's mad as hell and I've discounted my rate to $100 as a goodwill gesture.
1: You're charging me $100?
FC: Yes
1: But you're not doing anything.
FC: Here's the checklist.
1: The other place did my photos, fingerprints and everything and charged me $100.
FC: Great. I'm not spending $8000 on a fingerprint scanner to make it back $100 at a time.
1: So you're not doing anything.
FC: I did these forms correctly as you asked.
1: But you didn't even do my fingerprints! Or my passport photos! What the hell am I paying you for?
FC: Why'd they send the item here/
1: Hell if I know! You should call them and find out!
FC: You want me to call them?
1: Well you dealers have a special phone number and email. They won't answer my calls or my emails.
FC: What makes you think they're going to answer mine?
1: You're a dealer! You have a special back office phone number to reach them that I don't have, right?
FC: Are you kidding me?
1: No! You all have that special communication system that the public has no access to!
FC: Gimme your $100 and get these forms reviewed, I've got another customer to help in a bit.
1: You mean I gotta mail it out too! The other place did that for me!
FC: You want me to mail it? I'll mail it. Get the prints done, get the photos taken and get the form filled out and I'll mail it.
1: The other place answered all the questions for me!
1: I am really upset about all this you're charging me the same money and you're doing no work!
FC: You want this can?
1: Yeah
FC: Then follow my instructions.
He pulls out three credit cards with damaged magnetic stripes that won't work. I manually key the card and I'm now working for $96.50 dealing with the biggest pain in the ass I've seen since operation machinegun salvage in 2019.
4PM: I have to go to fedex to drop off today's orders. 1000 rds of 22 leave the building for $189.48. A bunch of mags to the west coast and a Sig P220 are leaving.
5PM: Make it to Fedex where I say hi to Cathy and the gang. I swing by the market on the way home and grab some shredded romaine and a thin cut top sirloin.
545PM: Now I told you this story was a tale of TWO grandmas. Here's the second. I get a call from my attorney buddy Eddie, my partner at the consulting company. He got a call from a lady needing help with some ATF Forms. He knew it wasn't his area of expertise and wanted to know if I could do it. I said send the details my way. He tells me it's an older lady and to expect an email. Moments later I get an email from him.
Subject: Forms for Karen Witherspoon
Message: Will, attached is ATF correspondence from ATF to Karen, I think you can fix this. Thanks!
I look at the attachment.
NOTICE OF TAKING DEPOSITION DUCES TECUM - State of Louisiana vs Billy Bob Ray Thibodeaux
FC: Eddie, I got your deposition notice not the ATF forms
Eddie: Whoops
FC: If that's the worst thing that happens this week it's not a bad week.
Eddie: She knows you're charging her I didn't give her a price.
FC: Lemme look at it and see what we got.
6PM: I call Karen and ask her some details. Her husband was a former licensee/SOT and left a machinegun behind when he died. She did ATF Form 5 and got some errors and needs help fixing it. Just as I'm on the phone with her Eddie emails me the packet.
It's bad and riddled with errors. Out of 20 fields that all need to be filled out correctly, 12 are wrong. And not a little wrong. A LOT wrong.
I won't get into it here but I might in a separate post.
ATF wants the forms back at their facility in 30 days. The mailing date was 2 weeks ago. Which means these forms need to be corrected RIGHT THE FUCK NOW and sent out. Oh and she's got no fingerprint cards.
I tell her that I can drop everything I'm doing this evening, go over everything with a fine tooth comb and have this done in a few hours and I can drop them off tomorrow. She says if I can make a house call that would be good since she has furniture movers coming to empty their house in the morning. I tell her no problem. $350 and I'll see her tomorrow.
I run down all the forms and fix everything. I do a public records search and pull court filings for the probate and print them off and enclose them as ATF requested.
$350 for basically an hour's worth of work isn't bad. There's a steak/bottle of wine split for Eddie in there since it was his lead.
8PM: I call Karen back and tell her I've got everything done but ATF needs a copy of the will. She says she has it. I got everything else they asked off the clerk's website. She's super impressed. I tell her there's a reason Eddie called me.
9PM: Time to cook dinner. My phone is about to die. Just as I plug it in I get a call from u/fat_italian_stallion
He NEVER calls me unless something's up.
We had a quick chat over the weekend at the gun show that went something like this
FC: So that's how I got catfished by a grandma on bumble
FIS: LOL that is epic bad. I'm in New Orleans for a week on vacation with the gf
FC: The psycho one?
FIS: You know it.
FC: If you need bail money let me know
FIS: I just might!
That was Sunday morning. It's tuesday night. My phone dies as I try talking to him. I switch to my landline and call him.
FC: What up?
FIS: I need a solid
FC: How bad is it this time?
FIS: Can I sleep at your house tonight? She went nuts again and attacked me.
FC: I told you not to get invovled with her didn't I?
FIS: She's hot!
FC: You know I'm like 3 hours away from you right?
FIS: Yeah I got a half tank of gas.
FC: Go fill it, here's the address. See you around midnight. You hungry?
FIS: Starving.
FC: I was getting ready to fix dinner. I'll see you at midnight. Get here when you get here.
9PM-1145PM: I fix up the guest suite and prepare dinner. I run to the Target near my house since they close at 10 and grab a few more things. I get back just before 10 and I prepare to fire up the grill and get a steak going, salad and a fresh ravioli dish drowned in Rao's tomato basil sauce is on the menu. Steak hits the fire at 1130 and is resting by 1145. I plate everything and have it on the table at midnight.
1145PM: I get some spare towels and hotel soaps and shampoos. I head out to the driveway and turn on all my lights and leave the garage door open. I set a lawn chair up and crack open a large bag of boom chicka pop poprcorn and await the arrival of one u/fat_italian_stallion
1204AM: u/fat_italian_stallion rolls up. I've got guns and roses "Used to love her" playing on the ipad
FC: sup?
FIS: Long day.
FC: Dinner's on the table. Lets eat.
Wednesday September 16th
We eat and go to sleep. fat_italian_stallion does not know I have slid my spare ipad into the guest suite on the nightstand.
Did you know you can set an alarm on an ipad to instead of making a noise to play a song?
757AM: The ipad alarm wakes up fat_italian_stallion. The song? A little band called Confederate Railroad blasting "I like my women a little on the trashy side." He'll have to tell you the rest of the story.
9AM: I chat with fat italian and we chat a bit skipping breakfast. He has decided to leave this godforsaken state and put some miles between him and the psycho. I don't blame him one bit.
10AM: Breakfast! I throw on a charcoal canali and hit the chickfila drive thru for some breakfast chicken biscuits. I head to my desk and get some paperwork and some calls done.
11AM: I get a call from my attorney buddy Sam. He wants to know how many laws his client who has sent in a Form 1 and not notified the CLEO has broken. I explain I was just having that debate with someone on the internet! It's not a big deal but still kinda a big deal. Our consensus is that it's not count one on the indictment but it could be count five or six.
12PM: Lunchtime. I'm not hungry so I skip lunch. I head to meet with the grandma with the MG and I go over all her new forms that she needs to get fixed with fingeprint cards and my notes. She's super appreciative and gives me $350 in cash. She can't find the will. I call her attorney that I know and he's not picking up. I tell her see if she can get an original copy of the will from the clerks office or from the attorneys office, they normally have a copy.
I ask her what plans she has for the gun. I mean, what's a grandma supposed to do with a registered Colt M16?
All her husbands friends wanted it and they all offered her the same amount so she didn't need it and decided to sell it. She's taking the $5000 she's getting and going on an Alaskan cruise with the grandkids after the world calms down. I shrug. She should have called me.
2PM: Back at my desk, I call the judge's chambers that's doing the probate. Judge Smith LOVES the 308 that I got him a few years ago and is super pleased with my services since he didn't tell the wife about his purchase and I had just gotten a damaged case of 308 PMC Bronze that I made him a hell of a deal on that UPS wrote off. I tell the JA that ATF probably isn't going to call but in case they do just be ready. She's super glad that I told her ahead of time so she can be ready.
Judge Smith is retiring in a few months and he's got some time in the schedule so she patches me through and we catch up for a little bit. I am told that they're going to try to do a COVID compliant socially distanced retirement disrobing party but it's all up in the air. I say if you all need someone to bring potato salad to let me know. As a stalwart of the legal community for many years, lots of folks know the judge so it's well deserved after 20+ years on the bench. As I am also well known in the legal communty the least I can do is show up with a bottle of red for the guy that's signed hundreds of form 4's for me over the years.
3PM: I ship out a few more pistols and sell an M1A scout squad to a guy in California. Not a bad day.
4PM: I'm done for this week. Between the gun show and getting catfished and everything I've earned some time off. I think I'm gonna take the rest of the week off. The phone rings and a guy wants some 9mm ammo. I sell him 500 rds at $375 plus shipping.
Thursday September 17th to Friday September 18th: I wrote this for you all to read.
PS - and this is how you do a "week in the life" thread, you fucking imposter.
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2020.09.19 02:33 baymaxstan How should I approach a seller who hasn’t shipped my items?

Hey everyone.
I purchased a pair of pants from someone I am in a Facebook group with. I met them in a group that is specific to fans of the brand, and the seller is pretty well known in the group from what I’ve seen. I paid $110 for them on Friday, September 4. On Sunday, September 13, I reached out to ask if they knew when it would ship because I will be out of town for 3 days and will need to have a friend pick it up if it’ll arrive during that time. They responded and said this:
“Thank you for checking in! I live in Washington and with the fires everything’s a HOT HOT MESS UP HERE. Thx for the poke, I will ship tomorrow, and get tracking, and you can let your friend know if they need to pick it up? Does that work?”
I had no idea they lived in an area being affected by such terrible fires, so I apologized for their situation and stressed that it’s no rush but I just wanted to know because of the timing, not to pressure them to ship it out immediately. I asked them multiple times in my response if they were okay because I genuinely worried about them, but they read it and never responded. They’ve been active every time I get on FB Messenger. I feel like I may have pissed them off? I didn’t mean to be pushy or rude at all, $110 is just a lot of money to me (this is the number one thing I want rn and my bday present to myself) and I have been scammed three times during this pandemic, so I just get nervous easily now.
I also REALLY don’t want to be insensitive to their situation, but the fact that they read my 3 messages and didn’t respond just has me feeling a little uneasy. Am I just being paranoid? Should I wait until it’s been a month before reaching back out? I have severe anxiety & I’m sure I’m overthinking the whole thing, so that’s why I came here for advice.
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2020.09.19 00:12 rooted_ocean Timing of cold showers

Hey, I am confused currently.
I read somewhere several rules for doing a cold shower:
-you should not do a cold shower after eating a meal, i.e. with your belly full. So I have to do it before breakfast or after a considerable time after a meal, right? What are the reasons for this? Can you actually faint from eating before a cold shower?
- you should not do a cold shower after a workout Is Yoga, TheraBand training or a 2 km run already a workout? Should I leave the cold shower for after-sporting and do a warm shower instead?
- you should not do a cold shower after a hot shower? I read, that it is actually good to stick to the temperature change
So, what I know from these rules is no science based thing, I saw them in discussion on Facebook...but they influenced my discipline in cold showers, bc I am afraid I could faint, if I do not watch out for the rules. And then I rather dont do a cold shower, though I have been doing them for 6 months every day...
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2020.09.18 23:47 COD_Mobile_Official Call of Duty: Mobile - September 18th

Call of Duty: Mobile - September 18th
Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We are a little more than a week into Season 10 now and with plenty of content already released, like Headquarters mode, Terminal map, the Battle Pass, and several seasonal challenges. Today, we have even more releasing with the Hunt for Makarov event, the return of 10v10 mode, and more seasonal challenges to dive into. However, before we jump into that we wanted to take a sidebar from all of the usual season specific highlights to talk about top plays.
We’ve done two social campaigns labeled #AreYouInCODM and they have been all about finding some of great clips from players participating in our Call of Duty: Mobile World Championships. We released the first player highlights video derived from these efforts back in July and we are back today with a second player highlights video focused around some excellent sniping. Take a look!
We’ll have a general player highlights video coming out in a few days as well, so keep an eye out for that on our usual social channels. For now, let’s jump into some news and highlights about recent events, the World Championship, and some feedback and bug reports!
Here is the full look at most events currently running or coming soon to COD Mobile:
  • 9/10 - 9/24 ~ Headquarters Mode (MP)
  • 9/10 - 9/27 ~ Terminal 24/7 Playlist (MP)
  • 9/17 - 9/23 ~ Battle Royale Warfare Mode
  • 9/18 - 9/24 ~ 10v10 Collection Playlist (MP)
  • 9/18 - 9/24 ~ Gun Game Moshpit Playlist (MP)
  • 9/18 ~ Two New Seasonal Challenges released
    • New Perk available through the Vigilance challenge
  • 9/18 - 10/01 ~ Hunt for Makarov Event
*All Dates UTC
While there is a lot to grind for or acquire right now, like the new Operator Skill – Equalizer, the new Echo shotgun, the M4 – Feral Stalker, or this brand-new High Alert perk, there is still plenty more on the way. Just as a quick call-out, Hardcore mode is still on the way, the new Pine map for Gunfight, and a new Battle Royale Class - Hacker.
Before we jump into everything and break down many aspects of this release, we would like to share our carefully and lovingly designed Roadmap that gives you a glimpse at what has already released and what else you can expect to see this season. Take a look!
World Championships – Regional Playoffs The time is finally almost here for Stage 4 of the COD Mobile: World Championship 2020 to begin! These are the regional playoffs and they are launching in different regions at different dates. Sure, we could list them out again like last week and explain that these are some of the top teams who fought hard to make it this far, but instead we’ll just let this brand-new video do the talking for us 😉.
We’ll be streaming these Regional Playoffs through a variety of different platforms, like YouTube,, and Trovo. While we amplify and share content on our main global channels, we also have different pages setup for specific regions. Since LATAM and Japan are our first two playoffs, here is where you can find those YouTube channels to catch the upcoming livestreams:
LATAM (Spanish) YouTube: Call of Duty: Mobile Spanish Official - YouTube Brazilian (Portuguese) YouTube: Call of Duty: Mobile Portuguese Official - YouTube Japan YouTube: CoD Mobile Japan - YouTube
All participants for these events should have received information already from our teams about how to participate in this stage of the tournament, but if for some reason you are a participant and haven’t seen anything, please check out our newly updated World Championship website for Stage 4 info.
Hunt for Makarov Event Our first major event for the season is now here – the Hunt for Makarov. This event follows in the wake of S9's Finest Hour event by giving you a map to explore and some straight-forward ways to collect the Explore Points you’ll need to uncover it all and find Makarov.
All you need to do is play any MP or BR matches to acquire explore points and then head back to this featured event to uncover areas and grab new rewards, like the M4 – Feral Stalker blueprint. If you are a Battle Royale enthusiast, there are also hidden pieces of Makarov’s photo to collect there, which will give you a unique reward if you find them all. Get a quick overview of the event below!
You can find some more information on the event along with some tips on how to quickly complete it on our newest Activision blog post. Lastly, please keep dropping us feedback about events like this to help influence the creation of similar events in the future! Enjoy and best of luck hunting down the ever-elusive Makarov.
Seasonal Challenges
We have two more seasonal challenges out now, bringing the total up to five so far released in Season 10. Last week we released Survival Kit, Master Operator, and Run Gun. Those three mostly featured different and uniquely S10 themed weapons, either camos or blueprints, while this new batch has plenty of weapons available but also a new perk – High Alert. Check out the details below.
Point Blank This hefty eight-part seasonal challenge is by far the most challenging of these two, but with that extra challenge comes over a dozen rewards! As per usual we have credits and Battle Pass XP mixed in with specific items, and to acquire them you’ll need to use and get kills with a variety of different weapons including some closer quarters one like the Cordite and Echo. Here are the main rewards:
  • (Uncommon) RPD – Pelt
  • (Uncommon) Cordite – Plated green
  • (Rare) Charm – Tasy Treat
  • (Rare) Sticker – Kick Back
  • (Rare) Cordite – Iridescent
Vigilance This four-part seasonal challenge is pretty simple and straight-forward as long as you are up to the challenge of getting some kills in Multiplayer with sniper rifles and a few specific perks equipped. However, to get all of the rewards you’ll have to unlock the new High Alert perk, which is one of the first rewards you unlock, and then also get kills with it equipped. Here are the main rewards:
  • (Uncommon) DL Q33 – Pelt
  • (Uncommon) M21 EBR – Plated Green
  • (Rare) Calling Card – Thermal Marksmen
  • (Common) Perk – High Alert
10v10 Mode This chaotic and action-packed mode is back by popular demand! This relatively new mode, which launched in Season 9, has been in high demand despite it being frequently available through limited time playlists. It has returned until September 27th (UTC) and as a part of a 10v10 Collection Playlist.
Make sure to jump in and utilize it as much as you can to level up weapons in Gunsmith and complete any seasonal challenges that are benefited by constant action, like the new Point Blank challenge.
Lastly, since people frequently ask how to make a mode permanent; as we’ve mentioned before with other modes, like the now permanent Kill Confirmed, if you want this mode to keep coming back frequently, or even potentially be permanent, then play it as much as you can while it is out and keep letting us know your thoughts throughout the community.
Honey Badger Draw Both our devs and the general CODM community have often talked about balancing different themes and styles in Call of Duty. We all often compare military spec gear that is realistic and meant to make you look like an elite soldier, with more some more comical, light-hearted, colorful, and non-typical options. It is something always on our mind with the design of every draw, crate, BP, and seasonal theme, and that balance is clearly important to everyone.
Now with the new Honey Badger Draw, we have a non-typical approach that mixes both military spec with some light-hearted and fun designs. This one is full of uniquely forest themed weaponry, gear, and a character. You can acquire the HBRa3 - Swarm, a weapon just oozing with potential (and bees), a mountaineering themed solider: Golem - Black Forest, the PDW 57 - Beekeeper, Charm - Hive, and much more. Check out the HBRa3- Swarm’s unique kill effect in action:


There has been a variety of different discussions that we’ve been following since the launch of Season 10 and while we may just try to quickly chime in on those with replies on social media or community posts, there are a few we’d like to spend some more time discussing this week.
Bug Fixes and Improvements A challenge every developer faces is whether to focus on releasing new content and new features all of time, or to take a step back and do a maintenance update intending to fix bugs, provide balance changes, or things that are far less obvious but improve the long-term health of the game. With COD: Mobile, we’ve always tried to balance both in each update.
However, Season 9 and Gunsmith was one of our largest updates for this game (if not the largest) and that means it was also the most challenging in relation to maintenance. What all of that means is that we do have some updates planned in the near future that are likely to be more of a maintenance update than a content drop. However, we are still always going to be trying to identify, investigate, and fix whatever we can along the way.
In regard to improvements, we do plan to have future updates that will help address some of the feedback about the new BR changes, UI changes from Gunsmith, and a variety of things that should help everything feel a bit cleaner. It may come in this next update or the one after, but we are always reading feedback, planning improvements, and working those improvements into the next update that has space for it. Just keep on reporting bugs, leaving us feedback, and we’ll share back info and any changes or fixes when we can.

Bug Reports

While we are still looking into various issues and those troublesome bugs that cannot be easily identified, reproduced, or reported, there are a few topics and bugs we wanted to discuss this week. Also, we’ve seen a lot of mentions of people downvoting bug reports recently and please do not do that. We absolutely want to see bug report threads.
There can those rare posts that aren’t actually bugs or with no information, but we’d still prefer to see them, respond (if appropriate), sift through them, and at least be aware of the potential issue instead of them getting nuked to the void from downvotes.
Missing Quick-Chat Voices A few weeks ago in a community update we asked players to let us know if they are still seeing issues with characters not having voice overs/voices in the quick chat menus. Many players kindly took the time to report back, thank you all so much for that, and we are happy to say that this is something that is now being worked on. No clear ETA on anything related to this one, but we’ll try to update and give a specific call-out for it once we see it in an upcoming patch or update.
Event Reward Issues A little over a week over we had some events running at the end of Season 9 that had some bugs preventing players from collecting the rewards. These two events were 10 Men Regiment and Survival Skills. We’ve been sending out these rewards to players who did not receive them, via the in-game mailbox, so if you haven’t received yours yet just hang out since they may still be on the way.
However, if you have not received your missing reward by around this same time next week please reach out to us so that we can look into that for you. Thanks for the patience on this one!
Desync and Lag Related Issues These are both generally still hot topics in the community, as evidenced by this recent thread, and while we are still always open to investigating any issues related to either of these, we did want to bring up that these are different issues. What is shown in that thread could be a desync issue, but more likely the player being fired at was lagging out and on the verge of losing connection to the server.
Desync issues are generally tied to you attempting to fire at someone, them moving normally and reacting normally, and none of your shots registering or they are registering late. If someone is stuck in place, not moving, and not responding, then that’s just good old-fashioned lag and most likely on their end. We believe with the most recent update we’ve at least significantly improved desync related issues, but if you are still seeing them just please let us know and report them.
Speaking of which, we’d love to collect some information on that this week. We’ll start a thread in the comments below and sticky it, but if you are still experiencing desync related issues please respond below and let us know the details we are requesting. This should help us see if there are any clear patterns whether it comes to region, networks, devices, or how it is experienced. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help report this issue!
Support Options Lastly, while we do see and report bugs through community channels, it is generally only large and clearly identified issues while our player support teams can go through all kinds of reports and in a much more detailed way. Please report bugs through these main support channels:
This week we are back to promoting some creative works in the community! Generally, we are always looking through various areas of the community and whenever we see some excellent art, creations, videos, or anything we’d like to share with the broader community we reach out to see if the creator would be interested in sharing. This time, it is all about weapon designs!
Reddit user RealChebuRex has been a part of the Call of Duty: Mobile community for a few months now and in that time they have posted a handful of different weapon camos creations or variations. The one that caught our eye first was their GKS Hyperspace:
GKS - Hyperspace by RealChebuRex
Another unique design is their variation of the M4 – Backscratcher that we released back in Season 7: Radioactive Agent. This Electric design just works in all of the right ways.
M4 - Backscratcher Electric by RealChebuRex
While they don’t have any social media accounts with more work, you can always head to RealChebuRex’s Reddit profile to see some of their latest posts and creations. Take a look and thanks to the broad community for always finding ways to foster so many types of creative works.
We have something coming up in the near future that should be perfect for all of you out there who like to create brand-new weapon blueprints (on pre-existing weapons) or camo variations 😉. However, that is it for this community update and thanks to everyone for all of the support. We have so much so much more coming in October and we cannot wait to share more about it.
-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team
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2020.09.18 22:42 Thebiggestass Hurricane Cleanup and priority

The past 2 days I have been making gas runs for people who have no gas and cannot get out of their neighborhoods due to trees on power lines. These trees have been called in multiple times and no one has come to get them off the lines.
My observations for the past 2 days and around 400 miles of driving are as follows:
The good and what I am thankful for:
Wter was back on the following day after the storm, still not full pressure but it is better than nothing.
I have seen fire crews from Jacksonville, and power crews from all over
Some lights in major intersections are being powered by portable generators
Several restaurants are open and serving customers with limited menus
Power is being restored in parts of Escambia County finally(more on this below)
The Bad:
Gulf Power said they would handle trees on lines first before restoring the power, they are not doing this at all
My neighborhood has several blocks completely cut off and people cannot get out to get supplies as the trees are tangled with the downed lines. Several calls have fielded no results which is appalling due to the amount of crews I have seen just parked and sitting. Spahr brewery is a prime example along with a few places on Airport. Crews are literally in the same spots they were yesterday morning at 7.
No one has even touched my neighborhood (other than residents) except for an insurance company who was able to get in with a crane to remove a tree from a house.
Police are overwhelmed right now. A lot are being forced to work to direct traffic to gas stations because people cannot behave like responsible adults. Lots of line cutting and general crappy behavior at the gas stations.
Driving is god awful right now. Every intersecrion without power is like playing russian roulette. People are blasting through them without slowing down and following other cars straight through instead of treating it like a stop sign. Every time I pull through one of these I am wondering if some idiot is going to just smack into me. The order is random at every light and people just go on through when they feel like it instead of waiting for their turn to come around going counter- clockwise.
My biggest gripe:
Nearly all of the crews I have seen working in Pensacola are only working in affluent areas. None working in the lower middle class or poor neighborhoods. These people have been forgotten it seems.
Edit: With the exception of ECUA. I have seen them almost everywhere along with quite a few Pensacola Gas Trucks.
My plan:
I am going to continue running people for gas as long as I can keep gas in my vehicle. I will be documenting all of the trees that are fqllen on lines along with times and dates the calls were made to Gulf Power. I will package all of the photos, logs, together along with maps of areas with areas circled where there has been no response. This is then going to be posted here on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, sent the local papers and news outlets, and sent to our local and state representatives. Change has to start somewhere.
Want to help? Take a ride down W and from Avery down take a look at the damage inside all of the neighborhoods. Especially the Brownsville area. The damage from the storm is worse than anywhere I have been in Pensacola including Robertsdale, AL and Crestview, FL. I would assume Navarre beach and Perdido Key has it worse but I have not seen those neighborhoods first hand as of yet. People are trapped in their neighborhoods and tons of trees are down and wrapped in power lines. Fuel, water, ice and even hot food would be a god send to some of the residents.
Edit: For those who think it is all about race, it is not. Unfortunately though, a lot of the families in these areas are minorities. I beleive it to be income based discrimination, which ties in directly with minorities since they typically have lower incomes as well. There are white families in these areas as well. Its all about the money.
Some images from Brownsville of trees on lines qnd downed lines.
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2020.09.18 18:56 PhatA18Sepl G-ay Se-x Big Di--ck Video

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2020.09.18 18:34 Elbutton88 So I watched the first 3 minutes of Porgan’s 3 year old vid- “My Insecurities!- 6 Things We’re Insecure About”...

The video opens with Paul leaning into the camera so close he almost knocks it over in order to check himself out and fix his hair (very insecure, Paul). Morgan, per usual won’t stop touching hers. They are both shaking and so nervous because what they are about to do is very scary but brave. They take turns, going back and forth between each other, sharing their insecurities but I have separated them out.
Morgan’s 3 insecurities ( I guess it’s 6 insecurities total between the two of them, lame):
  1. She REALLY REALLY cares what people think of her, like omg it’s out of control!!!.
  2. She has been becoming a curvy woman with birthing hips for a few years now and she is still getting use to the change. (Cue to Paul singing I’m in love with your body🤮)
  3. She is scared of failing at something she tries at. (Wow, I feel this one. I always thought I was alone. Maybe I can come out of the darkness too.)
Ok, Paul’s turn. He’s getting nervous. This is real talk.
  1. Paul has “social media insecurity”. (huh?) When Paul posts something to social media he has an intense fear it will not receive very many likes. If it doesn’t meet his quota in the first few minutes he will delete it. He has even deleted selfies that he feels are really good angles. This debilitating fear has resulted in Paul not updating his Facebook very often. (Tears are beginning to well up in everyone’s eyes, including my own) Paul feels a weight has been lifted. “Whoa, is it hot in here?”, he exclaims. Morgan reassures him we have all done this.
  2. Paul is insecure about his bad SpElinG. (It’s fine because Morgan thinks it’s super cute when he misspells granola on the grocery list).
  3. Paul is very insecure about his chipped tooth that is not chipped. When Paul was 6 or 7 he chipped his tooth. It has since been repaired but sometimes when he does things like, “chew on a big wood chip”, both Morgan and I are confused, it will re-chip. Before he can get it fixed again, (so for like 12 second) he feels super shitty.
I’m pretty sure he made that one up.
Wow, thank you for your courage Porgan. I have felt isolated in my insecurities for so long and now I know I am not alone. Keep up the good work, God’s work, and have a Blessed day!!!!!/s
submitted by Elbutton88 to FundieSnark [link] [comments]

2020.09.18 16:17 andrew_c_r Is anyone else feeling a little burned out?

I go to my local Targets and Walmarts weekly, sometimes multiple times a week when I can, and have been doing so often since the pandemic started. I can count on one hand the amount of times I ever found something that wasnt Opening Day, stickers, or WWE blasters. I constantly see people on FB Marketplace, eBay, etc, who are obviously not collectors themselves, selling entire racks/boxes/shelves of hot products for 2-4x the normal price. Its infuriating.
All of this I could get over, since I get it. I mean, people pay the 2-4x markup on the secondary/online market, so you'd be stupid not to clean out the Walmart/Target stock. Again, I could look past all this if it wasnt for the fact that this hyper inflation only seems to apply to CURRENT cards. Why exactly is there very little interest, for example, for RCs of stars of years past? Guys who are borderline or sure fire HoFers, or at least team legends, such as Posey, Wainwright, Votto, David Wright, Pedroia, Felix, etc? Why do people pay out the behind for Luis Robert lots when theres so obviously a massive amount of stuff with his name on it? I get that everyone wants in on the ground floor of the next Trout, but dont you ALSO want to invest in some safer, less volatile players, who already have cemented a great legacy?
Sorry if this post isnt allowed. And sorry if I seem like the "get off my lawn" type of complaining guy. I still love collecting and discussing. Im not gonna give away my small collection to prove a point or something. Im just so puzzled on how quickly the hobby as a whole moved on from the big stars of the 2000s. Guys who are obvious and proven superstars are less valuable than a dozen or so unproven rookies of this year alone. Its disheartening, annoying, and its pricing waaaaaayyy too many people, especially kids, out of getting more stuff.
Maybe I'm way off, and if so feel free to voice your opinion.
Also, dont encourage these leeches and Karen Facebook moms who buy up the entire stock by purchasing cards off them. If youre going to overpay, at least go to a LCS, or if youre like me and dont have a good one within an hour of your house, buy off a LCS's website.
Thanks to all 3 of you who might get this far for entertaining my old man rant.
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2020.09.18 15:38 kkronc Meme history WFFA, vol II.

Round 2 of meme history, as this was a pretty decent success last time around, and pretty frequently referenced. This is also much more than just a meme history, but a kind of greatest hits compilation, and quick reference guide for threads that people should read if they're bored. This year had been wild, but thankfully the Army has beaten Covid besides those peskys masks. Good job on the virtual training.
As I'm apparently the better son we need but don't deserve, I've now been designated unit historian. That's what I get for doing a good job.
FUCK COOKS is not orignally by copper, as afoers pointed out last time. However FUCK COOKS became legend due to thread by copper_tone Kinny with the green confirmation, orders published. FUCK COOKS is historical. Copper has since decided to bounce after a few too many Rhodesia memes.
This was at peak Dining Facility Acronym Crisis times.
Madigan is OPEN While OP deleted the thread, Madigan remains open to this day.
U GON DIE Tatoo. For your sake Nyklaus I hope you're not dead somewhere. He also has a Whopperito tattoo. Both of which we collectively crowdfunded. It would appear that unfortunately for privateSnuffy it was his proudest moment, as he stopped commenting a long time ago.
UNFUCKWITHABLE note several people including suffica have taken this as their flair. It has fallen out of popularity.
1st Sausage It is also my understanding that this is what helped spawn the frequent reference to SSG's as staff sausages.
Coffee SOP; Update; Working Link Thank you glencrakken. Dude's an actual sniper and has beaten down a few people in comments from far away.
Perfect MRE cracker poor violencewithin 's life took a drastic downturn as he clearly used up his whole life's luck on this, only to have it happen again. I hope you've found peace. Kinny awards him
This is what happens when you don't know about things, thanks CalebDK Though it would appear the bad luck hasn't struck yet. good luck.
Imnotcrazy777 not knowing things
jakatan getting some bad luck too
11b_LFC out there too
taylor1991possible OG
My name a Jeff Baystate411 still reppin it. mrpink10 with this beauty in the comments.
Invasion Next Tuesday? We still have yet to finalize an order for the rest of the days. Cheers on the quality shitpost faptionbronson
Dorito Scout Was a fun ride which I do believe we found out later was all made up :/
WO2 Blackhawk Pilot It's in the comments, svendagger goes down faster then mrskkronc after a $75 dollar of wine at Red Lobster. Strong possibility of BS though as this is their only post.
SMA Chandler's face in response to sleeve rolling This has spawned several PFP's in discord (Side note, does anyone still get to do that?)
You'll never make SPC again at this rate Several riffs of this have been used since the years of reptarsdaddy spawing a meme.
Kilroy post Would be interesting to see a followup as this is now somehow several years old. website thanks RySean
Randy the archives appear to be incomplete here.
Airborn pilot school Probably a troll, but a fucking fantastic ride. Note Kinmuan on the burn that would probably get 35k updoots on /MurderedByWords today
Qtoy 's haircut and followup hope your shit is better dude. However, may I submit a beatdown by Kinny about 35F's. This is part of a larger thread because the only thing Kinny likes more than a properly filled out DA6 is talking about a MOS that doesn't exist anymore.
Haiku Thread
Field Grade NCO Read Kinny's comment, shout out to rolls_for_initiative for his tracking skills, and Kinny for the excellent wordplay. Of note, Rolls is an accomplished XO, which makes sense, as a Mariners fan, he loves punishment with no sign of reward but continued enthusiasm. Big shitpost warning
Stop sending your Joes to Jag megathread spawned by this ty soldieronce for the screenshot and using Reddit is Fun, the Superior app. He's since deleted his account. FFS.
Guzman Still looking for the origins, but misinformed66 is the resident expert. Spawner of "machine gun beatings" and the "if they're brown shoot them down" memes. Either a very mentally ill person or super committed troll dedicated to declaring the US Army as super racist.
Before Mastermichael tried to bring hope to cooks, there was this shitbird Noted subscriber of incel, and /poopflinging, or something shitty like that.
Remember, the National Guard is not the Military
Doing Citisol proud I did a poor job imitating this, don't look. Spawned by the Gall of the Enlisted, a sonnet
The standard MP platoon carries more firepower than the average IN company shout-out to CIDtheKid15 for eating his own kind, and to melgibsonsnipshurt for finding it.
Comikornia 1sg comment
25Stupid lives up to his name
crutchflute with an excellent use of IET time
otterpapa quality pasta. Otter is the first known proprietor of coms, though account now nuked for reasons.
For history purposes, here's the First WFFA Fun fact, they're still not much better.
Here's CassieJK suggesting the first WQT. Behave in these or be thrown out like Mattis throws knife hands. thanks to thanks_for_the_fish for the find.
Also back before automod (inshallah auto'mod) took over This fun spat was documented. Still waiting for army_Bot to do something
While "Hell yeah brother cheers from Iraq originated in /nfl, I'd like to think we've really brought it into its own though.
Esports aren't going well. A REAL TWEET Surprise Currently streaming?
Missing origins of "Sir, this is a Wendys." Common responses in threads now include fast food orders in the main text.
FUCK COOKS VS FUCK USAREC Truly, a heavyweight fight.
We did it reddit? Origanal Post
Not really Reddit, but Kinny provides a great breakdown of a LT frying his career Finally got an answer to this question
HRC Expained
This baller of a PV2
PFC Army
Hey PM me your global I'm probably your rater, AKA pm me with your global email address if you want to take this offline. ass Worth it also for the jeebus_t_god smackdown. First use afaik
Weird thread part 2
Fucking strange
Good work guys
Goddamn enlisted
Ammo fields?
What the hell, man
What happened to this shit?
Historical figures and novelty accounts of note in no particular order, deleted or otherwise, not mentioned here
mattion who i'm 99% has done some awesome shit that should be up in here. Best flair, cmv.
fucks_with_toasters with posts like this Mulan was really SF, the breakdown of Winterfell (GoT) etc. Fantastic writeups. Called in previous thread he'd be in S3, though I got the division wrong. He deleted his account a few years ago for personal reasons, though he still floats around here.
steelrain121 who I'm def leaving mrskkronc for
Citisol spawner of "the NCO Corps is in crisis" close
75thRangerRecruiter with somehow an exception to fuck cooks. This dude fucks
not_a_taliban While apparently Reddit banned him, he has a son. Such a good SF COL.
vladthewarrior has like been here for 7 years man
tanboots birth of a rare pasta
velosit Don't like the Army? Drop a flight packet which spawned a phenomenal CSM Airbone's response Also, thanks for the super fucking sweet post flair last time broski.
nebor (What not to do and who not to be)
analdemolition accidentally banged his LT
gunsandroidses brought us this classic
mastermichael who proved to all us FUCK COOKS is always true, despite initial promise. Sorry exes4eyes, your time came. Deleted Thread on mastermichael
jdc5294 best known for swimming and running so fast he completed his career in 4 years and how hangs out on post shoppettes in a unit tshirt.
nosjoker21 with this homage and Quality breakdown of warcrimes TBF, S8 was a fucking warcrime. /freefolk !
n0wh3re_man teaching us things
tyler212 reg nerd
mr_wobbles warrant recruiter, noted SPC of lore. excellent stories Chief Also, shoutout about haircuts and a fucking sensible approach unlike someone
centurion44 BURN IT DOWN
kizunootoko breaks down DS vs recruiting Listen to him
swissarmypants our resident aviation Chief who doesn't actually fly whirlybirds
Ideal_NCO got doxxed tho
fusrohooah RIP USAREC
boomer_veteran, hot newish novelty account - sent from his Iphone
HolyCelestia bringer of Rants and Raves, it would appear this has fallen to Mattion and Kinny. You doing ok man?
florbfnarb popular enough to have spawned a minisubreddit about himself. Haven't heard anything out of him recently.
While the creator of the Better Son thread seems to be doing just fine, The Falconator isn't the top voted, but is the original commenter.
PanzerKatze96 wishes to be king
permanentnope with this beauty
mountainpostliving for all your Fort Carson needs.
And while This, thanks /all, Is now the sub's all time top post, sellingcacforcock had a very very good run way up top with a Duffel Blog Article.
Hopefully further edits to come.
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2020.09.18 14:46 tarotflyer23 Stay at home moms who do nothing but gloat over Motherhood are horrible

This unpopular opinion is about the stay at home moms that do nothing but gloat.
First of all, I am exhausted of moms who do nothing but share "mom memes" that include a before motherhood part where they look hot and after motherhood part where they look like a mess. Or other memes showing moms running around the house balancing things out. No one ordered them to get pregnant and get all those children. Therefore I honestly do not understand the sense of entitlement that they try to impose on the society just because they look like messy moms.
During many occasions, I witnessed first hand the entitlement they get at stores just for being moms. If a random person asked for a glass of water at a clothing store, no one bats an eye. If a mom and her 6 children dangling from every side of her dress requests the tiniest little thing, she's immediately provided with it without question. And God help whoever tries to say no to her! She'll start with a rant about how she woke up at 6 am for laundry and house cleaning and was still able to make it to the store by 10 am.
Then there are those moms who spam your news feeds with quotes about how "Mommies Are Superheroes" because they can balance everything out. Some of us actually have awkward and very difficult shifts. We need to wake up at 5 AM if not 4 AM, get ready, drive for an hour or two, work our butts off, drive back home for another 1 or 2 hours, buy groceries, clean the house, cook, do the dishes, and then get those 4 hours of sleep in order to do it all over again the next day. You don't see us gloating on instagram/ Facebook every few hours about how great we are to balance it out.

It's okay to be a proud stay at home mother, just like it's okay to be a proud Doctor or whatever. But it is not okay to gloat 24/7, make it your personality, or feel entitled to anything!
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2020.09.18 07:41 theyllfindmeiknowit LPT: Stay safe from wildfire smoke (and how I am trying to)

Wildfire smoke PSA: what I've learned fighting it.
I am an engineer living in Oregon, and I wanted to share some things I've learned living in wildfire smoke for the past week and a half. It has been full of surprises, actually, even though we had wildfire smoke two years ago. Fortunately that experience put me in a better position for this one, but I feel like this is information we could all learn not-the-hard-way. Pregnant women and kids are the most vulnerable, and I would recommend taking every precaution possible, but in general I feel it's wise for everyone to do their best when it comes to not breathing smoke. I'm not an expert in health effects, just a guy who wants to keep his family safe. These are all things I've learned from experiments I did using an air quality monitor.
(If you live close to the fires and might need to evacuate, please see Canonconstructor's post here, which I found helpful to read in the earlier days of this wildfire event. And again, please listen to the experts.)
  1. The risks are not obvious, and just because you don't smell smoke doesn't mean it's safe. I see people all around me completely ignoring the problem, either because they don't know the risks or feel like they can't do anything to mitigate them, but it's something to take seriously and try to fight. - Forgive me, I'm going to refer to PM2.5 concentrations in this post: "PM2.5" are the tiny particles in smoke that are the biggest health risk. Here's the scale:The government calls 0-12 micrograms per cubic meter "good" air, 13-35 is "moderate", 36-55 is "unhealthy for sensitive groups", 56-150 is "Unhealthy", 151-250 is "Very Unhealthy" then the scale ends with 251-500 is "Hazardous." Visit for the details. - Last weekend it went well off the scale in Portland, I measured ~620 outside my house. Here's an easier reference point: linked 22 ug/m3 to the health risk equivalent of smoking one cigarette (per day). Consider living outside in 620 ug/m3 like smoking a pack and a half per day. ~300 has been more typical this week in my Portland neighborhood; about 13 cigarettes a day. - A buddy at work did not smell any smoke in his house, but after buying an air quality monitor he found that it was ~350 outside and ~240 inside. I think the smallest particles just don't smell much, or we become very used to it and stop noticing relatively quickly. Don't trust your nose!
  2. Get an air quality monitor so you can see what countermeasures help, and where you need to focus your efforts. They can be had on Amazon for as low as $30 and will be good enough to tell you where the bad parts of the house are, and when you can stop freaking out because you've improved things to a safe level. A bright flashlight will show dust even in fairly low concentrations, I did not find that to be a useful testing method. I built my monitor myself using some hardware like this:, but there are off-the-shelf units you can buy if you don't want to DIY.
  3. The car is not a safe place to be, the filter probably does nothing for the smallest particles. I measured basically the same numbers outside and inside, even with the fan going full blast recirculating air.
  4. Get a good filter (MERV12+, ideally) for your house. Get a few well ahead of time, they will all be sold out once the smoke arrives. Set the air in your house to recirculate through the filter as much as possible, and keep outside air out however you can. Use plastic sheeting and masking tape as necessary, try to seal up the cracks. Every little bit helps, but this is why you want a monitor so you don't go crazy or broke doing it.
  5. Consolidate. Pick a part of the house to make extra clean, install extra filters over the vents in those rooms to give the air a second scrub. You might not be able to do this to the whole house or you'll burn out your blower fan. Live in the clean part of the house as much as possible, try to keep air flowing out towards the dirty part. If you have a leaky room you can't improve much, close it off from the rest of the house, if possible.
  6. Take extra 20x20 filters (the best you can find) and tape them over box fans. Run those in the rooms you are in. They help a lot! (~50% in my case). Have extras, they clog up too when the smoke is really heavy. Put these in rooms you want to be clean and in the hot spots, like that room you closed off.
  7. Get a good respirator or dust mask if you need to go outside. N95/P95 is good, N100/P100 is better.
  8. Respirator filters and masks are not magic. The outside concentration was ~240, and I tested an N95 filter and P100 respirator filter to see how well they worked. N95 brought the PM2.5 level to 80 (4 smokes a day), the P100 filter got it to 40 (2 a day). Not the "99.97%" filtering I was expecting from the label! Both are probably worlds better than anything lighter duty, though. Fabric masks and such probably do almost nothing to stop the small particles. The safest option I've found is to stay inside.
  9. Help stop climate change, please. Wildfire smoke (let alone the fire) is really scary, I don't wish this on anyone. Even with all of the tricks above, when the smoke was at its heaviest I couldn't get the best parts of the house cleaner than 1-2 cigarettes per day, and most of it was 4 a day. I felt helpless. It was awful, and it could have been worse.
  10. Put plastic over things (all the things?) before the smoke arrives. Everything in the garage now has a layer of dust and ash over it, I really wish I had done this part. Cleanup is going to be a real pain, but I'm saving that for when the smoke clears.
  11. (Minor) P100 filters seem to last a really long time in a cardboard box in a garage. I found a newish one and a pretty old one and they both seemed to work the same.
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BlockBabyJay FREESTYLE On Facebook LIVE!!🔥🔥 Hot Or Not ... How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Working - YouTube How to See Hidden Photos of any Facebook User - YouTube How to login to Facebook if you lost your username or ... How to HACK Facebook Account — Real Info - YouTube Facebook Ads in 2020: My Latest, Greatest Secret ... How to Delete Hot or Not Account

Paris Hilton on Her Revealing New Documentary: “I’m Not a ...

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  2. How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Working - YouTube
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Before you try to fix Facebook dating not working or not showing up, use Droid Info app to know your OS version, software density and Instruction Sets. This ... Facebook ads continue to be one of the smartest ways any business can spend its limited marketing budget — but with costs still rising, it's more important t... How to See Hidden Photos of any Facebook User Most of the time users hide their tagged photos from their timeline which you can't see by going to their timel... Lets say you got a new phone...You cant access Facebook now without 'Security Code from Code Generator' BUT, what if you cant access code generator. Here is ... How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently (2020) - Duration: 3:34. ... Hot Or Not iPhone App Review - Selfie Apps - Top App Reviews - Duration: 3:45. I Use This App 56,143 views. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. In this video I am going to give you all the real information about how Facebook can be hacked. !!! IMPORTANT !!! Comment section has been disabled due to un...